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  1. If they don't trade up in rd. 1: Jonah Williams will be BPA at #9 JJ Arcega-Whiteside just seems like a McDermott kind of player. Depending on how things shake out, I could see them passing on him at 40 and trading up for him soon after. Or maybe they reach a little and take him at 40. I think the top 10 WR in this draft are all pretty close in terms of overall potential, just pick the guy who fits best. If they trade up: Ed Oliver in round 1 N'Keal Harry in late rd.1 or early rd. 2 I think the Bills were very happy with the way things played out last year, getting two blue-chip players via trading up. I think they do it again.
  2. This looks like a very favorable schedule to me - They don't even have to leave the state of NY for the first 4 weeks! There are no trips to the Pacific or Mountain time zones. Almost every game is at 1:00, which should help keep the guys in a rhythm. No road games in the notoriously tough/loud stadiums like KC or Seattle. None of the opponents really scare me the way KC, LA, LA, NO etc. do - Their best opponents were the weakest division winners of 2018. The Thursday game is Thanksgiving day, which is a nice bonus for us fans. The only thing I don't like is the early bye week. I'm thinking 10-6 all day long!
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Kyler Murray is the next TIm Tebow? I'd rather keep Rosen, and I don't even like Rosen.
  4. I am hoping we use the low-round picks to trade up, not to pick a QB project.
  5. Can't wait to see the Pats there in a couple of years.
  6. So now everybody wants the Bills to miss the playoffs so we can watch them bicker at each other in HD? I hope they never qualify for Hard Knocks.
  7. Brian Westbrook gets my vote.
  8. Of Allen and Rosen, I was glad we took Allen. I would have probably felt a little better about Darnold or Mayfield, but I liked Allen a lot, too. I also thought that Lamar Jackson might wind up being the best of the bunch, but it seemed unlikely. I never liked Rosen at all, and was not surprised he was the last one of the bunch taken. I still think it was the right move, even though I am not as convinced as everyone seems to be that JA is destined for greatness - all the signs are there, but we've seen this movie before.
  9. It's a deep draft, so they are probably wise to keep their #9 pick and trade up into the late 1st rd. - early 3rd rd. range. The extra draft picks they have to trade with probably won't get them above 9 anyway. Based on draft pick trade values, they could potentially trade their 2nd and 3rd, plus maybe throw in one of their lower picks to get into the bottom 10 of the 1st round. Whatever the case may be, I hope they trade the extra 4th, 5th, and 7th rounders for something. They need talented guys more than they need warm bodies.
  10. TJ Hockenson, not to be confused with Terje Haakonsen...
  11. I've watched games at bars all over the country, and wherever I've been, there are serious Packers fans out in numbers. And they are always both the friendliest and most fun bunch in the place, win or lose. No offense, but they really are the best.
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