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  1. I still think that outside of the KC/TEN/TB you can argue that there's not another game on the schedule we shouldn't be heavy favorites in. Yes upsets happen as we saw against the Steelers but that path is there for this team to finish as high as 14-3 or even 15-2 assuming we win a game or two against the aforementioned teams. But getting back to this game specifically, it's not just about the #1 seed as much as this team and coaching staff knowing getting the proverbial monkey off their backs so that Mahomes/Reid isn't the new Brady/Belichik that we'll never be able to beat.
  2. They should be confident especially since we lost to the only legit NFL QB we've played so far this year and that team hasn't won a game since or even been competitive in the 2nd half of games so far. Obviously the Pittsburgh game looks like a true week one anomaly but the Chiefs are a few plays away from being 4-0 despite having an atrocious defense so far. They are going to come out aggressive on both sides of the ball and look to bury the Bills early especially since Andy Reid is inside McDermott's head and the Chiefs defense inside Allen's until something changes.
  3. Some interesting data here but I can guarantee the Chiefs aren't going away even if we beat them this week. But I've said all that as good as Mahomes is, it's wishful thinking that they are going to get to 4 straight AFC Championships/3 straight SB's this year because there are simply too many other good teams and QB's in this league especially in the AFC. If we do beat them it will go a long way in terms of ensuring they are probably nothing more than a wildcard team this year.
  4. Herbert might end up being a great QB but as of right now the only accomplishment he has on his resume is winning against Mahomes in KC and being the AFCW division leader through 4 weeks. A lot can and will likely change in the coming weeks and I still find it hard to believe the Chiefs won't end up winning that division when the dust settles. But coaching matters and having a very aggressive head coach who has shown so far he's going to go for it on 4th down frequently until it costs him has gone a long way to getting Herbert and the chargers to where they are. This is also why McDermott must follow suite this week against the Chiefs even if we have a 2 score lead at any point in the game.
  5. So Josh Gordan is going to play, to what capacity remains to be seen. I don't care how good he's looked in practice with the Chiefs though, he hasn't played football in almost 2 years and there's no excuse to let him magically go off. If anything Mahomes throwing his way could lead to an INT because of not being on the same page.
  6. They did add some decent talent this year, Waddle is going to be a stud once Miami has a real QB and they have some great defensive players that seem to look like all pro's at times (when they aren't playing the Bills of course). But yeah at this point until the solve the QB puzzle can't see them going anywhere and still don't believe Tua will change much if/when he starts again this year.
  7. I would always defer no matter what. Even if the Chiefs get the ball and go right down the field and score it's no secret we need to score a lot to have a chance to win this game but having the ball to start the 2nd half is critical especially since KC has been known to double dip and score at the end of the half and start of 3rd quarter if they win coin toss.
  8. Pretty much because I don't see them having any chance of winning in TB against Brady and the Bucs even though they haven't look that great lately either. Both Jets and Pats seem to be trending in right direction but neither likely a threat to the Bills this season anyway.
  9. I honestly don't care much about power rankings but surprised the Cardinals aren't number 1 since they are 4-0 and have impressive road wins at TEN and LAR. This is exactly the type of hype that worries me because the Chiefs made a point of talking about how they were sick and tired of hearing about the Bills last year after they smashed us in the AFC Championship and everyone questioned their defense who finally played their best game of the season when it mattered when they were barely getting by most teams in previous weeks. Sound familar? Obviously this game weeks game isn't likely going to determine who gets to the SB in the AFC quite yet but guarantee the Chiefs will be motivated on national TV to send a message on both sides of the ball and prove they are still better top to bottom compared to the Bills.
  10. It's a week to week league for sure but if the Bills win both of these next two games on the road against playoff contenders they have a clear path to 14 or 15 wins and the #1 seed in the AFC. And I don't think many pundits will argue they are right up there as a prohibitive SB favorite the rest of the way. At this point though I would gladly take a split with the Bills winning in KC and losing in TEN if that happens because they are still going to be right up there in a similar discussion.
  11. I like Duke but I think it's clear he just didn't have ability to separate consistently at the NFL level. 5 or 10 years ago though he certainly would have had a place in this league because of his size alone but it's a speed game now on both sides of the ball.
  12. I agree with this in theory but I think the problem is twofold: 1) It's that mental hurdle that Allen and McDermott specifically need to overcome. Allen in particular, because if he gets off to a slow start and is erratic and has a turnover early things could snowball quickly and rejuvenate the Chiefs defense in the process. 2) I think the Chiefs defense will get better as the season goes on especially when they get some more key guys healthy and this is obviously the week they would love to be a 'get right' game against the Bills. Also similar to last year, they played their best game of the season when it mattered in the AFC championship and it's a similar scenario because they know the Bills are red hot right now and getting a lot of national hype just like the week leading into that game. So if the Chiefs defense finally shows up this week there's little chance we have of winning this game and that would go for any other team playing them as well. Bottom line, if we win this game it will be because Allen finally shows up against their defense. I don't see our defense winning game as much as I do being complimentary to Allen leading the way.
  13. Sanders has been quite the revelation and unlike John Brown he also brings a wealth of playoff and championship experience to the lockerroom. I'm sure we can probably get him back next year as well assuming he's still productive and wants to be here again at a reasonable cost.
  14. I thought the Dolphins would be a serious contender this year but looks like Brian Flores is on his well on his way to being another failed experiment from the Belichik coaching tree. I guess they could still trade for Watson out of desperation but that would be a move for the future (and next head coach) since it's highy unlikely they are going to dig out of their current 1-3 (soon to be 1-4) hole this season.
  15. Bills need to win period and I'll go as far as to say this should be treated as our SB which I know sounds strange in October and considering how well this team has played the last 3 weeks and their long term prospects this season. No it's not just another game no matter what the players and coaches say publicly. Because one thing I think is for certain is that this years Chiefs right now look a lot like Pats teams of years past in that their defense isn't up to snuff early in the season but will put it together by Nov/Dec when it matters. And the sad reality is all the Chiefs need to do is play marginally better on defense to become the odds on SB favorite again because barring injuries their offense is what it is. So if the Bills do lose this game again and it's because of Allen and the offense you can forget about going anywhere come January. I think there is also a lot of pressure on McDermott/Frazier/etc to come up with something different on defense and make quick adjustments if they can't get pressure with just the front four because that's how the AFCG spiraled out of control quickly in the 2nd quarter when the Chiefs easily went down the field for 3 straight TD's before halftime. Conversely we need to pretty much go for every 4th down situation if we are past the 50 yard line.
  16. This is my only reservation as well, the only 'real' QB we've face this year is a completely washed up Big Ben that was still good enough to beat this defense when he needed to and win their only game of the season. And as good as our defense looks on paper now we couldn't really pressure him either that game. So yeah beating the likes of Tua/Brissett, Mills and Heineke (who we also couldn't pressure pretty much the whole game) means very little until you do it against Mahomes and some of the other NFL caliber QB's left on the schedule. If anything this is the game where the pass rush truly needs to shine and get sacks, fumbles, etc and make Mahomes look like he did in the SB and win the by comfortable margin to truly make a statement.
  17. Mentally he can't let the Chiefs be in his head and think about what happened last year especially since their defense looks like complete trash so far this season. Needs to come out firing and looking like the Allen we saw last week against WFT because we have zero chance to win this game if we get the bad version of him that we've seen at times this year and that last thing you want is this to be a 'get right' type of game for the chiefs defense.
  18. I agree with this, Herbert is already up there as top 5 QB in this league. Mayfield is not terrible but he's in that '2nd tier' type of category with a guy like Kirk Cousins (who they easily could have lost to yesterday anyway) until he proves otherwise.
  19. Star has definitely been a factor on defense but I don't believe it has much to do with anything record wise.
  20. Probably not but they are still a team that concerns me overall given their defense and ability to run the ball down opponents throats and if that formula sustains Mayfield won't be asked to do much until the playoffs. The good news is given their schedule vs. the Bills we are still likely to end up with better seeding and home field if we were to meet them down the road in the playoffs.
  21. After the week one disaster I mentioned moving Williams inside and starting Brown at RT as a possibility but figured it was a long shot type of move at best. But obviously between Fords terrible play and Brown obviously showing this team something in practice it happened much sooner than expected so hopefully this ultimately stabilizes the oline even though Willaims does seem to be better suited at RT given his history going back to Carolina.
  22. Unfortunately some guys don't have it or pan out in this league and this looks like one of the bigger misses by Beane especially since we traded up to take him high in the 2nd round. Best case scenario is trading in season to a desperate team and getting something like 5th or 6th round back in return, either way he won't be on this team next year.
  23. If we do beat the Chiefs I feel that Knox will be one of the big reasons why so hopefully his hot start carries over.
  24. As good as this defense has been so far they obviously aren't facing a washed Big Ben or marginal backups/rookies this week. And I'm still mildly concerned about the pass rush because outside of the Dolphins game against maybe the worst oline in the league we still aren't finishing the job so to speak in terms of the sack counts. And for me this game is still going to come down to Allen proving he can make plays in key moments like Mahomes and also coaching in that McDermott has to have balls of steel and take big time chances to do what Staley and Harbaugh did in terms of ensuring that we don't give Mahomes a chance to win the game late if we have a lead and not settling for field goals like we did in the AFCG.
  25. I'm fine with sitting guys this week, it's the right move and we aren't losing at home to a weak team with a mid round rookie QB making his 2nd career start even if Allen and the defense aren't on the same level they were last week.
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