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  1. Beane always seems to be looking to add talent. I feel like he puts a lot of work in. That said, I think it would be smart to add some veteran depth at CB and/or WOLB. Who’s looking for work?
  2. These forest bathers are the same type of people that hire a prostitute to scream obscenities at their anus. We have a lot of them here in Vermont.
  3. Anyone ever tried boiled peanuts? My wife (well my girlfriend at that time) and I were on our way to a weekend trip to Charleston. We were about half way there, and we stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Saw a sign for boiled peanuts. Regular or Cajun. Neither of us had ever heard of boiled peanuts, so we asked the lady at the register if they were good. She said (in a heavy southern accent) “They’re like peanuts, but they’re boiled.” I still have never tried a boiled peanut 😂
  4. Dude! Kudos to you if you really got it. I had to cheat and google search it because it was bothering me 😂
  5. 1. Cashews 2. Pistachios (what happened to the red ones?) 3. Almonds (wasabi soy but lightly salted is cool) 4. Hazelnuts 5. Walnuts (but only in muffins or bread)
  6. Fishing off the pier in Myrtle Beach, you have to reel in your catch as quickly as possible or the sharks will get them. I’m not sure what species...I think maybe Black-tip? They range from like 3-5’ in length. It’s kinda wild because there are kids boogie boarding 30 yards away!! 🦈 💀 🏄
  7. I still am not completely sure what that thing is. Does your junk go in that and lock so you can’t cheat or something?
  8. https://www.tamarac.ca/ If anyone is interested in the fishing trip of a lifetime, check these guys out. We’ve been up to Lac Hebert about a dozen times. It’s a bit of a trip but well worth it. The last time we went up was September 2018. Caught around 1,500 walleye in the first 3 days. Unfortunately, horrible weather rolled through and ruined the last couple days, but we still had a blast. We had to hire another plane just to fly our beer in 😂
  9. Yep. Only reschedule option appears to be after week 17. Buffalo would just get an additional bye this week which wouldn’t be terrible going into a Thursday game against KC.
  10. I was killing the Brook Trout all spring until the weather warmed up. Once the water temp got above 60-65 the bite just stopped. Did some bass/pike fishing on Champlain last weekend and we did well. 4 of us in the boat and we caught 20-25 decent sized small mouth. The last cast of the day I caught a 16 pound northern. It took me about 15 minutes to get it in the boat. A lot of fun. Looking to get a charter for my son and I if my guy can squeeze us in. I’ve only been ice fishing once in my life. Looking to get into that this winter.
  11. Looks like Halle Berry but with a darker complexion 🤔
  12. Yeah, they were prehistoric ones. People don’t know about them because they’re so far north. In fact, these ones were probably as tall as that giraffe. You can drive through their legs like the great redwood trees. You could dent your car roof on their genitals though, so you have to be careful. 🤦‍♂️😒
  13. Yes, herds of 100’s of them. Well bison. Again, on my drives to and from Alaska. I think we saw the most of them in northern Alberta. Saw a few of them that were nearly the size of an adult elephant. Every time I try to embed some pics it’s telling me the file size is too large 😕
  14. I think we all learned our lesson on this already. Sports “trading cards” are not a wise investment. Don’t fall for it again.
  15. Wait, are the old cards worth anything again? I have quite the collection that my parents are nice enough to keep in their basement. Was looking through them a little bit and I found like 12 Ken Griffey Jr rookie cards. Looked them up on EBay and they were going for like $4.50 😂
  16. Funny. I assumed the opposite based on his comments about the nature/severity of his injury. He seems to be minimizing it. Just a hunch, but I think he wants to play sooner than his coach/training staff are recommending. I’m going to reach out to my dude on the hill and see if he knows anything. 🤔
  17. It still is awful curious that he left the school, and the HC doesn’t even know if he’s coming back. Shrug it off all you want...something is fishy here. Was there a disagreement between he and his coach about his injury and how long he would/should be sidelined? This may not be a “nothing to see here” type thing, ya know?
  18. Thx for sharing. Hopefully he keeps his academics in order with all these school changes and his transcripts are in order. Just sayin. I thought the move to Oak Hill would be really good for him. Perhaps he will return 🤷🏾‍♂️
  19. Dior Johnson has left Oak Hill. His coach doesn’t know if he’s coming back. Pets’ heads can commence falling off in Syracuse.
  20. Huh. Johnny Hammersticks NE IPA. Never tried it, but I’m sure that whoever is brewing this stuff named it after me 🤷🏾‍♂️
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