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  1. I remember all the success the team had with the Brad Smith package, we killed the league with that.... Ohh wait, no, that sucked balls.
  2. fair enough, but at the end of the day, his last season of work as a stand alone measuring stick should suggest he's really not worth signing. forget the other noise that comes with him.
  3. Is this for real? I would think being an actual good player would land you on the list, but hey, what do I know.
  4. yes, and I am also wearing them, but in all reality, I love this team the most from draft day right up to the season's first game. I honestly don't get upset or excited when they win or lose too much, as the last 20 years have beaten the belief this team will ever be good out of me. it's really not pessimism at all, it's simply a slow simmering process that yielded a cake of apathy. after looking over the schedule, I really think a 7-9 record is the absolute ceiling.
  5. Trade McCoy for a 4th rounder. Trade 9 for a lower 1st round and an additional 2nd round pick. It makes no sense to move up.
  6. Can we change the title to "Who are they now"? seriously, coy wire? who cares.
  7. The Bills will never be a sleeper pick of any sort until they can post a season where they look like they're about to turn the corner. That wasn't last season by a long shot. 9-7 doesn't qualify as a sleeper season, so this is really a non-topic.
  8. 7-9 until they prove to me otherwise they can be better than at least half of the division on a regular basis, and easily steal a win yearly from the paytiolets.
  9. they look so bad, I hope they go that route. Like when Miami's uniforms got infinitely wimpier. All in.
  10. Rosen is a really good coach away from being a good QB. Like any good QB, a good/great coach is essential. I often wonder what would Tom Brady's career look like on another team, say the Raiders or Browns over the last 20 years.
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