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  1. End of the 1st round is not that different in value from the 2nd round. As usual there are going to be less than 30 players with 1st round grades, and this year more than ever it is going to be difficult to draft due to limited college games plus no combine or private visits. I am usually completely against the idea of the Bills drafting a RB early but it is the last piece our offense needs and it's an easy position to scout.
  2. Me too. I'm not satisfied with Brown and Davis. The Chiefs have 2 elite offensive weapons outside of Mahomes. The Bills have 1. No defensive player in the draft is going to help us beat KC next year. Need another weapon that can help us keep up with their offense. It doesn't have to be a WR, I'd gladly take a RB or even TE if they can run fast and catch the ball.
  3. Serious question - did Mahomes throw the ball away once tonight? Their offense made it look so easy I don't think he ever had to make that decision. Allen is always going to be a QB that tries to make a big play and more often than not he succeeds. So do I want him to immediately throw the ball away if that means his big outside the pocket plays are also taken away? I would rather we just didn't get beat with 4 man pressure. Any QB in the league would look rattled in that situation.
  4. The 2nd field goal attempt I was not a fan of. The first one I was fine with, getting points at the end of a tough half was important. My bigger problem with the end of half drive was the 3rd down call. Surely you already know in that situation that if you don't get a TD you're going to kick a FG. So why are you throwing a little 2 yard pass to Knox with 5 yards to go? What is the point of that if you're not in a 4 down situation? Might as well kick it on 3rd down if that's your play call.
  5. He does have a tendency to do that a bit too much. I just don't think it was the main problem tonight. I thought the one 3 and out drive where he almost threw a pick then a high pass to Diggs was his one awful drive of the game. Other than that it was shades of the 2019 offense where he was forced to do everything on his own. KC makes it look easy. Their pass catchers find soft spots in the zone and sit there. Meanwhile Daboll is calling the same long developing crossing routes or another stupid run that everyone knows will fail. Notice how the whole game Bills were dropping into deep zones just like KC, so KC's offense responded with quick short throws that left room for YAC. We finally started doing this in the 4th quarter but it was way too late. Allen was a little impatient early on but he didn't always have an option available to him.
  6. Yeah it's okay to lose the AFC Championship game. The disappointment comes from the fact that we didn't even look close to being able to compete with KC. And that's who our competition is for the next several years. Beane has to spend all of his attention in the draft and free agency on building a team that can hang with KC.
  7. If Allen wants to take his game to the next level he needs to make faster decisions against pressure. There's a point where the 10 yard sacks are happening too frequently for the offense to stay on schedule. That is the last piece of hero ball he needs to get out of his system. The problem is tonight he had to play hero ball because no one around him stepped up.
  8. Chiefs have a top 5 WR and the best TE in the league. That's what we're up against. Diggs alone isn't good enough. We need another top tier playmaker at WR or RB.
  9. He's been overrated since we got him. He has been a #3 WR for his entire career. We need better than that to beat an offensive juggernaut.
  10. If we had gone for TDs earlier this would be a one score game, assuming we convert both of them. Just keep building the offense this offseason. Brown and Davis aren't good enough to be #2s. Singletary is not even good enough to be a #2 RB.
  11. I think it is a lot easier to bulld up the offense around Allen than it is to find defensive players that can stop the KC offense. Get a RB with speed and replace Brown. Knox has actually been fine down the stretch so we don't need a TE but Daboll needs to figure out how to involve him more.
  12. Correct. Zero percent chance Allen was going to win this game for us. Pass protection and scheme and the supporting cast all let him down today.
  13. Try and sign JJ Watt. Otherwise we just need to draft offense and play keep up with the Chiefs. You can't beat the Chiefs with defense. They have so many weapons it's absurd.
  14. Eh I just think Daboll's scheme is figured out. Allen calls audibles based on the coverage he sees. Good DCs have figured out how to bait us into bad play calls. Daboll doesn't know how to beat simple zone blitzes. He barely gets Knox involved unless it's an RPO.
  15. True and I hope we don't go into the offseason focused on improving the defense. We aren't beating KC with defense any time soon. We need at least 2 more weapons on offense and an upgraded interior line.
  16. Are they almost there? KC is the team to beat over the next 5 years. We need a pass rusher, RB with speed, at least one more WR that can get open, a LB that can cover Kelce. Lot to pull together in one offseason.
  17. Daboll has been out schemed by Kansas City twice this year. We have two of the best route runners in the league and he can't find a way to get them open.
  18. I thought Allen had one bad drive on our 3 and out but otherwise this wasn't his fault. Drops, bad play calling, bad pass protection.
  19. I'm shocked how bad the pass protection has been today. Guys are just getting beat cleanly.
  20. The sad thing is I don't know what we can do to beat the Chiefs next year. We don't look close. I guess a RB with speed and replacement for Feliciano would be a good start.
  21. Offensive coaching is the biggest difference in the game right now. Reid makes it look easy
  22. It has been a waste for over a month now. I'm shocked Daboll keeps doing it. One of the most stubborn tendencies I've ever seen.
  23. Pass protection has been awful and Daboll has no answers against the blitz
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