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  1. I saw some numbers yesterday that showed that Ivory had essentially the same number of carries for a loss as McCoy, and I was stunned. Obviously McCoy dances in the backfield more than he would on Dancing with the Stars...but It's definitely an o-line problem.
  2. BrotherChazz

    Team Identity when they move

    Ha, just had that thought myself.
  3. BrotherChazz

    Team Identity when they move

    Well, I wouldn't consider them part of the Texans franchise...so yeah..makes sense to me. Maybe it's better and easier when tied to a franchise that exists now with the same name, but is a new team? Like The Browns/Jim Brown?
  4. I’m in DC. I don’t go out of my way to follow the skins.
  5. BrotherChazz

    Jonesing for some SNF

    There’s no such thing as Sunday night football on the west coast.
  6. BrotherChazz

    2019 NFL Draft: Bills officially picking 9th

    It’ll be a coin flip for pick #9.
  7. BrotherChazz

    Josh Allen and QBs bought the OL iPads for Christmas

    You get what you pay for.....