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  1. I guess this is about the best they can do if the game is canceled. The game did not resume this week, so the schedule change (week 19!) would affect all other teams in the league. However, the possible coin-flip for playoff home field between Ravens/Bengals just doesn't seem necessary or right.
  2. 100% dumping DTV, had it since 1994 for Bills NFL ST/Sabres NHL Center Ice. YouTubeTV will have sunday ticket, so that's it for the Bills. Maybe they get NHL at some point, but the NHL channel isn't part of their programming currently. I recently got the Hulu/ESPN/Disney bundle, and it has almost every Sabres game (MSG feed). TNT is part of YouTubeTV, so that just leaves any games that are exclusively on the NHL channel, which is pretty few. I believe I read that DTV was paying $1.5B for NFL ST, and YouTubeTV is going to pay in the $2B range, so I'm curious to see what they charge for it.
  3. I've noticed a couple teams doing this in the past couple weeks, man in motion timed to be behind the QB at the snap to push the pile. Pretty successful so far, but if/when defenses plan for it, it provides a tell when the ball will be snapped. Will be interesting to see this wrinkle evolve on both sides.
  4. I did not hear what everyone else seems to have heard. I heard him 'I wish I was a better - quarterback ... maybe I'd be playing today'. While not entirely clear because he seems to half mumble 'he' or 'I', the second part of the statement would make absolutely no sense if he was referring to Josh Rosen. Who, by the way, is an NFL caliber athlete, but is still the wrong Josh.
  5. On the subject of charity, in case anyone was wondering. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2017/9/24/16355250/buffalo-bills-players-support-charities-lesean-mccoy-lorenzo-alexander-colin-kaepernick
  6. Also in on Boyd. It's gone up a couple thousand in minutes. Again, most Buffalo story ever.
  7. Believable. But I wouldn't post it, that I didn't cause trouble with a friend or player. Guy I work with is close friends with a current Bill. Just sayin'.
  8. Fourth in the league is probably a little disappointing, to be honest with you, because that's not where my expectations are.
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