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8 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:

Daniel Jeremiah expressed the same sentiment..........but for the entire draft.    


Of course, some of the fan-perceived glaring needs weren't as big as they felt to the fanbase:


RB:  In an outside zone scheme you don't need a star RB to produce big..........athletic OL are more important.......Bills were short in the department last season.........they've addressed that athleticism with Lamp, Brown and Doyle this offseason.


CB:  Would be nice to add another stud........but they are a heavy zone team that tries to keep the ball in front of them.   One of the advantages of playing zone is not needing 3 elite athletes at CB.    


1 Tech:  The 3 winningest teams last year were KC, Green Bay and Buffalo........their run defense's allowed about the same ypc, 4.5-4.7 yards.   It's a passing league.   I don't pretend to know what the Bills are thinking but they haven't tried to add a single 1 tech to the roster since Star opted out and they cut Vincent Taylor.   That would be unusual at any position, let alone one that fans see as so critical.   At some point,  maybe it's time to consider that they are trying to go with less snaps from traffic cone 1 techs than they traditionally did prior to last season.


I think it was after the Houston WC loss when Beane said in the season ending PC that you're defined by how you lose your last game.  The AFC CG loss was not the result of poor RB play, the lack of a 1T, or even CB2.  The major personnel issue was a pass rush that could not pressure Mahomes and they've sought to improve that.


Now, if only they can become more aggressive in game-plan/play-calling on both sides of the ball.  :thumbsup:


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That is EXACTLY the right approach with a pick at 30.  Take the high upside athlete at a premium position.  

I trust this front office.   That’s all I got.

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10 hours ago, NewEra said:

Don’t you think adding a good corner that can play man or zone would be a good idea?  Our personnel at cb is pigeonholing us into playing deep scared zone on all the crucial 3rd downs.  So predictable.

the chiefs have Frazier’s number so dialed in that we should just call out our defense to them, maybe that would confuse the defense more than Frazier does.  It’s pathetic.  And you know it.  Not sure how you can sit here and say that we’re a competent defense with Levi Wallace out there just patrolling his zone playing 8 yards off his man every play because we’re afraid he’s going to get beat deep.  That’s the reality of our defense last year vs KC......and they had an OL of all backups.  

the first game, we allowed them to run for 11 yards a clip because we were scared of getting beat deep. The second game we played 5 yards off every receiver because we were scared of getting beat deep.  McDermott said that he gave man a shot in the 2nd half and that turned out even worse....because we don’t have any good corners other than white.....and he got scorched too. Everyone talks about the Bucs DL and LBs, deservedly so, but the Bucs have invested 2 2nd rd picks (Davis and Bunting) and a 3rd rd pick (Dean) in corners alone.  At safety, Winfield (2nd rd pick), Edwards (3rd rd pick) and Whitehead was a 4th. 

like you’ve said, it’s a passing league.....you better have guys that can run and cover.  Levi can’t run and it limits us defensively.  “We play zone D” isn’t an excuse imo.  We need to be able to play both.  

I really hope Dane can step up and be the guy because McD doesn’t trust Levi, for good reason



I'd definitely like them to add a high quality man coverage CB to allow them to be more multiple in their looks,   but yes they can be a good defense without one.    


Ideally, I want Tre White on a stud TE like Kelce.........at which point THEN they are exposed more outside of the numbers.   


Truth be told, I did not love the CB's in this class and I'm certainly not reaching over a better prospect pass rusher just to add a more suspect prospect at CB.


If the Bills want to add a CB with first round measurables then they can call Gareon Conley.   He's out there.   If they want a Melifonwu........Obi just got released by the Niners so there's another elite athlete for the secondary.     

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