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  1. This is too bad. My cousin's son played with him at Iowa State. He is a great kid. Really hoping for a full recovery.
  2. I live in Omaha and went to the regular season game last year. I also, don't hate the team. The fans were really cordial even in the loss, and had a lot of positives to say about the bills and Josh. I want the bills to beat them bad, but don't hate the team.
  3. I'm going Diggs. The wide receiver room might be pretty depleted for this game, and will need a big game from him.
  4. Offense gets on track and closes out drives that have been an issue. The bills have always done a good job of limiting Lamar, which I expect to continue. Bills 31 Ravens 17
  5. If the bills go on to win the conference, which I fully expect they will, this game won't hurt Josh at. He put up huge numbers, and will only help his yard averages when it comes to MVP votes at the end of the year. That is of course first determined by them winning the conference. The missed McKenzie will have zero impact as long as they beat them in Buffalo.
  6. Josh will continue being himself and playing the way he loves to play. I get the concern, but he also hasn't missed one game in three years. He is doing something right to remain healthy.
  7. I'm going Steelers over Bengals. Steelers are always well coached, and could see them developing a scheme in game one to give Cinci some problems.
  8. As others have said he calls his own number. He likes the physical aspect of football. It's part of the reason why he is so great, but also needs to do a better job protecting himself. I believe someone said Devin mentioned Josh laughing and smiling after the runs. He loves it! Being a Wyoming grad, and now following him with buffalo, this has always been the case. They tried to get him to slide at Wyoming too. He just hates it.
  9. The way I see it Benford was being talked about as one of the best performers all camp. Not just for being a rookie, but in general one of the best players in camp. This is why it's important to have volume drafts. First round hit rates are much better, but there are a lot of lower picks, including the two all pro safeties, that are day 3 pick stars. Sometimes people get too caught up in draft position.
  10. I'm doing wings, brats, jalapeno poppers, and beer to wash it down. Then probably have like ten tums tonight.
  11. Not mad anymore, but definitely felt they were the best team and missed the opportunity for a super bowl.
  12. The fact is both teams are going to be challenged. Bills will have a tough time with Kupp, Robinson, and Jefferson. The Rams are going to have to put up with Davis, Diggs, McKenzie, Knox and of course Allen on the field at the same time Defensive coordinators will have limited sleep dealing with these offenses with so many threats to make big plays at any time.
  13. Keeping 3 qbs is really surprising. I don't think Barkley would have been picked up.
  14. You can see Josh working on ball placement with that throw. Up and away so he could box out a defensive back so they wouldn't have a chance.
  15. If this draft class ends up with a starting corner, big play rb, starting mlb, starting slot and a starting punter. This would be a great draft class.
  16. Are media still allowed to attend today or is it completely closed to public and media?
  17. Just put Brady's brain because of experience into Josh Allen's skills, and I think that would be the perfect QB. I think Allen could get there on the mental side, but just has about 20 years less of experience.
  18. I would agree with Jordan. I think the closest comparison right now would be Herbert, but he doesn't run as well as Josh. Their arm strength are a close comparison, but again doesn't quite drive the ball as well as Josh.
  19. I think they hold onto all three. Cody Ford will be cheap guard depth and Moss, I hope, can become a sorry yardage back, and offer some pass pro, not anymore than that. I watched Expenses a lot in college. I'm hoping I see not of what I thought he could be this year. Something like 6 sacks would be big.
  20. This situation was much different than Stallworth. Stallworth was barely over the legal limit. Was not going over the speed limit, and it was a pedestrian that jumped out between two cars. The rule was that if he hadn't been over the legal limit, he would have had no responsibility. There were bystanders that said it was 100% the pedestrians fault, much different than the story of the bystanders amount above. Ruggs would be serving jail time regardless if he was drinking or not. Him being way over the limit will add charges and more time to the sentence.
  21. No, the head coach was fired, and the whole staff was not retained. The DUIs were earlier in his coaching career.
  22. Coming from Colorado, and I follow the program closely, this doesn't surprise me at all. His last stint of actually calling plays was when he was the OC there. Their offense was terrible and very unorganized. Many false start and alignment issues, the team lacked talent, but was also not well coached. They only lasted two years, he probably has leaned a lot since those years from Reid, but these comments are very similar to what was said at Colorado as well from a personality standpoint.
  23. Good breakdown, the only thing I would change is at safety. I think Hamlin is the one probable to make the team and Johnson will be fighting for a spot. I believe Hamlin will be starting if not next year for Poyer, then it would be the following year for Hyde.
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