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New Bills writer at the Buffalo News: Katherine Fitzgerald

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from her twitter homepage, 3.5 years at the AZ republic...she fitz right in with that Buf gal from down the street (next to the bar and catholic church on every corner, or used to be)...orig from balt..and unc chapel hill...as they say in charm city..."welcome hon"...


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I was coming in here to make a joke about how it wouldn't be long before her articles were met with toxic masculinity and jokes about her appearance, and she was reduced to a mere sex object (because how ELSE should we respond to a female writing about sports?)....but I didn't get here fast enough, and all of those things already happened. 



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30 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


? Thought our current ESPN reporter was Marcel Louis Jacques, I think he has embraced the Bills and WNY

She is being hired by The Buffalo News, not ESPN (or so I thought.)


edit: nevermind I see what you meant now. Yeah MLJ is awesome not sure what that poster is on about. Still has nightmares about Rodak apparently. Time to move on.

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3 minutes ago, BLO_RIO said:

I bet this Floozy couldnt name the 3rd string QB before she got named to the bills. Ill give her a break before im harsh


Can you name the 3rd string QB of the Cardinals?

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