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  1. The guy is really good. He's the second biggest jackass in the league, behind AB, but hed give us a legit shot at stopping Brady from picking us apart as usual. He'd probably be fine with the process as long as the team keeps winning. As much as I hate him as a person, I hate losing to NE more.
  2. It wasn't a crown hit and it looked to be incidental contact due to the collision/angle in real time. In slow motion replay you can see earlier contact. I dont think it can be considered leading with his head though that was the initial contact point. With the NFL these days you never know. Its probably a coin flip TBH.
  3. Bengals fans dont seem too confident. Went to check out their forums and a lot of them are saying 30-10 buffalo. I dont think we will blow them out but I do expect a hard fought win for the Bills. The Bengals always play us tough so here's to hoping we can pull out a win.
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