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Wanna buy a car?


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  • 3 years later...
2 minutes ago, Fleezoid said:

The David Hasselhoff Museum in Berlin should scoop that baby up. What a gem to add to the memorabilia.




Tell the truth, that’s your man cave, isn’t it?




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4 minutes ago, Fleezoid said:


Crap, busted! And that's just the half of it. 


Don’t worry, it’s OK. We won’t judge you or talk about you……….as far as you know. 


I’m sure it’s a lovely collection. 

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13 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

Who is David? 


This is an epic 3 plus year bump. 

2 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

Derp I totally blanked, I guess growing up watching the show I always link Kitt to Michael Knight.

Has it stumped you for 3 years?  Good God man! 😂

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On 1/6/2021 at 10:17 PM, ocemur said:

I never understood how they hit that ramp into the trailer at 45 MPH or whatever and didn't go shooting out the front of the trailer into the cab.

I agree.  Very Puzzling.  



Professional Wrestling is Real



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