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  1. Most 53 man roster predictions in recent weeks had Tyrell Adams as a lock to make the team but that was before Andre Smith emerged so definitely would put him in that category and wouldn't be surprised if he's not signed by another team very quick.
  2. Preseason means nothing and I actually think the Jags could quietly compete this year especially in one of the weaker divisions on the NFL. But like with most rookies, I don't expect Laurence to do much the first month or so but certainly improve as the season goes on. Losing Entiene though hurts and he's probably going to miss some time with his injury.
  3. They need a body at tackle especially with the spencer brown injury, at least for the last preseason game. But I would be stunned if Hart is on the final roster and Beane is working on a deal right now for OT help.
  4. Nobody should be sleeping on the Patriots just because they had one down season after two decades of dominance. If they get even marginally better QB this year they will win at least 10 games and be a factor in the division/playoff picture and I still think we probably split with them this year.
  5. Mahomes is vaccinated and already spoke about it publicly because of his family situation and having a newborn child: https://www.si.com/nfl/chiefs/news/andy-reid-and-patrick-mahomes-are-vaccinated-against-covid-19 As for Allen, I can't imagine the Bills gave him a massive deal without being vaccinated even though there are still rumors circulating out there that he's not.
  6. For the record I don't disagree and believe he's going to be a HC next year even if this offense regresses a little. Just not sure he's truly an offensive guru based on the totality of his resume previous to Buffalo/JA17. But then again he has Trubisky looking pretty good so far.
  7. Unfortunately some guys can't stay healthy. I had Phillips on the outside looking in and still feel that way despite a decent showing so far in camp/preseason before the injury. Still think that Beane is going to look to make some power moves soon and get some more help at DB, OT and DT is still a sneaky need.
  8. With all due respect to Daboll, there's a reason why he was passed on the Chargers job despite having a relationship with their GM. And for all we know Daboll's success is more a biproduct of Josh Allen than vice versa as some suggest. Either way I don't really understand the premise of this thread but think 99 times out of 100 you would keep mcdermott if this is a legitimate question .
  9. Sucks for the Duke but we all knew that good players were going to get cut and not make this team. And if anything Beane and McDermott probably told him they weren't sure he'd be signed to the practice squad again so by making this move now it gives him a chance to catch on with another team and won't be surprised if he's starting and producing for another team later this season if he's healthy.
  10. On one hand...it's just preseason. On the other, clearly this young dline has been one of the bright spots during preseason play going up against other teams starters in most cases without Addison and Hughes. But to the point of trading Addison, what is he even worth to another team? A 7th rounder, maybe 6th? This is why I was in favor of dumping here like we did Quinton Jefferson but instead the team reworked his contract without any real incentive to cut him. All I know is that if this dline looks the same as last year early in the season with the assumed starting lineup of Addison/Hughes/Star/Oliver and we aren't generating consistent pressure look for Addison to become Trent Murphy and pretty much be inactive the rest of the season.
  11. Any update yet on what his latest injury situation is??
  12. Even Giles-Harris is looking beastly, hoping we can stash him on the practice squad but have a feeling he's going to get claimed on waivers quickly (assuming we aren't going to keep him to begin with).
  13. Still not sure how improved the Patriots offense will be this year but man is that defense going to be nasty and a prototypical Belichik unit (i.e. top 5). Plus we get them twice in the 2nd half of the season when they will likely be hitting their usual stride and/or have a spark from a possible QB change.
  14. Outside of 2018 when we were truly 'rebuilding', one overlooked aspect of mcdermott's teams is getting of to a good start (5-2 in 2017, 2019, 2020). So if we do get out of the gates at 1-2 they'll definitely be some major concerns across the board especially since those 2 losses will be at home. Speaking of overlooked, the Steelers game is really starting to concern me because even most of the pundits and experts are writing them off this year. Big mistake IMO and I think this is going to be a very tough game even if we do win because of how motivated the Steelers are going to be + we have beat them 2 straight years.
  15. I'll say no simply because I'm hoping the defense will be better this year which means we won't have to score as much this year.
  16. Homer Prediction: Bills 15 -2, make SB and possibly win Realistic Prediction: Bills 11-6, lose in divisional round Given the parity in this league and fact it's so hard to sustain year over year success in this league my gut feeling tells me the Bills will be a good team again this year, but won't have similar success as last year if anything because of bad luck with injuries and some of the same issues from last year lingering (i.e. inability to run the football, not able to hang with Chiefs, defensive inconsistency, etc). In fact here's a Vegas insider pounding the UNDER on Bills season win total of 11 for similar reasons: https://twitter.com/RossTuckerPod/status/1428735238012870663
  17. Not going to lie, assuming that Allen doesn't play a down in preseason I'm going to be paranoid as a Mofo week one against the steelers for the simple fact that it seems a lot of major injuries always happen in the first few weeks of the season. Also going against the Steelers defense and TJ Watt won't be easy especially if Dawkins isn't anywhere close to 100% or peak form. One thing is for sure Daboll better not get cute or call many designed QB runs right out of the gate.
  18. If it's truly a serious injury won't be surprised to see the Bills release Sweeney with an injury settlement type of deal.
  19. This is a point a lot of people are overlooking. Even though we didn't punt much last year and weren't necessarily terrible with Cory Bojo, this team still felt the need to move on from him and bring in a new punter. And they did this likely so they don't have to worry about keeping so many ST focused players on a deep roster. So this is why I think a lot of these guys who some fans are touting as locks because of ST ability might not necessarily be the case this year (i.e. Taiwan Jones, Daryl Johnson, etc).
  20. Lawson was a guy connected to the Bills in the offseason but good thing we didn't pay that kind of money for him given the injury history.
  21. This is true, could have happened as well. I guess my deeper thought on the matter is it's highly unlikely we are going to sweep the division again. Even if we beat the Jets twice can't see us sweeping both the Fish and Patriots again this year. Division games are always tough regardless of the teams individual win/loss records at the end of the season. In fact even when the Pats were going 13-3 and 14-2 just about every season with Brady they typically lost to the Jets or Dolphins those seasons (even the Bills once in a blue moon).
  22. Jets aren't going to be as bad as some think and if Saleh is good coach they will definitely upset some teams this year. A few breaks go a different way and they would have beat us last year when we were in a little funk after the Titans and Chiefs losses. With that said they are still probably in that 6 or 7 win range at best this year.
  23. No surprise here, there's zero chance that Allen and many others will be seeing the field these last 2 meaningless preseason games. Need to keep letting these bubble players and practice squad candidates battle it out especially so we can get film on some possible trade candidates to get more DB or OL help in the coming weeks.
  24. Just speculation but I have to believe Sherman was this years 'Josh Norman' type of player that Beane and McD had in mind to sign before camp until his unfortunate incident. So wondering if there is a 'plan B' so to speak if not we really need to swing a trade sooner than later.
  25. I didn't see where Sweeney got hurt either but apparently is in a walking boot which is usually indicative of a serious injury. Seemed like he was having a decent camp/preseason so far but injuries look like they may derail his career here.
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