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Is Cam Newton Done

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Just now, C.Biscuit97 said:

Good post. Obviously there’s a fine line between cocky and confidence.  In a weird way, I think this is the best thing for Cam.  If the Bears get him, they are instantly a SB contender again. 

If he comes back healthy and plays the way he did at the start of last year before the shoulder injury.  It's a roll of the dice for whoever takes a chance on him.  I personally think he stays in Carolina as Kyle Allen will prove not to be the answer.  I've watched him struggle against above average (Titans, Jags) to superior defenses (49ers).

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5 minutes ago, Limeaid said:


Many politicians are jokes so I expect players to be more mature.  And to be able to find happy ending without paying for it.


Hard to show off on bench.

I agree with politicians being jokes but I’d say their jobs are supposed to be more important (much rather be an athlete).  

but I think people expect too much from athletes.  Like they shouldn’t get mad when they get attacked on social media. Or they should be these emotionless robots.  As long as athlete isn’t a bad person off the field, I generally don’t care what they say, wear, or do.

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45 minutes ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

I generally think Allen is a humble guy but he definitely has flexed after big plays.  Rodgers did the title belt thing. Brady screams after tds.  It’s a game. Have fun as long as you’re disrespecting someone.


but you definitely are a JOhnny Unitas flattop, no facial hair, no excitement type of guy, huh?  But I would be boring if we all liked the same thing. I think it would have been awesome to see old videos of Johnny U doing the electric slide after scoring. 



.any idea how many planes missed the Baltimore Washington International runway and taxied in on that "flat top"?....LMAO.....

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