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2022 MVP: Mahomes wins. Allen gets 1 vote? (42 TDs, 19 TOs, 315 YPG & 63.3%% Comp %--EOY talk 54+)


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4 hours ago, transplantbillsfan said:


And he didn’t even play 8 quarters.  The Bills have looked so dominant these first two games.  I’m not surprised, but pleasantly watching what a true #1 defense can do.  It seemed like every time I sat back down from a bathroom or fridge break, somebody picked off Tammy again.


I really hope Josh gets the MVP this year.  I know if interviewed he’d just say the Lombardy is the thing on his mind, but why not both?


The crazy thing is how much better we’ll look when Dane and Tre come back.  I’m still holding out hopes first, Dane is ok and just precautionary, but that Tre may actually be 100% for the Chiefs.  That will be 11 months from his injury.


Think about how we dismantled the World Champs, and then backed it up with demolishing the #1 seed in the AFC last year.

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1 hour ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

Yea I’d argue it’s the opposite…we blew some winnable games last season and josh was mediocre against some bad teams in wins.  But against tough competition he was lights out

I don't put much stock in some of these newfangled Twitter posts, but last year, in KC, the pressure ratcheted up exponentially.  The season was on the line.  The talent on the other offense was exceptional.   It was do or die. 


JA delivered, and the Bills O as a whole performed at an exceptionally high level.  


Skip should pause, ponder and consider before posting.  

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  • transplantbillsfan changed the title to 2022 MVP Race: Allen after losing effort with 10 TDs, 375 YPG & 71.2% Comp % (Fins talk begins pg 7)

Man... what a heartbreaker. 


I understand the final score, but does anyone really feel Miami was the better team today? Play that game anywhere other than a field with a heat index of 100 degrees and Buffalo wins that 9/10 times even with the backups we started the game with.


Can't believe Bass missed that FG.


Can't believe McDermott didn't challenge that Davis catch in the EZ... thought it was pretty clear he controlled it.


Yet, despite all the heat and injuries and heat related injuries, Josh still nearly pulled it off.


We need to actually start winning these close ones...


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7 minutes ago, transplantbillsfan said:


Step back?


How so?


We lost. That sucks. That's despite a Herculean effort by Josh.


6 minutes ago, UKBillFan said:


Another defeat in a one score game.


A horrible throw when he could have completed a game winning TD to McKenzie.


5 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

Not even close. You're flailing.


1 minute ago, CSBill said:

For Tua, right?

The missed TD at the end is going to hurt, completely gassed or not it's going to hurt.

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1 minute ago, GoBills808 said:

Dude drags Quinton Morris and Reggie Gilliam up and down the field for 400yards behind a preseason oline and this dumbass fanbase thinks he played bad lmfao


Nope, not played bad, he did well but didn't drag us over the line when he had the opportunity to. 400+ yards and only 17 offensive points?

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  • transplantbillsfan changed the title to 2022 MVP: Mahomes wins. Allen gets 1 vote? (42 TDs, 19 TOs, 315 YPG & 63.3%% Comp %--EOY talk 54+)

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