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NFL Week #3 - Bills at the Dolphins - Post game thread


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13 hours ago, Billz4ever said:

Still don't get it.  Like I said, Homers can't identify the hypocrisy in their argument. The conditions in last year's game were within ONE DEGREE of each other with the same humidity.


What changed?  The temp/humidity?  Nope.  As already stated they were almost as identical as identical can get.


What changed is last year, the Bills rolled Miami.


This year they struggled, couldn't put the ball in the end zone on multiple drives into fish territory and their offense was on the field for almost the equivalent amount of 3 entire quarters.


Now the heat is to blame.  Not how the Bills played in contrast to last year mind you, it was the heat.  The heat is to blame and it's unfair.


The fact homers are too homerish to see the utter ridiculousness in their line of thinking is absolutely incredible.


Weather Underground can do a history....a detailed history.






Last year at kickoff it was about 90 degrees and dropped throughout the game.  By 2:53 pm, it was 77 degrees!  If you don't know how to read a line graph, I can help.  Now also, the game last year was mostly cloudy.  Clouds make shade.

Yesterday, it was partly cloudy but we all saw on  TV, the sun hit the Bills sideline the entire game.

All you did was look at the kickoff temps and that was your "proof" lol. 


So his whole "it was the same exact as last year" crap....you were totally wrong.  Totally wrong.  And calling everyone else ignorant lol.






Last year:

12:53 PM88 °F76 °F67 %E9 mph0 mph30.01 in0.0 inMostly Cloudy

1:40 PM81 °F75 °F82 %VAR3 mph0 mph30.00 in0.1 inHeavy T-Storm

1:53 PM81 °F76 °F85 %W7 mph0 mph30.00 in0.2 inT-Storm

2:53 PM77 °F75 °F94 %CALM0 mph0 mph29.98 in0.4 inT-Storm

3:13 PM78 °F75 °F90 %CALM0 mph0 mph29.97 in0.0 inMostly Cloudy


This year:

Time Temperature Dew Point Humidity Wind Wind Speed Wind Gust Pressure Precip. Condition

12:53 PM89 °F72 °F57 %ESE6 mph0 mph29.89 in0.0 inPartly Cloudy

1:53 PM89 °F73 °F59 %ESE9 mph0 mph29.86 in0.0 inMostly Cloudy

2:53 PM88 °F74 °F63 %E10 mph0 mph29.84 in0.0 inPartly Cloudy

3:53 PM88 °F75 °F65 %E13 mph0 mph29.82 in0.0 inMostly Cloudy

3:53 PM81 °F76 °F85 %CALM0 mph0 mph29.96 in0.0 inMostly Cloud






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To all the fans who were at the game, not only does it suck that the Bills lost, and you had to sit in equator level heat, but you had to hear this. As someone who has been to Bills games in Miami, my hatred for this song never goes away.  




PS A close second is that stupid DUVAL chant in Jacksonville. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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