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  1. Greg Rosenthal’s reasoning for some of these rankings is just adorable...
  2. Are you asking just Bills players who have reported out of shape for camp or OTAs the last few years or have been held out due to conditioning concerns/ failed fitness test? Kelvin Benjamin Marcell Dareus Dion Dawkins Cordy Glenn Karlos Williams To name a few big names from around the league (last few years) the list grows. Here’s a few... Leveon Bell Mike Wallace Rob Gronkowski D Revis Robert Nkemdiche Mcnabb Haynesworth Rolando McCLain
  3. Yep. ES was most likely a fallback option if the Vikings chose not to accept the offer.
  4. Yea, I’m not sure about that. I thought the same, but they definitely look like they’re open for their high-level clientele. Maybe they have some procedures in place, but honestly I have no idea. I hope they are open with a contingency on being tested.
  5. Looks like Humble TX. Big time program there (ASP) and a great facility if that’s where he is.
  6. Good post! I don’t think there’s much to this, but all bets are off with O’Brien. It wouldn’t be nearly as impossible as the cap restriction shows (at first glance), however. It would need to involve top-end contracts like Gilmore’s, and of course Thuney (nearly 15 mil on tag). It would take some finagling, but anything is possible. I just sincerely doubt it will happen. A 1st and the inclusion of Gilmore/ Thuney should allow, but again, a much greater mind than mine is also needed...
  7. The NFL stands to lose money, hence RG’s refusal to comply (at the moment). It’s all about the money.
  8. They are, but aren’t allowed to make them mandatory. The regiments are inclusive with nutrition guidelines and best practices. I got to see a sample of one last Tuesday. Very generic, but lays pretty solid guidelines on the BMI/ Macro focus. Very simple and easy to follow.
  9. When you think back over the years of big-time players reporting to OTAs and Camps out of shape, it’s an indicator of who they are, away from the game and how much discipline they have to themselves (as ugly as it sounds). Extra time beyond team-influence will potentially effect some pretty big names this year. The regiments that are going out are absolutely critical for these players to dedicate themselves to, especially with team activities indefinitely suspended. Players won’t be able to take themselves for granted during the lull. Especially the guys in the trenches whose bodies depend on a cardio regiment at their size.
  10. There really is no S&C aside from regiments being sent to players on a schedule. This is where foundational culture gets tested. With activities shut down, what these players are doing with themselves, their methods of staying in shape, communicating and developing will be on full display. Work ethic is an absolute in these situations. Guys that think they can coast are going to struggle this year and it could create a paradigm for preparedness going forward. Right now, the players have to own themselves. They are 100% accountable, which lends credence to the concern of what this rookie class will be if/when the year begins. We may see even more draft pick trading in lieu of this. It’s unprecedented.
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