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  1. If they would have won this game, i would have been completely on board with them making the playoffs. This loss really hurt, and can tell it hurt for the team as well. I just don't see a path into the playoffs. I don't think they are going to get out of KC with a win.
  2. Good news on this game is Josh Allen is back. He was the best player in the NFL this week. Bad news is that they will have to win out to have a chance. The defense definitely showed Some some holes, but get to go into the new with a big jump from the offense.
  3. The difference is when the bills play well, they can be the best team in the league. Look at the miami game. That is the bills upside. The problem has been injuries on defense and consistency on offense. I think the defense has been able to backfill well with the Rasul trade and the 1t being filled. If the offense can somehow get rolling, they are as dangerous as complete a team as anybody in the league.
  4. It just hasn't looked the same in terms of having fun the last two years. It looked like they had fun at the beginning of the 2022 then adversity with major injuries. I think the team feeds off of Allen's energy. This intentional low key Josh seems to make it look like they don't have the comratery or energy. If they get that back, I think they will be fine.
  5. I agree, that this is a complete non issue. Allen wanted to put to rest any rumors that Diggs was mad at him, and Diggs is not someone that runs away from being held accountable, most of that being from within.
  6. Bernard could have broken down for the sack.
  7. A yard deeper and the d doesn't have a shot at it
  8. Thank you AJE! Where would we be without him?
  9. Three drops for first downs now. Allen looked like he could have run there too.
  10. If everything is able to start clicking for Kaiir and the way Benford has been playing, the future at cb looks really bright. I'm extremely impressed with Benford and Kaiir has the physical tools, but needs to figure out the mental and gain confidence.
  11. Wow... that loses a ton of credibility for them. The line has definitely passed the eye test, and the numbers have shown that as well. I can't imagine how they could be so low.
  12. I do think with Bernard, it is more about not feeling good about anybody they put out there than him playing great and winning the job. McD said he was disappointed with the overall play from the position both vocally and physically. He likes the way Klein communicated, but he doesn't seem to have the ability to play the position how he wants it played. Reading between the lines, he really hasn't loved anything he had seen, but Bernard seems to have the most upside. I believe he will have Kirksey starting around week 4 if Bernard can't be serviceable.
  13. Filthy is just Stephen A's TBDs moniker. Just trying to get a rise out of everybody, or if he truly believes it, then he is again outed as one of the most emotional people on the board. Just following what the national pundits say.
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