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  1. DriveFor1Outta5

    Chad Kelly looked great last night.

    Great analysis. He’s an exciting player to watch. Unfortunately, he’s the type of guy who makes one bad play for every good play. He can go from looking like Peyton Manning one play, to looking like JaMarcus Russell the next. He’s a high risk/high reward style QB. Today’s NFL isn’t particularly geared toward that style QB. The elite QB’s in today’s NFL do a remarkable job with ball security.
  2. DriveFor1Outta5

    Anyone remember November 29. 1998?

    Yeah, I didn’t view them as a threat until that point. I was never particularly concerned about Bledsoe carrying them to championships.
  3. DriveFor1Outta5

    Name one thing you have never done that most people have

    Same here. The looks of condemnation that you receive when you tell people you aren’t on Facebook is hilarious.
  4. I think that’s it’s just difficult for many of us to have faith in a Rex/Whaley pick. The Lawson pick has Rex’s fingerprints all over it. He doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record. Personally, I hope that Shaq becomes a huge success.
  5. DriveFor1Outta5

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    Nothing is bad about having your own tastes. I’d be happy watching football with a Labatt Blue and hot dog in the bleachers. That doesn’t mean I’m right and you’re wrong. Everyone has different tastes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some fans are simply worried that affordability goes out the window in a new stadium featuring luxurious amenities. There is nothing wrong with craft beer and decent food, but it’s likely they’d be accompanied by PSL’s and the like. As far as staying home for a better view on TV, I’d apply that rule to every stadium in the league. I agree that attending the game is more about the experience, but not everyone agrees on what constitutes a good experience. After all, that’s why this is such a frequent topic on TBD.
  6. DriveFor1Outta5

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    I think a lot of the negative reaction is a result of Buffalo’s traditional blue collar mentality. Upper middle class culture as a whole has become quite homogenous in this country (meaning it’s easy to figure out what the groups tastes are), and this is the group the NFL wants to target. The league specifically targets this class with non-football luxuries that have nothing to do with the game. These are the people who the league can fleece for seat licenses. Many working class folks are simply concerned that they won’t have a seat at the table anymore. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that’s one of the main concerns.
  7. DriveFor1Outta5

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    So you’re saying if we were a Super Bowl contender, we’d be selling out the stadium in December? I think that’s definitely possible.
  8. DriveFor1Outta5

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    I’m not in favor of a new stadium, but December games have always been a bit of an embarrassment imo. Packer fans fill up Lambeau every week, including December. Bills fans talk a tough game about the elements, but many of them seem to stay away in December. I’d like to see how December games sell if we were consistently competitive. As you mentioned, this franchise had trouble selling tickets in December during the glory years. Football’s fanbase has certainly expanded since that time. It’s possible that a competitive Bills team would sell out December games in today’s NFL. Hopefully we are given the opportunity to find out.
  9. DriveFor1Outta5

    Josh Rosen vs Josh Allen: Game 1 Comparison

    Agree, but I feel much more positive about Allen’s future now than I did after the draft. He has already shown the ability to learn, make quick reads, and lead his team. The more we see from Allen as a pro, the less we’ll care about his college career. His less than stellar college career has always been concerning to me as well. Allen did many things in his debut to silence some of my concerns. However, fans seem to be most excited about his incredible arm strength. Bills fans have instantly fallen in love after seeing his arm strength first hand. Anyone who watched him play in Wyoming wouldn’t be in such awe. Everyone knew that he possesses a cannon for an arm. Arm talent is what got him drafted so highly. Allen’s NFL future will be determined by his ability to improve accuracy, and consistently make good decisions. I’m pleased that his debut wasn’t a disaster. That gives me hope he has the ability to keep improving. I’m now cautiously optimistic about Allen. I just haven’t fallen in love because I saw his arm strength in a Bills uniform. His success will be determined by much more than arm strength. If he continues to improve, we might finally have a franchise QB. Improvement will be the key to Allen’s success. Arm strength can’t be used as an asset before learning other areas of the game. How many of us would be equally happy (or more so) working different careers? That fact isn’t exclusive to being devoted to ones current career. I’ve never understood this anti-Rosen argument.
  10. DriveFor1Outta5

    Mic’d Up: Brandon Reilly vs Carolina

    TBD doesn’t like Rodak because he’s a Pats fan from Boston. Many people seem to think he’s part of some conspiracy, and others just see him as a Bills hater due to his constant negativity (he often speaks as if this is an 0-16 team every season). In Rodak’s defense, most Buffalo Bills reporters probably weren’t Bills fans before taking their job.
  11. DriveFor1Outta5

    Are we now a pass first offense?

    After last season, I’d be happy with a not run on every first down offense. I think we might have that.
  12. Allen showing decent accuracy and ball placement on the short throws. I like that a lot.
  13. The Reilly legend continues. I think I saw his lunch box.
  14. I question how much Vontae has left in the tank.