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Thanksgiving Game II: WFT @ Dallas 4:30 ET on FOX

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Not a fan of WTF but I am rooting for Alex Smith.  He could have just taken the money since the could not afford to cut him.   I do enjoy Cowboys being embarrassed twice in a row on Thanksgi

That decision, call and execution are about as bad as it gets in the NFL.

How the heck Alex Smith came back from that injury, awesome to see him out there

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16 minutes ago, Patrick_Duffy said:

Lol, I looked at thread title and thought it said WTF @ Dallas. Too much turkey.....

Actually you were right, its Washington Team Football... that team better win today.

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6 minutes ago, Gene1973 said:

Can't believe Smith didn't retire. But I guess what are the odds another injury like that happes again...


It definitely shows that the game of football is not all about money for a number of players.

I give a tip-of-my-hat to players like Alex Smith.

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3 minutes ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

It’s amazing how quickly Alex Smith checks down. It’s like 1 second look up field and then down to his RB. Glad we don’t have to live with a captain checkdown anymore. 

I wouldn’t mind if once in a while Allen did check down when someone is open even if it’s for only 5 yards instead of forcing the ball downfield to Diggs when he’s covered by 3 DB’s , 

But generally speaking yes I agree with you 100% !!


1 minute ago, Don Otreply said:

Hope Dallas loses.

Abso******lutely !!!

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