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  1. Sounds like a win for everyone. Kurt Coleman looks like a very solid pickup, and Bush gets to retire comfortably (I hope) at 32. Can you imagine retiring at 30-freaking-two, with millions in the bank?
  2. My favorite Fred move ever was against the Giants in 2011, when he was breaking away on an 80 yard TD, and the DB was just about to catch him as both ran full-speed toward the end zone. Out of nowhere and maintaining full forward speed, Fred makes a little shift to the left at a low angle, which is enough to send the DB off into no-man's land while Fred scores an easy TD. Magical old-man powers right there. There's no name for it that I know of, but Fred had that sudden open-field change of direction at full gallop that made it so hard to close on him.
  3. The Super Bowl is a pretty big game, so I’m told, and Tomlin has won twice.
  4. Odds are they will be better than that, but as of right now the offense still sucks until they prove otherwise.
  5. At the time, he was the fastest white guy anyone had ever seen. I think that’s part of the legend, too.
  6. That's crazy - such a long day, yet they are only physically active for two hours.
  7. If Tom Brady didn't show up until opening day, it still wouldn't matter.
  8. Maybe because it's not true? Is there any real data to support that theory, or does everyone just assume that a scheme with 4 down lineman instead of 3 makes it easier for a DE to get sacks? I mean, it sounds logical, but is it actually true, and what's the proof?
  9. I've never heard anyone outside the Bills fan universe say that Bruce was better. Reggie just mauled people. He was a scary dude.
  10. I love how we all know our Super Bowl beatdowns by heart. I have a vintage beer coozy with that XXV logo on it.
  11. Travis Henry should get a dishonorable mention; not for anything specific he did to the team, but that guy royally screwed up a promising career by being a colossal dumbass in life.
  12. It works great for hockey goalies, but the NHL season has 66 more games than the NFL season does.
  13. We're sittin' here talkin' about PRACTICE. Not a game, not a game, not a game. PRACTICE.
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