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  1. I've defended him for a long time. I can't any longer.
  2. Wouldn't be a better team, but I wouldn't have to look at his ugly face any longer.
  3. I watched the careers of greats like Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. Not one of those beats watching your starting QB's career unravel this much in a single game. Way to go Trent.
  4. Really, honestly DICK MUST GO! Wow. How do we give up that last TD. I expected this type of game against the *pats, not these guys.
  5. I can handle my liquor, but wouldn't make it past the 1st quarter.....
  6. Nice coverage McGee. I'm sure Bess was really gonna take you downtown on that one. Ya think they'll be running a curl on short yardage??
  7. Gotta fight under the pile for that one. Thought we had it.
  8. TD. So what. BTW, can Murphy suk any worse? Just called the wrong player for the 5th time this game. Called it a "TD by Jackson......No Reed!"
  9. That's what scared me about this game. All the talk about how many long passes they gave up this season. We usually do the opposite. I really thought we could take advantage of that. Thought wrong.
  10. This is the worst I've felt about this franchise since Hank Bullough.
  11. Even though we were 1-2 I thought we were better than that and had a chance in the next few weeks to win some games and at least five the allusion of a possible playoff run. I can't imagine we win more than 5 or 6 games this entire season. It is awful to know that our season is effectively over.
  12. I know it's hot in Florida, but man it up and play the game!
  13. The 'Phins are going to go for it in the two minute offense. If it's 24-3 at the half, I'll do more than shart!
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