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Treatment of opposing team fans(your experience)


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at Panthers - Tame fans, no issues whatsoever


at Cheatriots - No issues, has a lot of fun even though we got annihilated in Trent Edwards's first game. The Sabres game I went to at the Garden, however, I had hecklers behind us, but we won. I will NEVER forget what they said to us... "you should be AH-NAHD to be in this building" LMAO


Being in the Navy for 20 years, I didn't get to go to games except for one, but the two away games I did attend were fun.

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9 hours ago, SinceThe70s said:


It's been awhile since the last one, but I've been to a number of Jets/Bills games in New Jersey and never had a problem. Granted I was always with a Jets fan which tempered everything.  


One time at MetLife I had an old time Jet fan (stranger) to my left. Bills were lining up for a punt and old-timer was losing his mind. Bills punted and as old timer predicted the  punt returner was out of position, sprinted up to catch the punt but fumbled. Respect for old timer. Fast forward. Last ditch effort Bills pass falls incomplete. Jets fans going wild. I yell: wait flag! (there was none)!  Old timer buys in for a second and when I smile and shake it off he gives me a punch to the arm. We both have a laugh, good times. Why folks treat these games like life and death is beyond me.  


I was at a Bills/Pats game late 90's at Orchard Park. Had a jacket on over my jersey  After I finished up at the trough and turned around the next man up (big dude) pulled my jacket aside to see if it was a Pats jersey. Once he saw the #78 he gave me the nod. I always thought that was incredibly dickish. Didn't make me think he represented all Bills fans.




Went with Pops and my brothers to the game at MetLife last year.  Had an awesome time.  Most their fan’s left by halftime but the ones that stayed were surprisingly pleasant.  Really liked MetLife, first time I’ve sat in the club seats and now I couldn’t  do it any other way. 

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I went to the Saints vs Bills game in New Orleans last year. Had no issues at all. Bills fans took over the city and took over the stadium. I feel like it was 50/50 Bills/Saints fans there.


The Saints fans around us seemed pretty cool to me. The Bills fans were too. Wish I would have brought ear plugs because they pump in so much artificial noise into that dome it really hurt my ears. That was the only non-enjoyable thing.


The Bills won handily and Saints fans filtered out throughout the game until there were only Bills fans. Towards the end we went down into empty seats and Josh Allen made the rounds and fans cheered him on. He got pretty close to us, and that was cool to see him so close.

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My worst experience was at the old stadium in Foxborough in 1988.  I went with a small group of Bills fans but I was the most vocal of the group.  After I cheered a sack by the Bills the Pats fans in our section started throwing full beer cans at me.  Since I don't drink beer, I didn't appreciate it.  Now I escalated the situation by standing up and yelling to security in a voice loud enough to be heard through the whole section "Security, they're throwing beer cans at me, if one of them hits me I'll sue your F'n stadium", with the real word louder than the rest of the sentence.  Security ignored me & eventually I had to leave my friends & sit with a much larger group of Bills fans.  


I was livid the entire trip back to Albany & fired off letters to the Patriots & the NFL.  I got letters back from both the Patriots, who offered me a tour of the stadium if I came back (I never too them up on it) and the NFL sent it along to the AFC where they sent me a letter signed by the then "Assistant to the President" of the AFC.  The guy was Roger Goodell.  So I have a letter from 1988 signed by the current commissioner for my troubles. 



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Way back in the Flutie era I went to a Raiders game which the Bills won and boy there were some irritated Raiders fans exiting the stadium that day. 


Went to the 2013 opener against New England and walking outside after the loss these college aged girls, probably six of them, just being loud and vulgar with kids near and everyone was just like, "Nice, real classy." Same game tho, two moron Bills fans in the row behind us got into a fight before the game even started. Had beer spilled on myself and fiancee at the time. I'll never understand the schmucks that get plastered that early in the day and then can't even watch the game because they're complete disasters. 


Sat next to some Packers fans in 2014, the game where Jordy Nelson dropped a sure TD and Broccoli Rambo picked off Rodgers twice. The fans were cool. Afterwards I think I said something like, "We rarely get to enjoy a big win, at least you guys still have Rodgers!"



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2 hours ago, PatsFanNH said:

Pats stadium has priced out a lot of regular fans years ago.  So there are a lot of morons now who go because it’s a status symbol… there is a reason it’s only loud in the cheaper seats lol.. 


Also what kind of “disguise” is just keeping your jacket on? When I travel I wear either just a pats T shirt or my old Bruschi Jersey.. (now I like that jersey more since it’s also my sons number) 

I assumed it was a Bills jacket over a another team's jersey. Maybe I read it wrong.

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Worse place for me was Tampa a few years after they won the Super Bowl. Ron Johnson was our QB, we were up early and lost near the end. On our way out everyone got in our faces and wanted to fight. 

I was with my 65+ father in law who was a TB fan, but they didn’t care. Swore I’d never go to a Tampa game again. Then my daughter bought me tickets to last years game. Was way up high and more Bills fans than Bucs fans, so had no issues. 

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My experiences:


Chicago - total *****.  I was a Chicago resident at the time, but went to the game in Bills gear.  Was harassed the entire game by a total douche.  It was the JP Losman era and the Bills were down the entire game.  I made no noise or trouble (not much to cheer for).


Green Bay - fans were great.  Very friendly.  Pre and post partied in some guy's garage a block from the stadium.  We paid to park in his yard and the price of admission included sausage, cheese, crackers, beer, and a veggie platter in his garage....


Denver - local fans were a bit obnoxious and annoying, but they didn't give us any trouble


Minnesota - old Metrodome - no issues


San Diego - Qualcomm - no issues


San Diego/LA - temp soccer stadium near Long beach - no issues


LA Rams - Coliseum - no isuses


LA Rams - SoFi - no issues


Arizona - was fine pregame and all game, but some dickbag got up on my grill after the game and I had to restrain myself from taking him out.


Sabres games - have gone in Detroit (Joe Louis), Chicago (Stadium and United Center), Arizona (Glendale), Philadelphia - no issues anywhere - intentionally kept a low profile in Philly due to reputation of fans there, but it wasn't a big deal.


At most of these games, there were tons of Bills/Sabres fans and we are usually not the small, mousy types, so there's strength in numbers and people don't mess with you too much.  Also, most people are good natured souls that like their teams and welcome friendly competition.  There are also drunkards and a-holes everywhere, but those folks are not necessarily indicative of the entire fanbase (and that includes the Buffalo home crowds).



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I've been to the following away games over the past couple of years: Baltimore, KC, Dallas, New Orleans, LA, Washington, & Houston.


I will say the best opposing fans as far as interaction, and also team pride was Kansas City by a mile. I took my Sister and Bro in Law out there this year for her birthday, and Chief fans were pretty awesome. Also, Arrowhead is BY FAR the loudest stadium I have ever been in. It was unreal. 


But, I will say Bills fans are the worst that I have ever experienced. Especially since we are good again. After the Titans game this year at the Ralph, I've seriously reconsidered my stance on attending home games in the future. And it's gotten better than it was a few years ago. We're not much better on the road, but that's probably just a result that we have been traveling really well lately.


Here is my view for most of the game in L.A. this year:



They showed up blasted...stood for most of the game. My entire section (Rams and Bills fans) had to constantly tell them to sit down lol. After every, single, play, dude wanted to do a "Hulk Smash" Hi Five. My hands were sore by the second quarter. The best part was about mid 3rd quarter, I just returned to my seat with my $25 burrito. Dude proceeds to turn around, double fist my burrito, and take a massive bite out of it. Then he looked deep into my soul as he chewed. My finance (and the rest of the section) got really quiet, waiting for my reaction. Thank God I kept my cool. 


His wife left him at the beginning of the 4th, and he might still be passed out in his seat till this day lol 

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3 hours ago, NewEra said:

We’ve come so far!!  I had a similar drive home-  that 3.5-4 hour drive back to Vegas seemed like 3-4 days!!  We closed mcfaddens at the Westgate and went looking for after hours.  Glendale didn’t know what after was. Where do you watch Bills games?  Office bar, Moondoggies, Johnny macs or home?

I've caught games at all of those spots, knew a bartender at Moondoggies so spent more time there. Once I discovered the ability to stream games I watched everything from home. 


I just moved to Fort Lauderdale in October so now I am in enemy territory. 

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Sat in the dog pound in the early Kelly years. I was with about 20 other guys so no fear, but just a couple jerks. A 70 year old guy throwing dog biscuits at me was pretty weird. Some fans said we were brave to sit in the pound. Also in Cleveland for a night Bills game, right after Modell said they were moving. It was a dark atmosphere, saw a few Bills fans jumped in the parking lot. Had to keep quiet that game.


Was at the no punt game in SF. Fun tailgating, no real issues. Two exciting teams playing an amazing game, so everyone was focused on the field.



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Tennessee has been my worst experience! Was there for the Miracle Throw forward game in '99 and had fans in back of us hitting my brother on his back every time the Titans made a positive play. Was told numerous times, to "go home Yankee!" I replied, that I live in Birmingham, so you're the Yankee, they had no comeback for that one.  I've been to every Bills game at their stadium since '99 and have had issues every Fn time! So much for southern hospitality. 

KC-I've had nothing but positive experiences with their fans, other than some back and forth on who's better, Allen or Mahommes.

Miami-Hot women with small amounts of clothing makes this a great place to watch the Bills own Miami! Aside from a few #######s shouting Bills suck, I've not had any issues.

Jacksonville-Not a very hospitable place either. A lot of ***** talking from a fan base that doesn't know football and comes to the games to get drunk! Of course, we were an easy target when they beat us last year after being favored by about 20 points!!

Atlanta-If I ran into a Falcons fan, they were pretty friendly, however it was about 80/20 Bills fans!!

Pittsburgh-second worst experience of my visiting career. There are some big dudes in Pittsburgh and they don't take kindly to any visiting team! Probably one of the most knowledgeable fan bases.

Indy-Very friendly with practically more female fans than I've ever seen. It seemed to be a more sophisticated crowd both times I was there. New Orleans-Great fans that were more about the party than the game. Awesome place to spend Thanksgiving!

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2 hours ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

I was at that Green Bay game too. I was left underwhelmed by the supposed mystique of Lambeau Field. It's just an old worn out bad stadium with bad food and bad bathrooms

I thought the mystique was real.  I loved the architecture and feel inside the concession area.  I loved the feel inside the stadium…… until everyone was in their seats and I realized I was shifted down about 20 seats due to large folk taking up 2 seats in the bleachers.  At one point, I had to stand up for 10 minutes to avoid being crushed to death. 

36 minutes ago, LVGrown said:

I've caught games at all of those spots, knew a bartender at Moondoggies so spent more time there. Once I discovered the ability to stream games I watched everything from home. 


I just moved to Fort Lauderdale in October so now I am in enemy territory. 

Nice-  I’ve been going to Moondoggies since 2010-  back in the day was Jenny and  her hubby Jared, love and miss them. J3, aka Jen worked with them and is now the manager.  She’s a rockstar and is the reason we’d never go elsewhere, although the Office Bar kitchen, naked city pizza is owned by buffalo’s own Chris Palmieri.  Their food is the best, but the atmosphere is lacking when compared to Moondoggies.  

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