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  1. Did I? [edit] By the rules, nope but came close though...i guess...
  2. With Whitner and Schobel out, and our O-line play, we don't beat NE* on Sunday. We've played pretty poorly the last few weeks on D, and with Donte out, that certainly does not help us. Hope the Bills prove me wrong.
  3. Oh boy. For a second, I thought you were being serious. But seriously, what game were you watching yesterday? Yeah, that O-line of ours REALLY gave Trent a chance with their stout (that means good) run and pass blocking. Man, I sound like a broken record...
  4. Dumb? Why thank you. Actually, if Trent had more than 2 seconds to get rid of the ball, and a running game, THAT WOULD OPEN THE LONGER PASSING GAME! No running game + poor pass block = short passing game
  5. Nope. We need to ditch Fowler (Preston may not be the answer), get some better play from Peters and hope Butler grows into the position. Also, I don't think our 2 starting DE's are all that great, and wouldn't mind seeing a real pass rushing DE.
  6. Yes he can!!! Hey, let's take a moment to analyze this. Just say, for arguments sake, Trent can't throw the long ball. He is still a much better QB than Losman can ever hope to be. He has better pocket presence, touch on the ball, grasp of the offense and reads defenses better. So Losman can be the one-trick pony, and I'll take Trent anyday. And speaking of the long ball. How much of the offense is predicated on the "long ball". Before we answer that, we need to define the "long ball". I would guess that would be a pass that is in the air for greater than 50 yards, not a pass and catch greater then 50 yards. Now, Trent CAN throw the ball in the air greater than 50 yards with good accuracy. Problem is, unless your the 70's Raiders, that may be 1 to 2 balls a game, if that. Really does the long ball even matter? I understand you want to loosen the defense, but tossing the ball 50 plus yards all game, ain't the answer. Let's not forget this, to be able to throw the "long ball", you would need to have AN OFFENSIVE LINE THAT CAN HOLD A BLOCK FOR MORE THAN 2 SECONDS! Which gets back to my original point that the poor offensive line play is most of Trent's problems these days.
  7. Marshawn is on pace for just a tad over 900 yards...
  8. Nope. Just the O-line sux.
  9. 10. He's from Stanford 9. Poor coaching 8. O-line sux 7. D-line sux 6. No running game 5. Poor pass block 4. Poor run block 3. The Butler did it 2. Poor WR depth And finally.... 1. He's "The One"
  10. Actually, no. Thing is though, Losman sux. Trent does not. 'Nuff said.
  11. I agree, except about Edwards. The O-line sux and gives him no help. And Hardy shows now aggression on the field. Needs to grow a set and fight for the ball.
  12. Hamden loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not.... Not.....
  13. Fine, Trent though is a better QB than Losman. Not to sound like I'm a homer at all, but, Trent has been a victim of poor play by the D and O-lines, while JP was a victim of his own poor play. Trent is a much better QB who will only improve, while JP is an OK QB, who has only gotten worse.
  14. Best line in 5 years??? BTW, finally exposed cause Trent is starting?? Nope, they were expose a long time ago. It takes a few weeks of game tape when the opposition realizes YOU CAN'T RUN THE BALL and tee's off on the QB. If Trent had ANY protection or run blocking, this would have been a much different game.
  15. Yep. Totally. He held the ball for about 1.5 seconds before he got blasted and fumbled the ball. Yep, totally had amazing pass protection today.
  16. Yeah, that's it. Way to see the big picture. WOW! I feel as if I've been saved! How could I believe that the O-line, D-line, pass rush, run defense, run blocking, pass blocking, injured WR's, poor coaching, injured DE's have anything to do with this loss? How dare me! THANK YOU FOR POINTING IT OUT TO ME THAT TRENT IS THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS TEAM!!
  17. Whatever. Funny how on these boards a few short weeks ago, Trent was the second coming... Now that the O-line is totally exposed, Trent is the problem. Sorry, but get your head out of the dirt.
  18. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Whoever is running the ball is juking 3 yards behind the line on most run plays, just to get back to the line of scrimmage. Our O-line is the problem on offense right know, no running game and Trent is getting crushed.
  19. OMG! Wow. When will you all realize it starts with the O-line and ZERO RUSH OR PASS BLOCKING!!!! Trent is a VERY good QB stuck behind a crap line. Imagine what would happen if we actually had a run game, and they didn't tee off on Trent every play!! Answer me that???
  20. Actually, I was going to ask you the same thing... Btw, it's Miller Lite and my buddy Jack
  21. How is the fumble his fault?? Blind side rush with zero protection, again!
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