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  1. I’m sorry that’s what you took that statement to mean. I’m also sorry that’s the only piece of my post that garnered a response. Unfortunate. I really debated responding, but honestly wanted to help any way that I could. I thought that was the intent, but I don’t think that now. The sentence you referenced referred to this paragraph (below...). Again, my opinion is just that, but my response to your request was sincere and polite. I would think that would be respected from a poster in a forum the mods on the shout box referred to as a “conservative hell hole”. I hope that alone helps y
  2. SDS, First, I want to thank you for your hard work to bring this forum to life. I’m relatively new here, but in my brief time up until just recently, I’ve enjoyed it. I have tremendous respect for your moderator team, as well. Being new and in relative good standing, I do want to say that what was just 6 months ago, a very solid place for people like me to speak freely about political beliefs, has turned quickly into a chaotic, antagonistic breeding ground for trolling. In all fairness, I don’t have the history to know what transpired before I arrived. But since arri
  3. Opinion: We have nothing on our roster that offers the package of support that Bell would immediately bring. Blocking, catching, pre-snap reads, between the tackle ability. This would be an immediate upgrade for Buffalo.
  4. After watching Amy Coney Barrett get pulverized by Democrats over 3 days (not for anything she did, but for what she might do) and deflecting every effort and attempt of theirs with the unmistakable grace that her condemners lacked, most of the country said... ”She handled it with grace, intelligence and an unrivaled knowledge of the law.” Tibs... “The judge is one arrogant person.” Remember when your party stood for equality for women, regardless of their beliefs, lifestyle or race? Here you have a women who has demonstrated a knowledge of the law and
  5. I appreciate your perspective (sincerely). My only rebuttal is the “nothing so far”, is by design as evident by the actions of Google, Facebook and Twitter, among the populous media; each of which have chosen a side (monetarily) and therefore, have proverbial skin in the game. My opinion is they are incentivized as such. Facebook, Google and Twitter have not nearly been as discredited as the media until really only recently. So it should serve as a notice to all in my opinion (Democrat, Rebublican, Independent) that anyone with an interest in the results of a potential crime, should not be
  6. Let’s play editor... The crux of the article you shared is based off the first few sentences (pasted below). As someone who writes professionally, let me show you how you can tell this is an Oped piece and not the “breaking news” you intended it to be. Biased website aside, see the sentence from your article I pasted below? Notice the bolded section the author wants you to focus on? Just a tip, but a bolded statement in journalism is to help the reader focus on the crux and not the crucial fact-basis that comes after the crux, which you see below is nothing more than a generali
  7. Truth! They are capitalists taking advantage of an anti-capitalist group that has been conned. The damage being done by these companies is truthfully an iceberg. We have no idea whatsoever how deep the harm and damage will run. My opinion. They are not for America, for the liberal agenda, for democrats or democracy. They serve money, control and power. That is their God and they are as faithful to it as it gets.
  8. To be fair, I’m among those that lost someone to COVID recently. There’s no winners, unfortunately. But I’m not for what I’m seeing in our country right now. I believe both the WHO and CDC are starting to swing themselves to those thoughts as well. The damage done to our country over the collective responses will go far beyond those lives we’ve lost. We’ve planted proverbial seeds that were politically motivated and will potentially have impacts that outlast those we elected to lead us in these times. New waves of depression, anxiety and mental illness have grown exponentially. Parents,
  9. Yes!!!!! That’s such an incredible skill. I loved when they asked what she was taking/ using notes with and she lifted up her notebook and it was blank. She’s impressive!
  10. Yes. Feels like a trap game. It feels like the fans are seeing a wounded and bloodied Chiefs lying on the ground and we’re itching to strike the death blow that makes us “official”. Good news, the players aren’t. They’re not looking past the Titans. The Titans are a VERY good football team, almost deceptively good in the mood of the Raiders or Dolphins.
  11. I get the sense that she’ll do that if she feels compelled by the people. I tried to go in open minded and looking for character flags in partisanship. I never agreed with RBG totally on her thoughts, but what made her so appealing to me, was she knew the law indisputably and levied it in her decision making. That’s the same quality I see in Amy. She won’t be pushed around or influenced and it resonates. I don’t believe she has any pre-conceived notions. I believe like RBG, she’s a true student of the law. I’m excited to see what she does and hopeful that she makes incredible non-part
  12. Very impressed with ACB thus far. Watching her act with grace and dignity is wonderful. She knows the letter of the law and like any good nominee worthy of the role, sticks to it without partiality. So far, very impressed by her.
  13. “Mostly peaceful protests “ is a liar’s statement.
  14. Personally, I can’t see any demographic where Trump has lost his base, or the silent conservative majority. I haven’t seen Biden/ Harris signs in any of my travels. In any other election year, I’d call this a landslide from what I’ve seen alone. But what’s even crazier, is there’s a “me”, watching things from the other side, and saying the exact opposite. Translation: Truth is in the eye of the beholder. We may have all moved well-beyond the objectivity we challenge others to display.
  15. Man that Josh Allen guy is friggen.... Whoops! Wrong thread. Me Scusi!
  16. For anyone suffering From heart arrhythmias, coronary issues or even the average high blood pressure that comes with the delicious foods of western New York, my non-medical advice for you going forward, maybe sit the third quarter out of Bill’s games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see my cardiologist.
  17. Don’t understand just how good this Rams team is. We just saw our quarterback transition into an MVP candidate today! I believe he just put the league on notice!
  18. Yes. They’re better than most give credit to and they’re exceptionally well-coached. Great measuring stick. My opinion.
  19. We’ll agree to disagree then. You think I’m spamming and I think I’m warning others who may think the trolls are actually looking to converse. Judging by the board’s reactions however, they seem to disagree with your assessment. While I’m sorry we found our way to this disagreement, I would advise that if you don’t want to see this post, you can certainly take your own advice and add me to your ignore if you haven’t done so already. I won’t take it personal. I have no issue with you whatsoever, which I’ve shared with you recently. Have a good evening and I’m sorry we couldn’t agree.
  20. You think warning other posters of malicious intent by trolls is spamming???? And I thought 2020 couldn’t get any more groovy!!
  21. Everything you just said, applies to Trump or you’re a hypocrite... just sayin
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