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Preseason week 2: Broncos at Bills


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6 hours ago, Virgil said:


I don't think it's an over-reaction.  Barkley has shown flashes of being a short term capable starter.  The theme of my entire post was that Beane is probably looking for guys we can keep for depth that are cheaper options than others.  Barkley is cheaper than Keenum.  If Barkley proves he can get the job done for a few games is someone (I won't say it) gets injured, then that cap savings could help us.

I think it’s an overreaction because Barkley’s so limited when it comes to arm strength and mobility.  Keenum at least has average arm strength and a LOT more experience and success as a starter in this league.  Also keep in mind that Keenum was playing most of their starters with our backups.

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1 hour ago, 947 said:

Cook knocked an Indy LB 2-3 yards backwards on one of his runs down around the 10-yd line. I was surprised to see him run that hard, he could be more than a scat back.

Youre talking about prolonged abuse on a smaller frame.  I didn’t say he couldn’t do it at all, I said how the staff probably envisions using him at this point.  Could they change their minds sure, but I don’t believe they drafted him with the belief he would eventually be a bell cow running back.  His brother is bigger and always hurt as it is.  

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5 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:


I don't think they really plan to ever see Cook elevate to a primary ball carrier.  I think with his size, the plan is to have him as a guy who at most splits carries with a primary runner but is a regular receiving weapon out of the backfield with the hopes he can be a lot like Kamara and Ingram were for the Saints during their peaks.    


And people writing off Devin already now is premature.  He isn't likely someone who is going to command a huge FA deal at RB, those deals are usually reserved for the top end of the position.  Devin is more in line with a good to pretty good RB, but not among the leagues best.  And if he wants to stay in Buffalo, its possible he gives them a home town discount still too.  


Moss certainly could bounce back this year and take over next year (or draft someone too), just saying I wouldn't just assume Devin is a goner no matter what at this point.  


I agree. But I am saying ideally Cook probably sees the most snaps in 2023 out of all the RB's. Not the most carries but just on the field the most. With half his touches being from targets. 

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23 hours ago, BillsFanSD said:

I think we should make very firm snap decisions about Keenum after watching him play behind a patchwork OL while trying to throw to our backups for a half.

we can only judge the data as it has been presented to us which so far is One game. He'll get his future chances. The Bills would be fools to vet this situation so quickly and they aren't fools. In the end I have to trust their judgments.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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