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Bills Coaching Staff Changes Thread

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Tough break. Guy had 2 major injuries at his position (3 with Poyer). Others in and out of the lineup. Not to say changes aren’t needed on that side of the ball, but interesting he’s the first domino to fall. 

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I could see Eric Washington but I think players like him.

2 minutes ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

Oh...so this guy was the one in charge of the no-press 20 yard CB cushions offered the Bengals all game long?? :flirt:

Actually it was probably the worst game I’ve seen Poyer play. He was lost.

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Just now, Bangarang said:

Could very well be our next DC. 


Giving the DC job to a guy who can't even coach his position group seems like a terrible idea. But he's a McDermott friend from Carolina so it would be on brand. 

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If this isn't just the beginning then this fella is a pathetic sacrificial lamb. If Frazier is offered another contract then my confidence in this team getting to the promised land goes way way down. 

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13 minutes ago, DabillsDaBillsDaBills said:

Seems like an odd choice.


Given the injuries at the position I thought safeties were one of the few positional groups that didn't let us down over the course of the season or in the Bengals game. 

Multiple coverage busts from the Safety position against the Bengals in addition to the very obvious lack of scheme knowledge that our depth safeties possessed cost our defense huge this year.

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23 minutes ago, BillsFanInRaleigh said:

If anything I feel like this is an indication that Frazier might be sticking around after all

I think Frazier doesn’t have a contract, so he doesn’t need fired. Maybe they are clearing out his guys that are still under contract.

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