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  1. Somewhere, Bill Belichick is interviewing cat wranglers so the Pats can get an extra timeout without getting penalized. One of his players will be the designated Catnip guy and drop a little stash around the 20 yard line and kitty is on the field.
  2. We're usually arguing over next year's draft by now. And you have no idea how happy I am not to see those threads.
  3. Michael, it's just your eternal soul, you won't even miss it. One little signature in blood. You won't feel a thing, we promise!
  4. He's a great locker room guy. Fantastic. When they start playing games in the shower, he'll be MVP.
  5. Here's the thing about a WR with more excuses than receptions. All he had to do was compete with the guys in that WR room. Nobody asked Zay to catch 100 balls for 1,200 yards. We hoped he'd be the 2nd or third best WR on the team. Based on the trade, was he even the fourth best? And if you are sitting around wondering if you are the fourth best WR on the team, maybe job security isn't something you should expect. Bottom line, all he had to do was play better than a bunch of other WRs who had to catch balls from the same QB in the same Offense under the same coaches. The playing field was as level as it gets and Zay came up short. That's 100% on Zay.
  6. Why isn't Beane negotiating with China? We'd own half the land next to the Great Wall by now. On the good side.
  7. ocemur


    That's a better man than me with bigger problems than I have.
  8. Bills 3 Titans 0. The game is suspended with 3:06 in the First quarter after lightning strikes Frank Wycheck who is sitting in the Tennessee owners box. Wycheck is briefly hospitalized, but released, even though he can only say the words, "illegal forward lateral" for seven days afterwords.
  9. If we win the coin toss, I want the fans to rush the field and tear down the goal posts while the players celebrate wildly. Then everyone just leave. Be cool, man, don't say nothing. Just leave and celebrate.
  10. Sure, a new identity and move him someplace out of the way. Um, I don't want to tell the FBI or US Marshals how to do their job, but I think I see one small flaw in this plan. OK, where do you hide him? I say the parrot cage at the zoo.
  11. I have already seen him referred to as "Danny Dimes" by multiple media outlets. The second time I saw it, I threw up a little. Do not Google this. The unadulterated sports media knob polishing is nauseating.
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