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Is Maurice Hurst a candidate for a backup DT

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I liked him coming out. Nice 3T that at the time had some round 1 buzz. Obviously dropped due to the heart issue. 


Haven't followed his time in Vegas so not sure how his play has been. 

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My guess is he's out of shape and can't get into shape. 


It's not the best combination of having heart issues, needing to keep a lot of weight on, and playing football in a world where a virus that preys on the obese and weak tickers runs around.





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16 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

~Some people call me Maurice..~


What in the hell is the "pompatus of love"?  I've always wondered.

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I really don't know why the Raiders even bother keeping any draft picks.  They should just trade the picks away for players that they will then ultimately overpay, then misuse and cut.  Seriously, that freaking team wins by accident and are every bit of a dumpster fire as the Jets, Jags, etc.


Perhaps there is a medical issue with Hurst but if not, he's a good player that should make an impact somewhere.

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I really like Zimmer. I’m meh 😒 on Butler. But I think the Bills view Butler as a hybrid DT. 1 tech ( Star, Harrison), 3 tech (Ed, Zimmer). Butler is 70/30 (3/1). If I was Beane I would release Butler after the draft saving X million in the cap ,because with the 93 pick I chose Player X.  ( LSU, NC ST, OH ST). Harrison Phillips would be the hybrid guy. Not sure how good he’d be as a third string 3 tech. I guess that’s why it’s good I’m the the GM😀

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