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  1. If I can switch COVID for Herpes, I’m in!!
  2. @Buffalo Barbarian hit the nail on the head with Tre and Dawkins.
  3. Looks like Spicoli. Big no from me 🤢
  4. You know what? It might have been an app that was on the television or on the PS4. My wife handles all the tech responsibilities in the household 😂 I am sure, however, that we were able to access the app somehow with our DTV user name and password 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Anyone know anything about this kid? I don’t really follow ‘Cuse football.
  6. Ya know. Long flowing hair...facial hair? Get it?
  7. Yeah, we were able to access the HBOMAX app on the Firestick with our AT&T-DTV user/pass. We have Comcast here and they’re a notorious suck fest. Hope things work out.
  8. It smells just like cocaine. Like dollar bills 🤷🏾‍♂️ ....or have I been snorting angle dust?
  9. Coffee with Baileys and a bong hit of some tasty sativa. Switch to bloody marys. Then switch to 14th Star Maple Breakfast Stout. Then switch to Miller Lite for the game. Tequila shots for Bills touchdowns! Wife makes homemade sausage gravy and biscuits with bacon and eggs for breakfast. Typically we get so stuffed at breakfast, we don’t eat again until halftime except for chips and dips. Usual apps are pigs in a blanket (fav of kids) and buffalo chicken wing dip. Making a white chicken chili in the crock pot for dinner with jalapeño cornbread. Go Bills!
  10. That’s the problem. Many of these trouser stain cyclists think they own the road because they’re riding an $8,000 bicycle. They think they’re better than everyone else, and have the right to block up a full lane of traffic. You try to pass them and they get pissed off. You ride behind them because there’s no safe place to pass and they get pissed off. Cycling on public roads should be illegal, IMO, unless they’re not obstructing traffic. Lock em all up.
  11. I hope this is a joke. That looks terrible. Like a pre-pubescent Puerto Rican boy 😂
  12. My trousers just got a little tighter in the front 😍🥰
  13. I sense I’ve hit a nerve. Do you enjoy the comforts of spandex? Do you have a rear view mirror on your bike helmet? A frisbee sized callus on your behind? I’m sorry man. My gut thinks you’re a nice person if that means anything 😘
  14. See. Further proof that god hates cyclists too 🤷🏾‍♂️
  15. Don’t worry. I only live on the fringe of the crack house area. We peacefully co-exist. They wander by once in a while and entertain us with their cracky antics, and we let them pass through without incident or judgment. Peace and love. Got a video of that by any chance?
  16. I saw a crack head slowly riding an old 10 speed past my house last night. He was holding a grocery bag full of stuff in his left hand, had a dog on a leash in his right hand, AND was smoking a lung dart. I was impressed.
  17. Seems like you need to shut your dirty ***** mouth. There’s literally no other route, and you can’t plan for when those cyclists are going to be there. You’re one of them...aren’t you? You sponsored by Mountain Dew or Pampers?
  18. There’s a stretch of 2 lane highway here in VT (Route 100) that begins in Killington to the south, goes through 4 or 5 ski resort towns (e.g., Waitsfield/Stowe) and ends almost at the Canadian border. It’s absolutely beautiful as it swerves through the mountains, and has become a famous route for cyclists. Seems they have races there almost every weekend during the late summer and fall. So annoying. Even if there isn’t a race, they get together in groups and ride 4-5 across the entire lane and do not move over for anyone. I’ve been late for several work engagements in Montpelier, and several of my son’s hockey games as that’s the most efficient way to get to the northwest part of the state and Route 89. I’d like to run over about 30 of them with a dump truck. With their stupid matching spandex outfits like they’re all sponsored or something. Losers.
  19. Can you really watch the re-plays on the same day on Game Pass? I was under the impression that you couldn’t watch until the next day 🤔
  20. Dang! I was going to guess Nick Nolte 🤷🏾‍♂️
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