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  1. Somewhere Nick Wright is filled with glee like a giddy school girl boasting about the Chiefs being the odds on SB favorite again. But just like with the Bills, still not sure I would say the Chiefs belong back in the championship picture again although their past history gives more credence to this than the Bills since they are a proven championship team.
  2. I've moved past mild concern to serious concern over the Patriots and no rational fan can say the Bills are playing better right now just because we smashed another pathetic team with a QB that had less than a handful of starts yesterday. Pats are a very complete team and Mac Jones is not a game manager for those who have been paying attention in recent weeks. The metrics say he's been playing at an elite level which is insane giving the circumstances as a rookie QB. Not going to be the popular opinion here but at this point I think the Pats cruise to the division this year given their remaining schedule and best case will be splitting with them and securing the top WC spot as the #5 seed.
  3. Klein did exactly what I expected yesterday and showed played like a grisled veteran. I'll also go as far to say that even if Edmonds is healthy this week that Klein should get the bulk of the snaps against a physical colts team that's going to look to run all over the Bills defense.
  4. I'm still very concerned about this game despite this team temporarily alleviating some of the criticism yesterday. Thinks it's a very bad match up on paper and Colts will definitely have motivation to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak by getting revenge for the playoff loss last year and climbing above .500 for the first time all season and keep their current momentum going. Really think the Bills will need to play their best game of the season to win.
  5. I thought he looked decent and made some big time throws. But anything short of looking like Dan Marino the rest of the season I'm sure Miami has Houston on speed dial and will be revisiting the Watson trade.
  6. This is an interesting break down, but I still think the focus is not so much about losing a bad team, but why it happened. And the why here is obviously the failure to address a problem that has proven to be a major issue all season and will continue to be no matter what happens the rest of the way. The oline problem is also why I think we haven't even seen a blowout type of loss yet, but it's likely coming and if not this week against the Jets wouldn't be shocked if the Colts are the team that does it.
  7. This was expected and not going to be the reason the Bills win or lose this game. I actually like Klein stepping here. He's a very gritty player and was really an unsung hero getting this team back on track last year after a midseason type of funk. Especially in the Seahawks game where he was the most dominant player on the field that day on defense.
  8. Despite the Bills personal dominance of the Dolphins, their roster is not bad talent wise. Big issue for them has been coaching and the seemlessly never ending QB carousel the last few seasons. And last nights results wasn't a shocker either considering injuries and slow starts are finally catching up to the Ravens. And as crazy as it sounds if Miami's defense keeps playing at the level it has in recent weeks it's not out of the question they find themselves right back in the playoff picture in the coming weeks given their remaining schedule, especially in an AFC that appears to be wide open beyond the current front runners in TEN.
  9. I've said this many times before, but any hopes the Bills have of getting to the SB is getting the #1 seed and homefield throughout. Because we already saw the end result playing in TEN and they aren't beating them or a similar team like BAL on the road assuming they get back to the playoffs in the first place.
  10. Hope it's not the virus, hear cases are spreading like wildfire in western NY right now...
  11. Rams going all in for sure but not sure, but I still think Brady and Tampa are going to be near impossible to beat in the playoffs regardless of venue. I'm definitely thinking Bucs/Titans or Bucs/Ravens SB at this point.
  12. Just remember, if the Bills were truly good and took care of business all season they'd be in the driver seats for the #1 seed in the AFC likely sitting at 7-1 worst case. But alas we are at the point of the season hoping other (real) contenders slip up and lose games to garbage teams to give false hope alive for seeding in the AFC.
  13. Against a team like the Jets, no it shouldn't. Don't get me wrong want to have everybody healthy but if we can't beat a team like the Jets without Edmonds that obviously we are frauds. But against a physical team like the Colts who are going to come in and pound this DL with one of the best olines and rushing offenses in the league yes it matters.
  14. This is exactly what Jacksonville players called out after the game, they said point blank this team didn't care by the collective demeanor on the sideline. Which leads to back to the whole culture discussion we've heard preached by this regime since they've been here. What exactly is this culture? And maybe the lockerroom lovefest isn't the best thing moving forward.
  15. Obviously not going to play on Sunday but isn't going to be the difference whether we win or lose against the Jets. But having him able to play next week against the Colts and their oline/RB will make a huge difference.
  16. Even if the bills squeak bye the Jets and somehow manage to look semi competent I could see the Colts working this team over with their physical style of play and one of those ugly 200 yard rushing yard type of days against this defense.
  17. Won't matter much this week against the Jets but we are going to get ate alive by the Colts and their physical run game next week..
  18. I'll never understand why he's not getting 90% of the carries each week. He's no superstar but what few big run plays this team's had the last few years (not counting Allen) have all been from him. Also the better blocker and pass catcher too. Moss to mean is just a short yardage/utility type of back and don't know why they keep wasting carries on him especially since he's injury prone anyway.
  19. Have a really bad feeling about this game and this could be where things really get ugly and the defense quits, blowout loss incoming as season goes up in flames.... Jets 35 Bills 13
  20. Not sure Zimmer has been much of a factor this season but need to figure out away to get our 2nd round pick and/or Obada on the field more since both can play DT.
  21. At the end of the day, the reason for this teams struggles boils down to the ill advised decision to bring back mostly the same team from 2020. There were guys we could have easily walked away from (i.e. Buter, Feliciano, Williams, etc) and put the money elsewhere but we kept hearing the same lovefest from this organization regarding continuity, lockeroom culture, leadership, etc. But the problem that this organization didn't obviously account for is natural regression (which is essentially happening to the Chiefs as well even though they actually upgraded their oline). Across the board on offense we are worst in most areas except TE where Knox has been a net gain (when healthy). Everywhere else has been marginally worst than last year. On defense the overall numbers say we are better but still think the pass rush hasn't done much outside of a few bright spots and flashes from Groot. Bottom line this team is what they are and right now is somewhere between a team that may flounder and miss the playoffs altogether, or gets it together to make the playoffs again but likely ultimately falls short of how far they went last year given the aformentioned issues at hand.
  22. My point of frustration and criticism with this team is that they haven't done anything yet. One division title in the last 25 years during a weird covid season with no fans/normal circumstances doesn't give them a pass to not work hard every week and prove their staying power. And it shouldn't take 8 week into the season and losing to a team like the Jaguars for the team to get serious and 'stop dancing' at practice type of antics. It's also why I hate how people keep pointing out the Bucs last year when they were 7-5 coming before running the table. The big difference there is that they had the GOAT of any sport in his first year with the team. And what we know about Brady is that he demands excellence from 52 other players on his team. If Allen and McDermott were a proven SB winning combination there certainly would be less concern right now but they are not. But to the point of who we've played thus far this year, you are right not really anyone of note but Mahomes who we did beat but he's having the worst season of his pro career thus far even with the Chiefs winning their last few games. This is also why I feel the 4 game win streak earlier in the season was a mirage given the other teams/QB's we faced in that same stretch and don't believe this team is capable of going on a similar run in the 2nd half of the season compared to last year.
  23. To be honest I haven't listened to every press conference this year, but considering the circumstances I didn't expect McD to sound like everything is peaches and roses. But what I observed you can tell the pressure is real especially since you had last week's opponent calling out this team for basically not giving a crap and that starts with the head coach obviously. But again let's not pretend this is isolated to last week. The warning signs have been there since week one when this decided not to show up for their home opener despite all offseason to prepare and play in front of 80K fans again. And then again coming out of a bye week when you lost a tough game on national television you'd think they'd be ready and motivated to send a message again at home but they waiting until the 4th quarter to show up and were lucky to win. Bottom line it's time for the 2021 Bills to finally show what they are but sadly they may be exactly what we've seen the last 2 weeks.
  24. It's only because it was a close loss but there are still plenty of national media salivating over the patriots now and starting to focus on them. Also because there were some other big upsets last week (i.e. Denver destroying Dallas at home), again the national media is honing in there. If the Bills lose to the Jets whether close or blowout you better believe any national media still supporting the Bills will officially be off the bandwagon for good though.
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