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TNF- Steelers @ Browns


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1 minute ago, DCofNC said:

Flukes happen.. end of the day, no Bills fan will ever have an argument about holding up late in the game again.  Wide right held up for years.. now we have :13..  I sure as ***** hope that failure just leads to 3 straight SB wins.

The point you continue to ignore in all of this is the Chiefs are/were a really good football team, the Jets suck it's not the same.

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Just now, HappyDays said:


He's the plus version of Sammy Watkins. Never lived up to his draft position, has supreme physical talent that he doesn't usually live up to, teams can't wait to be rid of him, occasionally goes off in a game or two, and in general he is pretty dumb.

I don’t think he’s THAT useless, he’s had a couple years of really good play. His career kinda parallels Crabtree thus far.

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2 minutes ago, DCofNC said:

Sounds so familiar.. like giving the opponent extra time and then giving up 50 yards in 13 seconds.. crazy.


So in your mind, 14 points is the same as 3 points.  The Browns gave up 14 points in 1:22.  That's two touchdown drives.


The Browns have given up 34 points in the 4th quarter just this season against two offenses that are bad.

Just like @YoloinOhio stated above.

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1 minute ago, RaoulDuke79 said:

Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who watched The Woman King?

No. I’ve also not known anyone whose ever been to a Wing Stop

2 minutes ago, TheFunPolice said:


Yeah but both weeks the feed has looked darker than normal, imo anyway.



Didnt notice it any different on my end. Sorry - was just being a wise guy. Couldn’t help myself 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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