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  1. Fadingpain

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    OT Howard Ballard, not Harold.
  2. A lot of his specific takes on the Bills are straight up wrong, where he is obviously looking in from the outside.
  3. No, I've been a huge Red Sox fan for going on 30 years now. Have no interest one way or the other in anything NBA related--so I'm totally neutral on Celtics. Dislike the Bruins as a long time Sabres rival, but also respect the franchise and their historical approach to icing good, tough, physical teams. Don't hate the Bruins as much as I probably should. LOL.
  4. Fadingpain

    Ice Cream

    There is never a reason to eat ice cream if you can get gelato instead. Having said that, the best ice cream I've ever had is from this place in a little town in Germany. http://www.eiscafe-hesse.de Among store bought commercial stuff everyone would know, Ben & Jerry's is fantastic and I am addicted to Klondike Bars. In particular, the cookie dough, Heath bar, and Caramel Pretzel flavors are awesome. One of my favorite flavors. B&J is very commercial and well known, but it is about as good as you're going to get if you are buying ice cream out of a freezer in a grocery store.
  5. Fadingpain

    Empathy Test

    37 for me.
  6. Fadingpain

    Arena Football

    I didn't now Arena football still existed. I thought the league folded years ago. I don't recall bumping into it or being made aware of its existence in years. Maybe the league needs to hire Russ Brandon.
  7. If and when Josh Allen is the QB, we'll need a speed guy to keep defenses honest and harness one of the few things Allen brings to the table: a huge arm. Not sure we need that guy right now though. Depends on how quickly they intend to push Allen through.
  8. Fadingpain

    What's wrong with this story?

    I'll tell you what's wrong: that mustache! These things have slowly crept back into the culture, after having nicely died off for quite a long time.
  9. Fadingpain

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    It's ridiculously too early to make this type of prediction, but I'll go ahead and pick Allen. I think they want him to play right away and it shouldn't be too hard for him to make the other 2 QBs look bad in training camp/pre-season games. The whole thing will be couched in terms of an "open competition" with no No. 1 etc...but they have their guy and they want the starter to be Allen. It will be sold as Allen giving the team the best chance to win rolling into Week 1.
  10. Fadingpain

    I miss Leodis McKelvin interviews...

    Love the interviewer nodding her head, feigning agreement/understanding as McKelvin speaks.
  11. Thomas was too much of a pass rushing specialist (and he was fantastic at that) to be regarded #2 best all around LB of all time! No, Biscuit (not "the" Biscuit) is not in the HOF. Agree Singletary should be way up there. Aside from being a great LB, the guy is the personification of "leader", "warrior", and "team before self". I dream of having a Bills roster filled with Singletary types.
  12. Fadingpain

    Hot for Teacher: Alabama style

    More like Meta "Not So" Lovely... PS: There really is no shortage of these stories, is there?
  13. Fadingpain

    I need a vacation

    Well have fun when you go! And try to enjoy the holiday weekend!
  14. Fadingpain

    Video Games

    Has anyone played "Journey" on PS4? I mentioned it up-thread but no one commented on it. It is consistently mentioned as like Top 5 or Top 10 games all time for the PS4, and that has now been around for a while. One list of The Best 100 games for PS4 had Journey at like 6 or something. Some people were comparing it to Shadow of the Colossus as one of the best games all-time. I loved that game so I suspect Journey is pretty good.
  15. Fadingpain

    Boba Fett stand alone Star Wars film announced

    For what it's worth, the Tatooine Cantina scene from Episode IV seems to be a fan favorite. And that could actually work, as the bar is a coming and going gathering place for all sorts of characters with their own story to tell. Would be hugely dependent on a great script, but what movie isn't? One drawback I can see, though, is that part of what made the cantina cool was how it was a crossroads for all types of characters and creatures from all over the galaxy. Very "urban" and diverse crowd in there. Most characters were not speaking English and that contributed to the texture of the scene. Most Star Wars fans and kids aren't gong to want to read subtitles all the time, though there are conventions around this. Maybe do what they did near beginning of Hunt for Red October...magically shifting from Russian to English as a convention so as to avoid the use of subtitles...and making Sean Connery (among others) try to speak Russian in a convincing manner, which he certainly couldn't do! You'd also have the creative freedom to follow whatever plots and sub-plots you want OUT of the cantina and into other parts of the planet/galaxy. The cantina could be a central focal point for the story, but as long as you are willing to leave it to explore other story lines, the script possibilities would be endless.