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  1. Fadingpain

    '18 Bills Ticket Sales

    If Allen continues to impress and actually starts the regular season...and then does well enough for most to believe we have a franchise QB, tickets will sell well.
  2. Here is one of my favorite Ginger moments, around the 3 minute mark. Just awesome. From the Royal Albert Hall concert in 1968.
  3. Yeah but don't you think he wants somebody to love? He probably needs somebody to love. Wouldn't you love somebody to love? And now that I think about it, you better find somebody to love.
  4. One hell of a good drummer. But kind of a POS human being.
  5. Fadingpain

    Jarvis Landry... again

    That's a good start but it is not nearly enough! I want blood!
  6. If AJ's injury is vague enough that they need a "second opinion," it can't be something as clear cut as a fracture which would show up on x-rays or other imaging tests. So then how does Vic Carucci report that he has a hairline fracture of his collar bone?!?! Must be getting bad info. from a source.
  7. Fadingpain

    Hot for Teacher: Arizona style

    Suggesting that there is some type of "crime" here is absurd. For thousands of years humans were having babies when they were biologically ready to do so, like age 13 to 16, and until quite recently. So here we have a 17 and 22 year old....no big deal. America, the land of Puritans. Remember, showing a woman's breasts on TV is forbidden, but showing someone get their head blown off with a shotgun is perfectly OK. Arizona. Rednecks. Republicans. Trump voters. Say no more.
  8. Fadingpain

    Hot for track coach

    A bit too gummy for my personal taste, but nonetheless, a strong "YES".
  9. Fadingpain

    Bills defenders praise Josh Allen.

    Were we expecting our defenders to point out his flaws and suggest that he doesn't seem to have what it takes to be successful in the NFL? Is there any chance whatsoever that they would say anything negative at all? What are those odds exactly?
  10. Most folks 'round here are kool-aid drinking homers, who view this forum as a booster club and opportunity to say "go Bills" and nothing more. They ain't gonna take too kindly to this type of observation, regardless of whatever merit it may have!
  11. Fadingpain

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Does this mean we'll eventually get to 4 straight Superbowls and lose all of them again!?
  12. Fadingpain

    Josh Gordon Returns to the Browns

    Sounds like he is a very common case of someone who struggles with depression/anxiety issues and he has been self-medicating with pot and/or alcohol. That is very treatable with proper counseling, attention, and maybe a good SSRI. If he is fundamentally a good kid, he should get it together with the right help and if he has the right commitment.
  13. Fadingpain

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    I can't think of a topic of conversation that has received more attention over the entire off-season than our offensive line. It's been up there all along with the QB situation and our WR corps. WTF?
  14. Fadingpain

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Oh FFS. Shut this crap down!
  15. Fadingpain

    Lets Go Fishing

    I think this what they mean by the term "rough seas."