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  1. Plan on sharing whatever you are smoking with the rest of us?
  2. HiddenInLight

    Robin Lehner on playing in Buffalo & Buffalo Fans

    The fact that you think Darcy Regier was an owner invalidates this post.
  3. Rosen to giants makes more sense but their GM doesn't seem to have a clue.
  4. Rodak is disliked and treated like an annoying little trash writer because that is what he is. Hes never even tried to change that perception by doing anything even remotely insightful in an article. While it's not cool to tell somebody to kill themselves, he reaps what he sews.
  5. My argument is that Josh Rosen isn't good, and has done nothing to prove otherwise.
  6. HiddenInLight

    A Draft Day trade is very possible

    Knowing Beane a draft day trade is likely. He loves to jump around in the draft.
  7. We are literally having this discussion in a thread about how everyone thinks Rosen's team is taking a QB first overall. You don't take a QB first overall to not be your starter. Therefor he is being replaced.
  8. If he was anywhere near decent his team (with a HOF WR) would not be replacing him the next year while having the first overall pick. They'd be using it to build around him.
  9. HiddenInLight

    Robert Foster stayed in Buffalo for offseason to train

    He is, at least with all the guys from last year.
  10. HiddenInLight

    Robert Foster stayed in Buffalo for offseason to train

    Did you think we were talking about Robert Woods?
  11. HiddenInLight

    Please don't forget our other new WR.......

    Duke Williams is a very interesting story. He was drafted, but busted out of the league fairly quickly. Apparently getting shuffled to the CFL made him wake up and get his act together. That all being said, he's a complete wildcard. We'll have to wait until training camp to see what we really have in this guy,
  12. We can still afford at least one more large contract after cuts of guys like ivory and Ducasse. Assuming he's healthy I'd say go for it. Give us the best Oline possible. I'm pretty tired of watching our QB nearly get killed as soon as the ball snaps on every play.
  13. Eh, I think he played his way out of being worth a 1st. If I'm Gettleman, my first question after they ask for a 1st is "If he's worth a 1st why are you replacing him already?"
  14. Sal Capaccio 🏈‏Verified account @SalSports FollowingFollowing @SalSports More Feeling from some around the league I spoke with is there is still some concern about RT Daryl Williams' knee, which is why we haven't seen any movement on him. Looks like teams may want to get him into their facility and see him before going down that road. 2:25 PM - 13 Mar 2019