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  1. He is a top 5 receiver right now. I am absolutely in love with this trade. The only reason I stopped wanting it is the thing with Poyer but I don't know where that even started. This is the move I wanted but never expected us to make.
  2. I take this as a good sign for a trade down. Denver definitely needs a QB now and any team looking to jump them will see us as the best trade candidate.
  3. I wonder if this takes Baltimore out of the Dwayne Allen sweepstakes.
  4. Wait for the guaranteed money to be released. That's what matters in modern NFL contracts.
  5. If Oliver is there they won't pass him up. Their priority this offseason is to rebuild the trenches, and it works out that there's great offensive line talent in free agency and great defensive line talent in the draft.
  6. IIRC Beckham and Landry have been friends since childhood. I could see Beckham approving of a trade to Cleveland.
  7. I would love this. We should buy a capable offensive line and build the defensive line through the draft.
  8. I would certainly hope so. Jordan Phillips isn't a locked in starter which is why he got a 1 year deal. IMO it's more a stopgap deal than a prove it deal. As in we will draft a DT early but you don't want to rely on a rookie to be a full time starter.
  9. I don't know much about him. #2 option, or competition for Logan Thomas?
  10. That would be have the potential to be an elite LB corps. Milano the Will, Edmunds the Sam, White the Mike. I wanted Roquon Smith last year and that's who White reminds me of. I wouldn't expect McDermott to move Edmunds though, he's going to be our middle for a long time.
  11. The so called "insiders" say that teams think he is undersized and some are projecting him as an LB. Like I said it could be BS but the story on him has changed a lot. At the beginning of the season we were talking about the Bills drafting Oliver at 1 or 2 overall. Now we're talking about drafting him at 9.
  12. From what I've read he plays MLB so I don't know if he fills a need. I guess he could play outside too.
  13. Oliver intrigues me. I'm normally wary of players that see their stock suddenly rise after the season ends, but for Oliver the exact opposite happened. He was a lock to be a top 3 pick and I now I see mocks where he isn't even taken in the top half of the 1st round. What changed? His size? On tape he still looks like an elite pass rusher to me. Right now he would be my favorite pick at 9, but who knows maybe he'll go top 5 after all. A lot of BS flies around this time of year.
  14. Truth be told I don't think any player will be available at 9 that I would prefer to trading down. I'm not in love with Metcalf or anything but I think he'd be a good pick at 9 if we stay put. I'm still expecting a defensive lineman at that pick though.
  15. Exactly, we're not talking about a small speedy guy like Marquise Brown. Metcalf is big and strong and fast, he has a big catch radiradius, he's dedicated to the game. That's a lethal combination in the vertical offense that we run. I get the injury concerns though. That would scare me off more than his 3 cone drill.
  16. I don't agree with that at all. Our receivers are running routes 15-20 yards down field. If our offense was built around Allen's skill set, we would ideally have strong pass protection, 2 burners on the outside, and a receiving TE to act as our possession receiver. We don't need Metcalf to run short crossers and curls. He would run screens and deep routes all day long.
  17. I generally agree but in our offense straight line speed is arguably more important. The injuries do scare me. But anyone we take at 9 is going to have concerns. If Metcalf had above average agility on top of his elite physical traits he would be guaranteed to go top 3.
  18. I'm surprised there aren't more mocks that give us Burns. He fills a need and fits what we're trying to build. Haven't seen a ton of talk about him though.
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