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What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

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20 hours ago, Augie said:


You’re embarrassing yourself, but you don’t seem to recognize that fact. I mentioned running and catching first and said in bold it was great. Then I mentioned the blocking... albeit with a little hyperbole. The OP did NOT ask what is the ONE thing you remember, but you conveniently said it was the “biggest thing that came through” my head. You’re putting words in my mouth to defend your baseless attack of my post. 


Do you NOT remember his blocking? I phrased it as a question, you could have just answered. I added it because the blocking is often overlooked by many. 


This is very middle school-ish.


I don’t care how I look here, but if I did I’d be just fine with my position, because I’m clearly right. I’ve posted stupid stuff here in the past,, and I’ll admit it when I get it wrong. Maybe it’s your turn to act like a grown up and admit you whiffed. But I won’t hold my breath....or even really care. 





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the good...lots but him juking out the entire miami defense on the way to the endzone will always stand out


the bad...that fumble when we were winning 13-7 in the SB rematch Vs the cowgirls

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