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  1. Given our current situation, I think proper attire would be a black speedo, leather studded chest harness and vintage 1980 hockey mask. But let's face it, that outfit is always appropriate in any situation.
  2. Here's a map from Johns Hopkins showing where and how many cases there are. This map was more up to date than the 6 o'clock news, showing a case that wasn't mentioned by the news. Click on the red dots for detailed info. The testing capacity has been ramping up all week, but won't be up to full capacity until the end of next week, so there could be lots of cases we don't see. There's no way to know until the tests are run. The best advice I saw was from a former head of the FDA who basically said unless you are travelling to someplace with an outbreak, there's no reason to cancel your trip. Please note, he didn't say anything about what you do when you get there. If you are headed to Iran to lick the Holy Relic, I'd say that's a hard no go.
  3. Tre'Davious White was ranked by some of the big media guys as the fourth or fifth corner coming out and selected with the 27th pick of the first round. Now what's the problem with selecting where we are again?
  4. I believe he was killed by a little girl who had had enough of his crap.
  5. "Print is Dead." -Dr. Egon Spengler, 1984
  6. It is now a moral imperative that a bunch of drunken Buccaneer fans intercept the Joe Burrow boat, kidnap him and force him to play in Tampa.
  7. And both of the teams interested have young QBs that they need developed the right way. Maybe some people around the league think Daboll is doing a good enough job with Josh to try to hire him. Heck, if I were those teams, I would bring in the O coordinators and QB coaches for all the teams with young QBs just to have the conversation. What worked or didn't work with your guy? What would you do differently? If you were hired here how would you handle our young QB? It's like free consulting.
  8. I'm so far behind. I'm usually forming an opinion by December because we were out of it in November. Is this when real teams start talking about the draft?
  9. I saw $100 for Vosean Joseph. For $100 he better cut my lawn during the message.
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