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Did Josh Norman play?

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Just now, Watkins101 said:

Huh. I was listening to the beginning of the game on the radio, and they said Levi Wallace was starting and Josh Norman was inactive. Guess that they were wrong then?


The official list the Bills put out he was up I think. 

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Well I guess I'm in the minority. I want to see him play more and see if he can contribute. I haven't seen anything this year to suggest that he is as bad as everyone is saying. Yeah, he can't man the #1 corner spot in place of White, but that doesn't mean he can't contribute further down the depth chart.

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Look at gamebook before asking question:




K 2 T.Bass, QB 5 M.Barkley, P 9 C.Bojorquez, WR 18 A.Roberts, WR 19 I.McKenzie, RB 20 Z.Moss, RB 25 T.Jones, DB 29 J.Norman, SS 31 D.Marlowe, S 33 S.Neal, LB 44 T.Matakevich, S 46 J.Johnson, LB 52 D.Lee, DE 57 A.Epenesa, LB 59 A.Smith, DT 61 J.Zimmer, G 65 I.Boettger, LS 69 R.Ferguson, OL 71 R.Bates, T 77 T.Nsekhe, TE 85 L.Smith, TE 86 R.Gilliam, WR 87 J.Kumerow, DL 90 Q.Jefferson, DE 92 D.Johnson, DT 99 H.Phillips

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