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  1. Only read the first page so apologies if already mentioned. Costco sells pre-sliced ribeye for sandwiches. Saves a little time of not having to slice it up. As some have mentioned the bread is critical. Sautéed onions, mushrooms and either Provolone or white cheddar cheese. Secret ingredient is the Blackstone. 🤫
  2. I have a friend who's been signing into my YouTube TV account and watching games (from her house) at the same time as we watch in my house. She is in the same area as me so I don't know if that helps. I'm super surprised it hasn't cut her off yet 8 weeks into the season.
  3. Agreed! I'll take a 6:30am game on the west coast over an 8:30pm game on the east coast any day. After spending my first 40 years on the west coast and then the last year on the east coast, I absolutely hate watching football so late. I'm moving back west this month and can't wait to have 10am football again.
  4. Remember when the AFC West was a blood bath last season ...
  5. Anyone know if their is a stat for drive killing penalties? One of my biggest frustrations on the offense last year was their inability to overcome penalties. Not only did it typically call back a first down play it seemed to always lead to a punt or FG. Now I'm curious if it was actually an issue or something that I for whatever reason latched onto.
  6. Agreed. How many first time coordinators can say in their first season (even getting handed the keys to a top 5 offense) they came in at 13-3 with a playoff win and one of the highest scoring offenses in the NFL. I'm sure they exist, but few and far between. Is there room for improvement? Of course, it's literally this dudes first time in the role, give him a break.
  7. I'm a little shocked that Bills plates weren't already an option. Or is this just a new version?
  8. I'd be curious to know what QB they left and then which QB they ended up with. My first instinct is these guys chased the money and ended up with less than stellar QB play.
  9. Moved to the Fort Lauderdale area this past November from Las Vegas. I am looking forward to attending the week 18 match up. Count me in for tailgating if there's room.
  10. I literally watched this yesterday morning. Only saw it the original time YEARS ago and it didn't disappoint.
  11. Moved from Vegas to Fort Lauderdale this past fall and the 3 things I miss the most are ... Vegas traffic (compared to south FL), food choices, AND 10AM FOOTBALL! I don't know how ya'll do this late game thing. The 8pm games are the worst.
  12. Are we not "injury riddled" as well? Von Miller, Micah Hyde, Damar Hamlin, Ike Boettger, Jordan Phillips, Isaiah Mckenzie? I mean 2 of our WR's were retired through the first 3/4 of the season. Anyone who thought Buffalo was going to walk away with this game haven't been paying attention. I live in south FL and all week long fin fans have been saying how the Bills were going to blow them out and I'm just like, "easy tiger" ... while that sounds wonderful, it just isn't likely. This game was super frustrating, but we are on to the next game.
  13. 😂🤣😂🤣 Wow ... you wrote all that BS on Christmas morning but ended it with telling me not to be so stressed. Okay bud. Way to take those 3 or 4 lines and manipulate the hell out of them to come up with your ridiculous interpretation. 🙄🙃
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