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  1. Agreed, but the longer you've been a Bills fan the more "show me you can do it every week" you end up needing to be convinced.
  2. I've been a Bills fan far too long to buy into this possibility yet. sorry, but there are a couple of teams in the AFC that this defense can't keep up with. Now I'd SELECT them FROM dbo.AFCContenders WHERE everyone else plays well AND if and this is a big IF..... the Bills play defense close to last year's squad, AND the offense is singing from the sheet of music they sang from last week, only then HAVING a chance at the Outcome = superbowl.
  3. Don't know, haven't seen her since college, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes. I always had a crush on her, but so did everyone else.
  4. The girl on the left lived on my street, we grew up together.
  5. it always sounds better when they're complimenting the Bills.
  6. He is the New Jersey version of EJ Manuel.
  7. This honestly didn't even cross my mind. While my original feelings are still valid, this is something to feel good about. Bellicheat forced the Bills to play a certain way in order to beat them, and they did. Love it.
  8. Most of the time I fit into the category of finding a cloud in a sunny sky with this team, but I don't think so this time with this post. I think it's more a testament to having higher expectations, rather than woe. I expected more, and I can't say that for any of the previous 20 teams that played in year's past. I expected them to lose in gut wrenching fashion years ago, this year, I didn't.
  9. I haven't started a thread in quite some time, mostly in part to the fine job everyone else has been doing posting content from things I would have posted, all the way down to posts I laugh at while spit-taking my coffee, so I've been quite content as an occasional observer. But this win yesterday had me all warm inside, nostalgic if you will, for the days when I could post my thoughts and enjoy the flaming that might occur, or the agreements I might get from spewing out my over-opinion on things. so, here goes, not in any real order.... 1. I was ecstatic they finally beat the pay-toilets at home, a win is a win. But! 2. Was I alone thinking that even though their roster appeared deplete of any real talent, any other decent quarterback, or, I dunno....say, a Tom Brady would have beaten the Bills yesterday? 3. The win was invigorating, but left me feeling worried the defense is so much worse than last year, and they are probably going to lose to this sad sack patriots team later this year? It's been a long time since the Bills have been in 1st place this far in the season, so don't get me wrong, I love not being all but eliminated from the playoffs like most of the last 2 decades, but this victory does leave me wanting more from a team that had both a dominant defense last year, and a really strong offense earlier this year figure out the secret sauce soon. Your thoughts?
  10. If anyone thinks this upcoming game is a walk in the park because Brady isn't there, or that they're 2-4 are delusional. My gut tells me they (patriots) have a solid 65% chance or better of winning. Until the Bills sweep them. or beat them soundly, I am still not sold.
  11. Simply stop identifying as billsmafia all togher and change to #BuffaloMafia. Done deal. that screws the greedy Sh1tHeaded team, and the league. #NFLwalkAway
  12. It's only possible if and that's IF what we've seen out of Josh this year is his new norm, AND the Bills contend for championships each year. It looks like Mahommes and the Chiefs are one half of that equation, but the Bills aren't on the same field yet.
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