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  1. Here me out...Does it matter which QB we draft?

    For all intensive purposes, your grammar sucks!
  2. [Vague Title]Uh oh TT haters...

    MY GOD! We finally get into a playoff game after 17 years. Tyrod goes 17 for 37 for 134 yards, no TDs, and 1 INT. The offense struggles all day and we end the game having scored 3 points. And yet an army of Tyrod idiots here want to try to argue with you how he's really quite good if you just look at the data the right way! The guy's terrible!
  3. Which scenario do you prefer?

    Don't like any of your scenarios or draft choices within the various options. I voted "B" however. People need to tune into the fact that Cousins just isn't that good. This forum grossly overrates his abilities, probably b/c most Bills fans aren't watching a lot of Skins games.
  4. Favorite Al Pacino movie

    Godfather I and II have to be #1 (taken together as a whole, which is how I view those movies) Followed by Glengarry Glen Ross which is an amazing film with unbelievable writing and acting and Pacino's character in it is great. I used to love Scarface but it doesn't stand the test of time in my opinion. Brian De Palma is way over-rated.
  5. So is having a carb in 2018. The Daimler Benz DB601 series of engines (first made in 1935) in the Messerschmitt BF-109 fighter planes of WWII had evolved beyond carbs with mechanical fuel injection. That was 83 years ago. NASCAR might want to look into the technology.
  6. Commercial Women I Find Attractive Part ???

    Good call. I have admired many a posterior in those ads.
  7. Well I do think they are going all out to get someone they believe can become a franchise guy this year in the draft. So for now, I remain hopeful.
  8. So the result of this complex analysis is: you need to throw the ball to win these days, but you need a QB who can throw in order to throw. Seems like we should have already known that!
  9. You mean by swapping out OCs. Let's hope so! McD made a number of strategic mistakes during the season however, assuming he has final say on that stuff, which I assume he must have.
  10. Another point he mentions: When won the turnover battle, we were 8-1. When we tied or lost the turnover battle, we were 1-6. Historical Stats say 2 easiest ways to win a game are: 1) Win turnover battle or 2) Win return TD battle; this means any type of "return" on special teams for a TD (punt return, KO return, blocked FG returned for TD) or a turnover taken in for a TD (fumble recovery taken in or pick 6)....you win 75% of the time when you have more of these types of TDs than your opponent.
  11. I'm listening now. The guy has his own stats website; he's all about analytics. Of note: Bills called a run play 82% of the time on 2nd and 10 last year, which was the 2nd most in the league. The league average was only 54%. The idea (of the Bills) was to run the ball on 2nd down and not get a first down, but get enough yards to make it 3rd and manageable. We were successful on only 13% of those 2nd down run plays. We averaged 3.4 yards per carry on those 2nd and 10 run plays. His analysis/model suggests we need to do more PASSING on 2nd and 10. Passing on 2nd and 10 is significantly more efficient and effective than running. Success rate league wide on 2nd down with a pass is over 50%, whereas a run is only successful 22% of the time(I believe he said). This is the sort of stuff he was talking about. He's basically saying that we had the wrong tendency and could have given ourselves a better chance of success had we understood the data as he has presented it. I.E., McD is a dummy.
  12. The 2018 Winter Olympic thread

    Who else wants a pair of these Olympic sunglasses? Agreed. Regular season is now sort of a waste of time. Would love to see it reduced to something crazy like 30 games played only twice a week on designated times with everyone in the league playing on those dates. "Tired" would be obsolete; "3 games in 4 nights" would be obsolete; "returning from long western road trip" (or vice versa) would be obsolete...and so would floating through the regular season. With 30 games dictating the playoff picture, every game would be a war. Of course, you also reduce revenue by over 50% so this will never happen. What a shame.
  13. The Curse of Oak Island TV Show

    Doubt the Holy Grail (if one ever existed at all) is buried in a pit on a small island in Nova Scotia, but you never know. I agree that their findings, if any, are likely to have more historical value than monetary value. It would be interesting to discover a historical link between medieval Europe and Nova Scotia.
  14. Favorite Movie Ass Whoopin'

    It's funny how absolutely brutal violence like this is totally cool in American film, but a graphic scene of lovemaking will immediately earn an "X" rating. In America, violence in television and film substitutes for the sex we aren't allowed to show.
  15. Speaking of wanting to shoot people

    I don't have a Ph.D in marine biology and have never done any in-depth research on crustacean neurology, but I am pretty sure it is generally agreed that putting a lobster head first into boiling water is a very human way of killing it almost instantly.