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  1. It was the right call to make, and not even in the top ten worst play calls of the game. Hauschka is capable of making a 52 yarder, just not that one apparently.
  2. The only improvement I see is that Josh Allen has not heaved any back-foot meatballs into the void lately. Otherwise, it's been the same crummy execution. Allen can't throw accurately on the move, or on deep throws at all. Receivers aren't amazing enough to catch balls that are off-target. They don't use Singletary nearly enough. Allen is not running as often or as effectively as last year, and when he does run, he puts the ball on the ground. Pass protection is mediocre, and throws happen late anyway. Lots of bone-headed play calling - like Daboll is trying to trick the opposing defense rather than do the thing that is most likely to succeed in a given situation. It's yet another year of pop-gun offense for the Bills.
  3. The deep ball on 3rd and 4 was when I knew they weren't going to win. I don't know if that was on Daboll or Josh Allen or the receivers not getting open underneath, but man that was a terrible play.
  4. Wallace is having the worst game any Bill has had all year.
  5. Some vintage Bills-Browns today. Both teams doing whatever they can not to win.
  6. That was a full menu of bad throws. Long, medium, short.
  7. It's interesting reading through this thread. You can pretty easily tell who among us has and has not had to deal with serious mental illness in their family, friends, or selves.
  8. Sometimes I think a lot of folks on this board measure every game against the 1991 AFC Championship game. Like it's not a convincing win unless it's 51-3.
  9. I think it's also high time they got a new opening theme. They have been riding that same crappy Hank Jr. thing since the mid-'90's. They should commission Hank 3 to do a new song.
  10. To me, "Flaws" means tons of penalties, dropped passes, running backs who fumble, linebackers who miss tackles, etc. While some of that is certainly happening, I would not say this kind of play is a defining characteristic of the 2019-20 Bills. They are a pretty disciplined group overall, they just don't connect on flashy bomb passes or get lots of sacks. They don't have any real superstars on offense or defense. They have a conservative coaching staff. If those are flaws, I must be reading about football in Forbes freaking magazine.
  11. Also no big-name superstars making flashy plays every week. Dawson Knox's Angry Run championship was about the only memorable play so far this season, and don't nobody even know who Dawson Knox is. And that's kind of a legit reason to not get attention. I know if I'm going to give a rip about another team, it's because they're making the highlight reels.
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