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  1. Wow, terrible replay times, it's hard to imagine I'd want to record any of these, but like every year, I will.
  2. Clearly it's Belli-cheat. Would he have had as much success? absolutely not, but he's the guy behind the machine pulling the strings.
  3. I really have a hard time with the offensive side of the ball being so unproven, and weak at key positions. I feel like the defense alone could account for 6-7 wins, but I'm not sure the offense can wrangle in the remaining 3-4 wins to get to 10-6. This team is going into the season 0-2 just like every other year in the last 20 years, so it just really makes it hard to buy in. In order for your prediction to be legit in my mind, Josh Allen has to do for the Bills what John Elway did for the Broncos in the early 80's. He needs to be able to carry the weak offensive skill positions on his back until one of them emerges as a real threat. McCoy is no longer a threat.
  4. I would have taken the best player available at that spot, or traded down, I don't remember who was out there anymore, but I would not have drafted a QB that year unless it was Barkley in the 3rd or 4th round, who was and still is the best QB from that draft class. EJ Manuel should not have even been drafted by any team, and wouldn't have been if it hadn't been for Whaley.
  5. My moment like that, or should I say moments were when we picked 'lil Donte Whitner at 8, but my biggest throat punch from this franchise came when they announced EJ Manuel. I think I just about quit on this team that year. The Aaron Maybin pick was another one of those head scratchers, but the EJ pick nearly broke me.
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