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Gronk to be traded before start 2018 season - Boston Radio

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10 hours ago, kdiggz said:

i definitely would.  he's threatening to retire anyhow.  if you can get a 1st round pick for him then why not?  they have won without him and they will continue to win without him.  for our sake i hope it's not to Cleveland for the #4 pick

That would be sad. Yoda pulling all the strings.

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12 hours ago, mjt328 said:


My thoughts exactly.


Knowing some of the idiot GMs in this league, they will probably trade New England a 1st Round Pick for him.  He will play about 1 month before going on IR, then will retire in the offseason.


Armed with 3 first round picks, the Patriots will trade up for the best QB in the draft.


Tell me exactly how many times belichick has traded up in the first round? 

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I have no idea if there is actually any truth to this article, but it was still a very interesting read. 


Tom Curran (Boston reporter) talks about the little coup that might be going on right now (with quotes from numerous Patriots players). He also claims that Tom Brady may be the one leading this minor revolt against Belichick, and discusses the huge significance of that. 




like I said, I have no idea if it's true but it was definitely an interesting read IMO. 

Im sure the Pats will get over it and continue their winning ways, but there's always that small hope, right!

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