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  1. Not the first time I’ve heard Ray Lewis and crime mentioned in the same sentence 😂
  2. DriveFor1Outta5

    Josh Allen already impressing in Buffalo

    Rosen’s personally would fit in just fine with all the SUNY students who populate the city. Far too many myths exist about Buffalo. It’s not the 70’s, and there is no longer a specific social class that dominates the area in numbers. Due to this, I’m not convinced that a “Buffalo personality” actually exists anymore. With that said, maybe we just picked the guy who we think will be the best football player. Too many people are reading deeply into why we didn’t select Rosen. It would be more along the lines of Rosen not being “a process guy”, than not being a “Buffalo guy”.
  3. Yeah, and why is it ok to play a future Super Bowl in New Orleans if new stadiums are so crucial?
  4. NFL owners look like clowns. Wouldn’t it have been sensible to tackle this issue BEFORE it got to be an issue?
  5. Coming this fall to Orchard Park, NY.
  6. DriveFor1Outta5

    Antonio Brown almost drafted by the Bills

    I’d say the same amount as Batten, but I checked it to find that Batten has half a sack more than AB.
  7. DriveFor1Outta5

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    Gives me hope.
  8. DriveFor1Outta5

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Nah, I was more upset about Wade not wearing a headset.
  9. DriveFor1Outta5

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    And how can it be on a hat since it doesn’t exist?
  10. DriveFor1Outta5

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    I’d jump through a burning table for a hat that read “Bills Mafia”. Yeah, this year’s hat was very childish.
  11. DriveFor1Outta5

    2023, 2024 Super Bowls Awarded to ARZ and NOLA

    Is NOLA building a new stadium? Or do we just get another power outage embarrassment?
  12. DriveFor1Outta5

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    It’s difficult to admit, but they aren’t going to score many points. It’s going to be a long season imo. Last season was supposed to be the beginning of the rebuild (contrary to what the regime claims), but this is the season where the rebuild really begins. It’s more about the development of Allen than on field results this season. I’d say that we are lucky to start 1-3. Baltimore is our best chance for a win, and it’s tough to win an opener on the road.
  13. DriveFor1Outta5

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    Hope he doesn’t go snowblind playing in Canada.
  14. DriveFor1Outta5

    Top 10 Boneheaded Moves of NFL offseason

    I agree, but 100 million we’ll certainly help cushion the fall.
  15. DriveFor1Outta5

    New Helmet Rule & Changes to Kickoffs Adopted

    Troy Vincent being involved with player safety is ironic. Wonder what his take on breaking teammates legs in practice is?