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  1. Like Greer a little more than McGee. Letting McGee go could be good for the Bills. If McKelvin and corner improve and Greer can step in, I say trade him. Let McGee start next season and have the best season of his career (what often happens when a player is looking at free agency), franchise tag him and get whatever we can for him. McGee would be worth more than most CB's because of his return ability. The Bills showed there hand by drafting 2 CB's last year that their intention was either McGee or Greer would be gone. Don't see them both here.
  2. Tecmo Bowl 2008 was supposed to come out late '08 for DS. Don't know if it has or not. http://www.tecmogames.com/press.asp?id=38
  3. Not just that, every time they show opening credits to some show, or a roundtable discussion it's brought up and they show the kick. I SWEAR TO GOD ONE OF THESE DAYS IT WILL ACTUALLY MAKE IT THROUGH!
  4. Try equal parts Franks and barbecue sauce (Hunts regular) with butter to taste. Toss with cooked wings. Pretty darn good
  5. Best part is we get to see that kick at a minimum of 2 dozen times this week! Seen it twice so far...
  6. Doesn't leading with the helmet, which that was, count as a penalty? Probably will get a league fine for that one. BTW, love the sig.
  7. As much as I dislike him, I really hope he is OK. First of all, why no penalty? Pretty obvious by the sound of the two helmets smacking it should have been a penalty, even if the refs did not see the hit. And if it is helmet to helmet and is a penalty and causes the fumble, shouldn't the fumble not count? As an aside, Big Ben just threw the ball away and curled upwith two defenders in his face that looked like they were going to exact some revenge on the McGahee hit.
  8. Ooops. Well, just shows the power of Kevin..... UPDATE: Talked with someone in the newsroom and they said the engineers are aware and working on it.
  9. I understand he played poorly at times. I believe with the D's problems, lack of a good TE, lack of a complimentary WR to Evans and poor play calling contributed to his problems. About injury prone, I hope not, but it seems that may be a problem. Actually I think this team has had increased injuries and lack of steam at the end of the season since we fired Rusty Jones. Come out 5-1 like gangbusters and are out of steam by the end of the season.
  10. Or Kevin O'Connell eating another chicken wing!
  11. Obviously problem is with channel 4 or the network. Tried to call to no avail. Thanks for the info. Guess I will listen to the radio with TV volume on mute.
  12. Direct TV or cable? Man, the noise is absolutely killing me.
  13. Offensive line play until the last few games, and lack of a real pass rushing DE were are biggest problems. Trent was a victim of poor o-line play, shoddy defense and some questionable play calling after the 5-1 start. Get a DE, TE, DB and center and this team may be in the playoffs next year.
  14. Have a static click that cycles every 10 to 15 seconds and the volume decreases then gradually gets louder. Only happens on channel 4. Anyone else having this problem? Called DTV and they stated it is with WIVB and the digital switch.
  15. I totally agree. I hate the Steelers, but would HATE seeing McGahee in the Super Bowl. GO CARDS!
  16. Dude, just showing how easy it is for people to use google and claim they are "in the know". Fine, you know her. Just don't think the info about us wanting Cassel is anything. BTW, use google and go past the first page or two and you would be surprised at the obscure info you find.
  17. The second one was way after the play and total garbage and cheap.
  18. With that second late hit on Warner are the eagles trying to hurt him intentionally? Kinda looks that way.
  19. Uhm, GOOGLED the following.... http://movies.nytimes.com/person/188961/Barbara-Cassel
  20. Hey, I know she's doing "operating instructions" aslo: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0144037/ Again...It's called GOOGLE....
  21. Wow. I am impressed with this Card's team. D looks good, but Warner is friggen awsome today. McNabb looks like dog farts. Love Desean Jackson, great play stripping that ball after the int.
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