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Damar Hamlin Writes about 2023's Nicest Place in America

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45 minutes ago, The 9 Isles said:

This is a make up for telling everyone playing for the Steelers would be his dream scenario. 


Probably anticipated being released soon after the season and was putting in a bid for his hometown team. 

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4 hours ago, boyst said:

it is admirable what this young man has done with the 15 minutes of fame and how he continues to provide the community.

I’m with you. His parents raised him right. He is a smart, genuine, thoughtful young man. He’s obviously a good football player because he made it to the NfL. He isn’t a great football player by NFL standards but he’s been a great representation for the team, city and family. The Bills have generally had good guys but Hamlin is high on that list.

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If not for this happening the world would not have seen the unity and love outpour from all over the NFL and world not just Buffalo. I am a Damar Hamlin fan. Great Guy living his best life Period. Helping others and bring awareness to the need for  CPR training.


The guy is a LOVE force that we need more of in the world



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19 hours ago, Never NEVER Give-up said:

In the article, Damar tells his little brother there are no beaches in Buffalo. Sounds like he hasn't been here long.  Now, if he said there were no NICE beaches - I'd get it!

The nicest beaches in Buffalo are in Fort Erie. 

Which are actually pretty nice. 

Had a memorable beach party on a private beach just west of For Erie a few years back. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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