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  1. Another stat worth noting heading into this showdown is W/L against P/O teams and W/L against common opponents this year: Playoff teams (including last week) Bills 3-4 Chiefs 6 -3 Common opponents (including last week Steelers/WFT/Titans) Bills 1 - 2 Chiefs 3 - 1 This data certainly favors the Chiefs as the better team but also worth noting the Bills also went 3 -1 against other teams with winning records, albeit no playoffs (MIA x 2, NO, IND)
  2. Anything is possible but for two teams with such high powered offenses it would be shocking to see a true 'defensive' game where the final score is something like 16 - 13.
  3. Titans are going to win and I think this will be the most lopsided score of the week despite all the Bengals hype. Packers will win but 49ers will hang tight through most of the game. Bucs and Brady will do their thing despite all the Rams hype and won't be surprised if this is also a lopsided game. Bills will be the only road team to win this week and I'm going against my gut feeling on this one hoping to be right of course.
  4. Honestly this is probably a great simulation because of the speed factor alone. I'm very eager to see how the Bills gameplan in this one knowing the task at hand without Tre White this time around.
  5. Considering the Bills/Rams could end up a projected SB match up this year (and/or next for that matter) I highly doubt the NFL would want that game played at the end of the season. Seems like midseason type of time frame would be more fitting on MNF or SNF.
  6. There's no question this group has been rock solid, especially post Tre White. But there should still be concerns in the back of everyone's mind because of the type of QB's we have faced most of the season and the only legit elite QB we faced since White's injury torched this secondary, albeit the GOAT and defending SB champs. I think another issue this team will be facing in the offseason is Wallace is likely going to get offered a huge deal in the offseason especially if he continues to play well and this team does win a SB. Someone will offer him a deal we simply won't be able to match sadly.
  7. For every team that makes the playoffs on a semi regular basis (especially ones with a franchise history of winning SB's) anything less than a winning it all is seen as a disappointment which is why there is always talk of firing coaches that made the playoffs but fall short of lofty expectations (i.e. this year Cowboys). In regards to the Bills/Chiefs specifically, there is a sense of urgency on both sides. For the Bills the obvious is winning their first NFL championship after failing to do so in four straight tries in the early 90's. This is also a team that has now made the playoffs 4 of 5 years under the current regime including 3 straight and runners up in the AFC last year. The time is now so to speak in the midst of their current SB window before Allen's contract kicks in and a lot of key veterans will be gone due to age/cap restraints. From the Chiefs perspective they are current the perceived favorites as winners of the AFCW 6 straight years, 3 straight AFCCG and 2 straight SB splitting those. They also know their current window will close in the next few years before some retooling/transition and/or Andy Reid retires. They also have some key veterans like Kelce that probably only have a few great years left and similar cap issues they'll be facing because of Mahomes contract.
  8. It really makes you wonder but I'm sure Roger Goodell is on pins and needles praying to get out of the playoffs unscathed and not having to deal with this exact type of situation.
  9. I'll never forgot that year and that team was certainly the best of all the 90's SB teams. The rest were obviously great too but nowhere close the NFC counterparts in the SB which is why losing to an vastly inferior Giants team that they should have put away by halftime still stings over 30 years later.
  10. Seems like the 2nd half of the Bucs game was truly a turning point for this season. Because deep down I think if they had gotten blown out in that game (which obviously looked like it was on track to happen based on the first half) not sure this team is in the same position they are right now. Credit to McDermott and his staff for truly righting the ship when many doubters (including myself) thought otherwise.
  11. Somewhat off topic, but if a high profile player like Mahomes or Brady was put on the Covid list in the next few days and couldn't play this weekend would the NFL really stand their ground and move forward with playing the game as scheduled? Either way it's a amazing the league is reaching the close of their season with very few games having to be reshuffled given the current virus surge in recent weeks.
  12. There's very few talking heads in the NFL world that are going to truly give Allen and the Bills credit until they win a championship. And that's also why most of these guys are pounding the Chiefs and Mahomes bandwagon again and the Bills resounding victory over the Patriots is a distant memory because of what the Chiefs and Mahomes did in their first playoff game. It's the 'the rest of the NFL better look out because the Chiefs of 2018 - 2020 are back' angle. But honestly can you really blame them?
  13. Not really a hot take, this team is either on point and wins decisively or they lose close games. There is no real in between except the Colts game which was an outlier. So if they get off to a slow start and fall behind early, especially by more than one score that's all she wrote and the Chiefs either win big or a similar gut wrenching outcome like the Titans or Bucs await.
  14. I'm sure there were a lot of factors at play but realistically the entire Ravens organization probably realized once Jackson got hurt and was added to a very long list of key players lost over the course of the season they weren't going to risk the future and bigger picture against the short term where it was highly unlikely they would contend for a championship even if they made the playoffs as a WC team. So if that's the reality it was certainly the right move to not try and force Jackson back into the lineup. Also Jackson himself had to make somewhat of a business decision as well knowing he's in line for a big pay day even from the Ravens or someone else.
  15. This is something a lot of folks are really underestimating. And I keep saying if you go back 5 years or so ago and watch what the panthers were doing with Cam Newton, the whole NFL world probably thought they were going to be the dominant team in the NFL for the next 10+ years especially after Newton's peak 2015 MVP season and SB appearance. But fast forward to present and we all know where both the Panthers as a franchise and Newton as a QB are and that 2015 season seems like light years ago. So this must be a cautionary tale for this franchise and Beane and McDermott know this better than anyone since they were in Carolina in those days.
  16. If Schoen becomes GM of the Giants and doesn't pick Daboll or anyone else from the Bills coaching staff that would actually be a very strong message and not in a good way. Looks like it's not a done deal yet since Chiefs executive Ryan Poles is also getting a second interview and have to bet the Giants will be closely watching the game this weekend before they make a final decision.
  17. For all the talk about Belichink being an arrogant bastard this type of move isn't uncommon for him. He knows how hard it is to reach the pinnacle of this league and isn't an idiot thinking no team would ever knock him off the pedestal in the AFC East especially post Brady.
  18. Very few media and talking heads will pick the Bills in this game for obvious reasons. But still think it's silly to underestimate how motivated the Chiefs are going to be to seize this opportunity and take care of business at home since they earned that right unlike the Bills. They also heard all the talk last year about the Bills and Allen and made sure to point that out after dunking on them in the AFCCG and will be looking to do the same again on Sunday.
  19. Welcome to the Buffalo Bills circa 2001 - 2017 But in the Pats case not sure it's so much about overpaying guys as much as it is desperation to win again. Which is why I won't be surprised when they go all in again this offseason for some big names to keep pace with the Bills and rest of AFC.
  20. Regarding the Cowboys, the only thing I would disagree is it's a rare case where talent truly mattered and they weren't going to be stopped from that run in the mid 90's where they won 3 of 4 SBs. I say this because obviously they still got to another SB and won it with a knucklehead like Barry Switzer who certainly was a downgrade from Johnson and there's a reason he never coached in the NFL elsewhere and/or probably wouldn't have been a PO caliber HC for that matter. But I do agree is that regardless of talent, they definitely were an unlikeable bunch but I do have to say Michael Irvin has been very positive about the Bills on tv in recent years. Aikman on the other hand I still hate watching and listening to on fox games. Regarding the current cowboys, At the end of the day Jerry Jones is still on a power trip and desperate for relevance and winning another SB before he kicks the bucket.
  21. I never thought I'd say this but it would suck if he can't play or isn't healthy enough to be effective even if he' active. Addison has played great down the stretch and helped open things up for the younger guys.
  22. Believe me I'm peace with whatever this team does, they've had a good run these last 5 years but obviously like most I'm greedy and want more. Anxiety is sky high but I'm sure most fans feel that way right now. But at the end of the day I picked this team to go 12-5 and lose in the divisional round and hoping those expectations are exceeded. If they aren't I'm not going to rub it in anyones face and say "I told you so" like some here seem to think is the case. I'll get over the disappointment, move on and look forward to what this team does in the offseason to take the next step if that's the case.
  23. This part you are probably right, but it will probably cost a fortune between tickets and travel to go to LA this time of year. Also for all the unvaccinated fans they will be out of luck even if they want to drop their life savings on this trip.
  24. Titans are a very legit team and think this one may end up being the most lopsided of the divisional round in terms of final score. Lot's of disrespect being thrown their way and even if Henry doesn't do much in his return his presence alone is going to electrify the fans and lockerroom. Also this is only team in the NFL that can say they've beat both the Chiefs and Bills, not too mention the Rams, 49ers, etc
  25. Chiefs are favored but the small point spread means Vegas knows these teams are essentially dead even, but that's where home field usually matters. And yes, since this current team continues to buck trends why not win a road playoff game? And quite frankly it's not so much about 30 years in that McDermott and Allen have yet to do it which is of most relevance here.
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