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  1. Fitz was never really bad. The team around him was hot garbage.
  2. I don't see why he couldn't be a great return man. Can he beat out Andre Roberts for a roster spot? Maybe not, but the dude is a world class, veteran professional athlete and mature adult who has dedicated his life to learning American football. He's got lightning reflexes, speed for days, an incredible instincts as a runner in space (and not just as a runner, but as a ball carrier). People in here are equating the kick return to building a nuclear submarine, but it's not that big of a stretch for a guy like Wade. He has a better chance at success than people think.
  3. Wow, I didn’t know he was drinking so hard in Buffalo. What a waste of talent. And money, and draft capital.
  4. Moss looks pretty good to me - he has great balance, he knows right where to go to give tacklers no chance, and he runs really hard. He's like a faster version of Freddy Jackson. He also gets his eyes downfield so fast on spins and other dodgy moves. And I think it's great having him and Singletary split carries - Between Singletary's size and Moss's style, they are both going to need to keep their mileage down.
  5. Kicker is also the only position where you can get a top prospect in the 6th round. So you might as well go for it - he probably has a better chance of making the team than the 28th best offensive lineman or whatever else was available then.
  6. I think any season at all will be a long shot this year, but 14 games would be legit. Less than that and it starts to become asterisk territory.
  7. You gotta give the guy credit. I never thought he would have been in the league as long as he as.
  8. I'm going B. The first two picks were very, very good. They took two receivers after so many were already off the board, and neither of these guys look like they are guaranteed to make the team. They conjure memories of James Hardy, Marcus Easley, etc. The QB was good value, but I'm not sure Josh Allen is ready to be the mentor yet, so to me it only works if they are planning to use a roster spot for a QB3. They still need a vet there, and I don't know if sticking Fromm on the Practice Squad would be worth anyone's while. And everyone saying Fromm is an upgrade over Barkley - Based on what? If we are comparing apples to apples, you have to go to the college days and based on that, they are very similar. And Barkley has 7 years as a pro now. I liked the kicker pick. Hauschka has been unreliable and the best chance you have of developing a good kicker is getting the first one off the board. And you aren't likely to find contributors on offense or defense in round 6. Beane wasn't able to trade up at all. Maybe they felt the talent was there when they were picking, but more likely other GMs weren't in the market for a bunch of 5-7 rounders. That said, I'm glad they didn't trade any of next year's top 4 picks - which may have been their best trade bait. Overall, they got needs filled higher in the draft, which is nice. They took fliers lower, which is better than picking suspect players to fill needs. The two WR picks look like duds to me, but maybe that's just me.
  9. I would also say '85. Those Bears were the most memorable team of the last 40 years, possibly ever. It was also the middle of the Joe Montana 49er years and the early days of some other great QBs' careers.
  10. Assuming it would be the first in a long run of Bills Super Bowl triumphs, I don't think it will matter much in the long run.
  11. I did too. To me, he looked like a 14 year old punk you would see selling weed under a bridge somewhere. I just didn't think he was a mature adult, and figured he would crumble under the pressure of being a pro. Boy, was I wrong.
  12. He was a project from the beginning. Guys like EJ only become good if they sit a few years behind an entrenched franchise QB. He never had anything like that. It was just a dumb pick for the Bills at that time.
  13. How do multimillionaires get COVID? You live in a mansion and can pay people to bring you everything your heart desires. You don't have to go anywhere, and can be completely comfortable doing so. I don't get it.
  14. Trade Stefon Diggs. He could easily fetch a first-rounder in this market.
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