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  1. Same boat. Had a work event thrown on my lap last minute ... starts at 6, so I will just miss the pick unless we move up to 3.
  2. Vegas will have the same set up as Arizona with the retractable field. No artificial turf here.
  3. Ugh! I will be devastated if we play in Dallas on Thanksgiving. I have literally been waiting years for this game (I have terrible taste in friends and have a hand full of cowboy lovers and we had plans to attend the game) and of course I started a new job last week and as the low seniority manager I am pretty certain I won't be able to swing the day off. Any other year I'd be doing a happy dance for the Bills on Thanksgiving.
  4. As someone who watches ZERO college football I always rely on what I read on the message boards and watching the combine and so on. By the time the draft is here I at least know who the top 50 players or so are. According to what I read here I wanted Rosen, but what I saw with my own eyes ... I was very intrigued by Allen. When Allen was selected I just smiled because I knew Bills fans everywhere were flipping the F out and I was ready to give the benefit of the doubt. One year later and I couldn't be happier with Allen. I truly believe he is our guy.
  5. I'm co-signing this. I also believe get 10-11 wins.
  6. The 10/05/08 game @ AZ ... the worst hangover of my life. Made the mistake of going to a bachelorette party in Lake Havasu the night before with the grand idea of driving to Glendale the morning of the game. Didn't wake up until 11, literally pulled over no less than 10 times on the side of the road to throw up. Got to the game mid-first quarter. Ran through the parking lot only to hear that Trent Edward's had been knocked out of the game over the speakers. Finally got to our seats just in time to watch the blow out. That TD to Lee gave me hope for like 3 seconds. I did have the best subway sammich of my life on my 5 hour drive home to Vegas.
  7. As someone who has never been to Buffalo, but is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan ... ***** YEAH! I am as hard-core Buffalo as I am my home town (Las Vegas, NV). I've been on this crazy train since the late 80's and have felt every heart ache as though I was born and raised there. In 2015 I thought I crossed my #1 bucket list item off the list (Bora Bora, Tahiti). But, in the end watching a home playoff game LIVE in Buffalo will be the single greatest enjoyment/love of my life. Forget a wedding and children, the Bills stomping the ***** out of someone in January is #1 to me and it feels so damn close! #billsmafia
  8. It slightly takes away from everyone being from the same draft class, but I can get on board as long as the East is fun.
  9. I would love this and I'd actually want Darnold and Rosen to be pretty good (on the condition that Allen is killing it) so that the East can be exciting and competitive. After damn near 20 years of boring division play, this would very cool. Baker on the Browns could add another dimension as well.
  10. With a shortage of WR's in FA, would having Bell, McCoy and Gore all on the team make up for that while we groom a rookie WR or 2 this season? Give the o-line a year to gel and draft another top WR next season? I'm throwing "stuff" at the wall. I actually like the thought of Bell being in Buf and all three on the field at the same time with Foster and CFL.
  11. I interviewed for a new job the other day and half way through realized how much I speak with my hands. Now it is something I am completely aware of and holy hell is it a tough habit to break.
  12. As someone who was born and raised in Vegas ... you can be single/married, man/woman, family/no family and have an awesome life in Vegas. The strip is literally a few miles of craziness surrounded by normal, everyday people.
  13. They are brutal. I had to stop reading ... I feel like a mothers whose kid is being bullied. I'm ready to fight! 😂 Here's hoping we get the last laugh!
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