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  1. Gray Beard

    At What Temps Do You Set Your Thermostat

    This is my approach. Winter thermostat in the mid 60’s, summer thermostat in the mid 70’s. Wear a fleece in the winter, wear shorts in the summer.
  2. Gray Beard

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    If that’s the case, then I hope the Bills don’t play Miami until at least halfway through the season.
  3. Gray Beard

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    I hope we have Miami early in the season, before Fitz takes over, and then the second game should be late in the season, after Fitz tanks. Just don’t play them in the middle of the season, when Fitz takes over and has a few good games.
  4. Gray Beard

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

    It seems like St Patrick’s day is getting to be bigger and bigger every year in terms of the parties, parades, and other such stuff. Maybe it’s because the weather is starting to change. My mother in law cooks corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, etc. and I eat my fill of it. My wife doesn’t like it so she just nibbles and eats a potato or two. Visiting my in laws is a chore, but if the food is good it’s not too bad. My father in law has Fox News on 24/7 so he has to tell us how great Trump is whenever we see him. I try to disarm the conversation by saying I don’t like the policies of any of the politicians in the news these days, which is a true statement, but my wife is so anti Trump that she sometimes gets into screaming matches with him. Good times.
  5. This whole scandal makes me think of Tommy Boy. It doesn’t matter what these kids do in college. The same parents that bribed to get them in will make sure they get a job when they “graduate”. The whole point is bragging rights for the parents and the kids.
  6. Gray Beard

    What is your favorite soup 🍜

    Clam Chowder Chicken Noodle French Onion
  7. Gray Beard

    3/14 - Happy Pi Day

    After all that scrolling I thought I would be rewarded with a picture
  8. Gray Beard

    Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web - 30 yrs old

    I hope I’m not expected to listen to this whole thing.
  9. Pats LT to Raiders http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26229294/lt-brown-leave-pats-raiders that guy is seriously huge. I’d love to think that weakens their Oline.
  10. Gray Beard

    Best and Worst Sequels of All Time

    Michelle Pfeiffer wasn’t too shabby. But I agree, the movie was bad.
  11. Gray Beard

    Do you post here from work often?

    Lurk at work. Post at home.
  12. Gray Beard

    Has anyone else given up TV/Movies/Music?

    IMHO the boundary between Soft Rock and Country music is very blurry, which helps to explain the rising popularity of Country music. I often listen to soft rock on the radio (mostly oldies) as I drive, but for some reason I can’t force myself to listen to a country station. On TV, I watch DIY, sports, documentaries, etc., but almost never any TV shows, especially the sitcoms. They come and go so fast I can’t keep up, and they are all pretty silly and have no redeeming qualities. My wife likes to watch the evening news. The commercials tell you about their target audience. Medicine, incontinence, insurance, cheap cell phone deals, or any other senior citizen products. My my wife also likes to watch crime dramas. It used to be Law and Order all day every day, but now she watches British crime dramas on BritBox and Acorn. They are generally a little better.
  13. Gray Beard

    Happy Daylight Saving Time

    It was finally starting to be dim light for my morning commute. Now I have to wait three weeks or so to get to that point again. It takes a full week for me to get used to the dark mornings and for my body clock to adjust. I understand the motivation of not wanting it to be too dark when kids go to school in the winter, but the time shift is tough.
  14. Gray Beard

    RIP Jerry Merryman - Inventor of the pocket calculator

    I still have my TI from 1975, but I lost the battery charger, so it’s a paperweight. I agree with your HP key entry description.