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Week 12: Around the NFL (i.e. NOT a rag on the Bills thread)


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2 minutes ago, balln said:

Some observations 


jets with Mike white are going to beat bills 


dolphins are absolutely going to steam roll to the Super Bowl unless they have to play in a really bad weather game 


Maybe don't start drinking absinthe at 11 a.m., huh?

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Just now, zow2 said:


The Bills were the team last year that ended the Mike White experiment. So we can handle him.


Ehhh not w all the pieces they added. Their D is lights out. Our offense has regressed / line and wr can’t beat man. Can’t handle pressure 

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7 minutes ago, UKBillFan said:

It's so Billsy that, as we get comfortable in our Super Bowl window, two of our three divisional opponents decide to wake up as well. Unlike the Pats dynasty where the three of us were, for the most part, dismal gifting them six wins a season.

And a perennial first round playoff bye

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1 minute ago, Boatdrinks said:

A bit easier to do with all those high picks 

Yeah, but they accumulated them and then nailed them. Beane hasn't had an outstanding draft in a while. MAYBE if Oliver can start stacking games like Thanksgiving it'll look better. Groot's pretty good, so I'll give him that 

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