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Terry Tate for tackling coach….


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Sometimes I believe it is a matter of size and physics, not the actual process of tackling someone. These guys have been playing this game for their entire life. One of the first things you learn as a defender is how to tackle. You learn leverage, getting your shoulder's squared up, making contact and driving through with your legs to get the opposing player down.


By the time you are a pro, it is instinctual. The problem is: Getting into position to do this.


Tremaine Edmonds can tackle. He led the team, but his problem is getting into position to make the tackle. He often attacks the wrong gap, over pursues and puts his body in a position where the process of tackling is more difficult.  Klein is much better at this.


Poyer and Hyde are excellent tacklers, but for them it becomes a problem with physics. Guys like Taylor, Henry, Stephenson, have a 20+ lb weight advantage and a full head of steam after dodging past Edmonds. Physics says when I make the hit, the momentum of the ball carrier is going to move him forward and I have to make contact and hang on. 


For guys on the DL, they are most likely trying to slow down a defender and it's a lot of reaching and trying to get off a block to make contact. I think the issue is we need more size up front to shake off the OL and let the LB's finish off the tackles, or the DL to get penetration and making sure the LB's fill those gaps. So it's about being in position to make the play. 


It would be great to see the DE's get better at contain and finishing sacks, but the biggest problem is the stupid rules designed to protect the QB. You can barely blow a feather on some guys without getting flagged. This is ruining the game. I get it, no helmet to helmet or leading with the helmet, but let a guy finish a play without the fear of getting flagged.


Our CB's could use some help, but having speed and being able to cover and not give up the big plays is more important in today's NFL than run support.


To me, this problem is solved with shoring up the DT's, Hoping Phillips and Oliver continues to get better,  and Bryant and Zimmer develop into the rotation. I still think we need a 310lb+ athletic freak in the middle. Not easy to find, but needed. I'd look to replace Edmonds or hope he improves enough to get that mental part of the game instinctual so his physical traits become useful.  If Groot adds 10-15 lbs and keeps his speed in tact, he could be dangerous.  If they plan on moving Basham inside, I'd like to see him gain about 10+ lbs too.


I'm on the fence with Frazier. I'd love to see us more aggressive on D and not reliant on that small 4-2-5 lineup. If he moves on, I wouldn't mind seeing a fresh perspective on how to utilize all the talent we have on D.  This is a top 5 unit and I'd expect them to play at that level next year.









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56 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


 I actually think the Bills are one of the better tackling teams.


I think the problem when they miss tackles, is that they are out of position, possibly because they make the wrong read.



Joe Marino has been talking about this for a couple years on his podcast. The Bills have been one of the worst tackling teams in the NFL during the McD era. He says it's a shock that he continually sees the Bills near the top of missed tackles list because Sean is such a stickler for fundamentals.  I think after the defense being together for 4 years plus - at this point - players are who they are. We're not going to be a good tackling team unless we change personnel.


advanced defense stats 2021

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5 hours ago, Westside said:

Seriously though, one reason I wouldn’t mind seeing Frazier go is his defense inability to tackle. 

This is not a new problem, it’s been happening at least the last four years. Is there such a coaching position? If not, the Bills need to invent it asap if they plan on being a serious super bowl contender next year.


Oh yet another get rid of Frazier thread.  Like the dome threads they are popping up like weeds with other subjects.

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As has been suggested, tackling has become more of a problem in the NFL because of the lack of opportunity for full contact practices in training camp, and that is governed by the agreement between the league and the players association.  I can't remember the formal term for that agreement at the moment (senior moment).

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4 hours ago, transient said:

I click on the thread expecting Terry Tate and get a fire Frazier thread… I would have preferred to have gotten Peter Pan’d. 


Maybe poster also has the alias of Peter Pan.


Blame the NFLPA and their rules on tackling for reason why tackling is so weak these days.

Post week 1 tackling is very limited meaning little chance to correct tackling and conforming to rules which change every year.

The Bills players made a number of great tackles last year including several where they tackled players despite holding and other things not called but only missed ones are remember and regurgitated.  

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Every fan in the NFL believes their team is poor at tackling, it is the #1 complaint after a close loss.


Ever try to tackle Derrick Henry in the open field ?? How about Tyreek Hill ?


Its more about the running skills at WR & RB then poor tackling by your team

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16 hours ago, BuffaloBillyG said:

Keep Tate. The right choice is:


Animated GIF

What-what happens is, the-the-the center has-has the ball first. And-and-and the quarterback will say, "Hike." That's when the c-center puts the ball in-into the hands of the quarterback. So what I do is, I-I start tacklin' the quarterback, unless he gives the ball to-to s-somebody else, in which case, I-I try to tackle that person.

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