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Which one of you was this? 😂 (New Era Streaker)

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2 minutes ago, DriveFor1Outta5 said:

The true crime would be bringing your kids to a Bills game and expecting them to have an innocent family friendly afternoon. 


Yup its child abuse raising your kids as Bills fans ;)

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Just now, DriveFor1Outta5 said:

Some of the saddest memories of my childhood involve this team. 


I could be worse,a few hundred miles down the freeway lies Cleveland.


No thats sad.

1 minute ago, #34fan said:

Stadium security shut down more runners than the Bills did today.


At least they didn't allow him to fall and get up and run again;)

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You know what I hate about this? Whenever something like this happens, the directors running the show for the TV broadcasts NEVER show these people on air. We have mass murderers who get tons of air time, but let some brave soul do something wonderfully stupid, and they act as if he's chopping off somebody's head, and don't let the millions in the TV audience see what's going on.


And oh yeah, I know the old excuse is "it'll just cause more people to do it to get their few minutes of fame." That's pure BS, and this pathetic theory has never been proven.


Speaking of TV coverage....I did watch the first half today, and I noticed that when the Saints player who had to be ambulanced out got hurt, they did not show even a single replay (on the TV broadcast). What was up with that? Was it gruesome or something?

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sign him !

what is going on up there ...sex toys and streakers at football(i use that word loosely) games?

the saints were playing football the other team was benny hill'ing

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