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  1. I really do agree, but this team does have talent at key positions. what this team really needs is an offensive line because far too often, this team's really good QB, and talented running backs had nowhere to go, or where running for their lives.
  2. I kinda thought you meant 2001... I'll toss another comparison at you.... go look at Russel Wilson's game day performances in his 1st 2-3 seasons and see how poorly he performed in quarter's 1-3, and how he performed in Q4... remind you of another QB? I'm surprised how similar their numbers look...
  3. I was going to say something cute and snarky about this, but I started thinking about that patriots team, and can actually see your point. ohh well, I save the snark for someone else.
  4. 23 - 13 Bills. Miami scoring - Two field goals off a couple of knuckle head turnovers from offense for Maimi, and a lucky, one drive score from fitztragic. Bills scoring - Lot's of foot-shooting, stalled offensive drives by the Bills, aided with Josh just not being aggressive running the ball anymore after the dirty shot he took in the Cheatriots game. I wanted to say 30 - 13, but I haven't seen anything that suggests this offense can score that much yet.
  5. you really think you're clever, that's cute. you respond from a position of superiority, while in fact committing the same infractions you accuse me of, also... funny. Again, I didn't require a reason to save myself, because, and again... I'll break it out to you slowly this time.... you know.... so you get it.... I (meaning me in the first person sense)..... don't think (meaning disagree with).... the Browns (NFL football franchise located in Ohio).... are self destructing (as the thread title suggests).... slow enough for you Francis? And yeah, I did confuse your response with the thread starter.... ooops.... my bad...... burn on me? .... LOL ......aaaanndd enjoy your box you put yourself there, I expected another look-at-me-I'm better-than-him response from you; sorry Francis, but you're just too easy. .....anxiously awaiting your really cool, intellectual, well thought out and probably typed 30 times and edited before submitting response....
  6. Settle down Francis, take a pill and relax. I responded to your stupid title, I could care less about your meaningless rep points, and there's nothing to admit. your thread is about the Browns self destructing dumbass, and my comment is about the rest of the season as a whole body of work. get over yourself (highlighted as well, bet you didn't predict that). So go take your wicked awesome look-at-me-I-predicted-it trophy back to the basement, tell your mom you need more hot pockets, and get back to world of warcraft where people think what you do and say is cool. [Moderator Warning Issued]
  7. I really don't like cocky players, and baker is probably the biggest douche we've seen in a long time, except for maybe the mega-over-hyped-nothing-like-the-next-coming-of-primetime jaylen ramsey, BUT... I hate to admit this out loud.... he's not as bad as he seems right now and they will win some games. I htink oyu jumped the gun on posting your pre-season repdiction. I don't think they're the next AFC champs, but they'll not finish in the basement either. If I were the Bills coaches, i would not sleep on them. for the record though, I still call him Baker Manziel.
  8. When I was a kid playing hockey, I broke my favorite stick, I tried to fix it and make it work, but it was just broke. I even kept it in the garage with my other sticks for a few years, but it was, well, un-usable. That's Ray-Ray. Ask yourself why when posting these things, and the only answer you can produce to yourself is "uhhh... because", or "why not" then simply don't post it.
  9. seriously? I guess anything can be asked in a forum, but why?
  10. Anything is better than the 70's loser look of blue pants over white jerseys. Much hate.
  11. yes, all of them/none of them. I don't care how much this season "just feels different so far", I've seen this team go from 6-2 to finishing that same start to 6-10. The biggest threat to this team making the playoffs IS themselves. Add the Bills to your list.
  12. Benjamin was just simply a walking turd, Least-Mode was a total fraud with exception of his 5-6 highlight runs, but Zay, no hate from me. I wanted him to succeed, but he simply wasn't performing, period. I just wish him luck and hope he figures out how to play at this level in Oakland.
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