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LFG     Sleep? Never heard of her. 

Perfectly said. Cherish the pit in your stomach.   

5 minutes ago, Don Otreply said:

We are so gonna kick their azsez!


Go Bills!!!

As good as we’ve been all year we won   3 or 4 prime time games in a row, we beat a really good Colts team in the playoffs and to sit and listen to all the sports shows this week talking about the ravens this the ravens that nobody is really giving us a chance this week.... it’s kinda sickening to listen to...they make no mention of how we held Jackson to only 48 yards rushing last year or how Allen is the best in the league when passing against the blitz... it’s all about  how we’re gonna get run over by the Ravens this week... Well I got news for ya all I think we’re gonnna come out and take it to the Ravens and show everybody just what Ruff Buff is all about.... Go Bills I’m ready.....

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    Literally just watched this with my wife. She got chills. Then I turned TBD on and here’s this thread.

    I’ve been worried all week until this afternoon. Then I got that good feeling. 
    The Ravens have played an easy schedule and had a hard time of it.

    The Titans gave them a game. The Titans AREN’T the Bills.

    We got the jitters out last week. We’ve been disrespected by enough pundits this week.

    Tomorrow we thump the Ravens convincingly 💪🦬

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Just go get the win whatever it looks like. I've seen this team overcome adversity and find a way to win. They can do it this week too.

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2 minutes ago, Virgil said:

That man just became my favorite media persona in all of sports. 

That was just perfect.

You can find him on old reruns of 'Days of Our Lives' if you need more.

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