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  1. Considering Diggs doesn't show up for anything that isn't mandatory, this is a tough sell. All these new receivers that he could help mentor and improve the team and he is a no show.
  2. This one hits home. One of my really close high school friends had to deal with this in a small town. He and his family ended up moving due to false allegations. The thing that gets me is everyone knows his name, and doing some initial searches, i still can't find hers. She shouldn't have any protection at this point. What she did was awful and she should be held accountable.
  3. Barry would be great from a straight running perspective, but for the team, I would go for more a total package running back. So, a healthy Christian McCaffrey or Marshall Faulk would be my picks.
  4. As a Wyoming grad, it would be a good signing. He played all the interior line positions at wyoming, at different points of his career. Was one of the most durable lineman in his 4 year career, and is technically sound. He is also very smart. He would be cheap right now, and would be worth a look, if his injury history turns around, he could have another solid 5 years in the league.
  5. This team is an elite team. They were 13 and 3 last year, in most years that gets you the one seed. The defense will be better if they are able to stay healthy. To end the year Poyer was hobbled, Hyde was out, Miller was out, Phillips was out, Tre wasn't himself, Elam was a rookie that was still learning, and then you had the Hamlin impact as well. With some better injury luck and some development from the young guys, the defense could be better without Edmonds. On offense, the two biggest issues were receiving options and the offensive line. The guards will be improved and I'm still optimistic with a healthy offseason and his athleticism Brown could be an above average right tackle. Adding some more slot options and adding Kincaid in the draft, plus Josh's elbow healing can improve the passing game. They also added a couple of running backs that will be improve their options for short yardage. There is a lot to be excited about.
  6. Spector will be one to keep an eye on during camp. He played well in the preseason games, although the competition wasn't great. He showed up big every chance he got. I remember reporters saying he was sticking out in practice as well. Beane has brought his name up multiple times as someone that will compete.
  7. I will say it now DHop and OBJ will not do anything with Baltimore. They will do just as well as last year. Have ten to 12 wins and lose in the wild card round. Then all the ESPN analysts will say because he had too old of receivers and that is why he will have middle of the pack numbers.
  8. If the brass uses any pick on a running back, I would go Ibraham from Minnesota, and let him battle Damien Harris for power back. The guy is a beast, and can probably be had with their 5th or 6th rounder.
  9. I saw it as a shoulder strap for his bag. I didn't see a sling.
  10. If they take 10 million of the salary and give them a 5th, I think would be worth a shot. That would be less than 5 on the cap for a receiver that just in 2020 had close to 1300 yards.
  11. Love this signing. Take some of the hits off of Josh on short yardage situations. I saw a few comparing yards per carry to Singletary, but he also had to run into stacked boxes where Devin was usually running into favorable alignments. Absolutely need the offensive line to be better though.
  12. I think he will have to play this year. On about 15 million less than what he turned down. He is a specialty scheme qb that is not worth what teams would have to give up.
  13. Love this! It's only two years and if Hyde and Tre are back healthy then this is one of the best defensive backfield in the league. Now just need Jack Campbell in the 2nd and we are rolling.
  14. There is plenty of practice time between the end of this year and the start of the next season. The only reason to have him practice would be to bring him back at some point. Unfortunately, we are closer to the three week mark, but they probably want to knock the rust off in practice and take some lumps there then throwing him into a playoff game. Even with as much football as he had played, there is going to be some rust to work through. The feel for the game can take a few weeks. That would be where the concern is right now, if he's 100 percent physically.
  15. I hope they are utilizing him more going forward. Maybe they changed more in the Dorsey system than we originally gave credit for.
  16. To make 4 consecutive championship games is impressive. They are a tough out. Personally, I'd much rather face the Bengals regardless Monday night.
  17. This is a different line with Mitch. The Bills don't have a great backup for him.
  18. I do like Josh downs. It is really for a strict slot, but considering Cole was almost at 1000 for a couple of years, he can be utilized. I wish Shakir was ready, but doesn't seem to be that threat. Downs goes up and gets it and will be in the 4.4's in the combine.
  19. I don't know about independently wealthy, but his family is extremely wealthy. He was always touted as the next great growing up. Nothing humble about his upbringing. He isn't known to be the greatest teammate or very coachable. It all caught up with him in the NFL.
  20. I'm not expecting much from him. If he can 3 to 4 3rd/4th downs, I'd be happy with that. I'm not expecting his near 1000 yard receiving years. Just some clutch catches to move the chains.
  21. I have a family member that plays at Iowa state. Had played with Brock for the last three years. He is a great kid, leader, and had started a lot of college games, including most of his true freshman year at Iowa state. He really doesn't get rattled. The issue is he is not the most physically gifted, but all the intangibles are there.
  22. This is too bad. My cousin's son played with him at Iowa State. He is a great kid. Really hoping for a full recovery.
  23. I live in Omaha and went to the regular season game last year. I also, don't hate the team. The fans were really cordial even in the loss, and had a lot of positives to say about the bills and Josh. I want the bills to beat them bad, but don't hate the team.
  24. I'm going Diggs. The wide receiver room might be pretty depleted for this game, and will need a big game from him.
  25. If the bills go on to win the conference, which I fully expect they will, this game won't hurt Josh at. He put up huge numbers, and will only help his yard averages when it comes to MVP votes at the end of the year. That is of course first determined by them winning the conference. The missed McKenzie will have zero impact as long as they beat them in Buffalo.
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