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Kroft and Murphy inactive

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I think he’s been pretty good 

*sigh*  It never fails to amaze me how arrogantly some fans write (maybe you don't intend it that way).  We sit in our armchairs and collate scraps of media info on players and watch the games, and no

I agree. They’ll try to get the run game going and control TOP.  I feel he’s performed well this year. 

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Just now, Chicharito said:

I think it means we try and run more to try and keep Herbert off the field!

I agree. They’ll try to get the run game going and control TOP. 

Just now, Process said:

What a miss the Kroft signing was. 

I feel he’s performed well this year. 

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Just now, AmishRifle said:

Did I miss that something happened to Trent Murphy?  Didn't see him on the injury report??  Someone please shed some light on this for me.

No I believe these are healthy scratches 

1 minute ago, LABILLBACKER said:

Now what the hells wrong with Kroft?  Our TE's are worthless. 

Nothing he’s healthy 

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9 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:


Intrigue. What does this mean. Lee Smith active over Kroft?? 

More rush attempts.

2 minutes ago, AmishRifle said:

Thanks @YoloinOhio  I find the healthy scratch of Murphy odd.  More so than Tyler Kroft...although I think Tyler is our best pass catching TE.  Trust the process!!

Kroft is easily our most complete TE. 

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6 minutes ago, chknwing334 said:

What can possibly be the justification for making your most effective TE inactive?



*I guess they may be going all out to run the ball


I suspect that has a lot to do with it, sure hope they don’t out smart themselves, Kroft can block and he gets open, and he catches passes, Sometimes I feel like Daboll doesn’t understand how to work the running game into his pass first offense, we shall see, 🤞 


Go Bills!!! Kick some azs fellas! 

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8 minutes ago, Process said:

I should clarify. He's clearly the best TE we have. But when you pay a guy $5M+ to be a healthy scratch the signing is clearly a bust. 


I’m not sure it’s that clear. Daboll changed the offense this year to where they use the TEs differently, they are mostly used as Hback and blocking, they don’t usually play 2 at a time. This is different than when he was signed, they ran a ton of 12 personnel. It appears they are playing their best blocking TEs today as part of a specific game plan. I don’t anticipate they would change that approach just because they paid Kroft 5 mill. They just want to win the game. And Kroft has made some huge plays for this team - the Steelers game last year that clinched a playoff berth and the Rams game this year to name a couple. 

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