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  1. FYI: Thinking outside the box does not include smoking copious amounts of crack and heading to the nearest internet connected computer.
  2. Stupid Tyrod Articles

    The more I hear that the Bills are obviously moving on from Tyrod, the more I think he will be back. Just the way this crap works.
  3. Right after the 2006 draft, I thought it looked pretty good. Seriously. Obviously did not stand the test of time. The 2007 draft I knew we were screwed immediately. The one bright spot from that draft is us taking Marshawn Lynch who just about everyone expected Green Bay to take, I remember being like WTF are we taking a HB? Anyway long story short Thompson frigging panicked and selected Justin Harrell... I got so much mileage out of that pick here in cheeseland. Priceless.
  4. Opinions are like poopers, everyone has one, and some are cancerous.
  5. POLL: Is Taylor a Bills QB in 2018

    Logic is painful for some. Barring someone offering picks for him, I expect him to be here in 18.
  6. Butt hurt and being from New Jersey is no way to go through life son.
  7. What units do we upgrade?

    Both lines. No question.
  8. Coming from your backwards arse New Jersey self, buddy that's a frigging compliment!
  9. Ain't logic a mother..... Joe?
  10. The truly great teams that are built for the long haul, start from the inside out. Seeing as we seem to finally have a GM and Coach on the same page, they made the hard decisions in their first season, and both of our lines resemble a mobile home after an F5 tornado; I believe the reports that is where we will be spending our draft capital. Furthermore I wholeheartedly agree with the approach. Doing this and then snagging someone like Mike White on Day 2 is the right way to go.