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  1. Highlights of each game are generally disappointing. They will show one play, usually a touchdown, and give about two sentences worth of recap. Unless it pats or cowboys.
  2. I saw the movie The Devil Wears Prada with my wife and daughter a few years ago. They explained how a small group of people behind the scenes would predict/dictate the fashion trends for the upcoming year. In the movie, it was middle age people (Meryl Streep) with years of experience who would decide what would be popular. I think it’s interesting to think that someone could develop algorithms to make those decisions.
  3. I hate the Cowboys but I want them to beat the Jets. This is just wrong.
  4. Up with the sun, gone with the wind, She always said I was lazy. Leaving my home, leaving my friends, Running when things get too crazy. Out to the road, out 'neath the stars, Feeling the breeze, passin' the cars. Women have come, women have gone, Everyone trying to cage me. Some were so sweet, I barely got free, Others, they only enraged me. Sometimes at night, I see their faces, I feel the traces they've left on my soul. Those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul, I tell you, those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul.
  5. I had the hots for her for many years, but these days I have been taught to be wary of plastics, chemicals, and preservatives. I might need some liquid inhibition reduction before I can convince myself to go for it.
  6. I asked my daughter about tipping with plastic. She said apps like Starbucks or small businesses that use iPads with card readers usually have an easy tip option and she is happy to use it. Places that don’t make tipping plastic-friendly lose out because she rarely carries cash.
  7. Blasphemy! My mother in law hosts most holidays, and my wife and I are lucky to get enough leftovers for a sandwich. Now that she is in her 80’s my wife and I are hosting some of the holidays. Having leftovers is one of the only perks.
  8. When winter hits I do a lot of slow cooker recipes. Today it’s 60 degrees and sunny in upstate NY. Not slow cooker weather yet. I am am having my arm twisted to go to a restaurant this afternoon for en extended in-law family event. I’m not happy. I’m glad I’m not missing a Bills game, because that would change my mood from not happy to downright angry.
  9. I didn’t know what a captcha is so I looked it up. I don’t mind the ones that ask what letters or numbers are being shown with crooked writing, but the “pick all pictures with a certain thing in them” tests stress me out.
  10. There's an old piano And they play it hot behind the green door Don't know what they're doing But they laugh a lot behind the green door Wish they'd let me in so I could find out What's behind the green door
  11. I was looking up sports phrases on the inter web, and I found out that phrase is originally credited to Howard Cosell.
  12. A Mashed potato started long time ago With a guy named Sloppy Joe You'll find this dance is so cool to do Come on baby, gonna teach it to you Mashed potato, feel it in your feet now Mashed potato, come on get the beat now Baby, come on honey, come on baby, ya, ya, ya, ya And then they dance it through and through They look for records they can do it to They got a dance was outta sight Doin' the lion sleeps tonight
  13. These days people pay Starbucks with plastic. For small dollar transactions it’s often just wave/insert/slide the card. Possibly even use a phone app. No paper, no signature. Tipping becomes a hassle.
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