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  1. I might get roasted for this, but I hope the Bills trade this moron tonight.
  2. I think they shot it into his head. How have McD and/or Beane not told him to shut the heck up yet?
  3. His flu related tweet is really the icing on the cake & shows what a moron he is. He's embarrassing himself & the organization. Good lord do I hope that Josh doesn't take any advice from him.
  4. Star has a family and might have a heart condition so it seems like he kept his health and his family's health in mind when making the decision. Rousseau decided to step away to help out his family, particularly his mother who was really struggling during the pandemic. If that doesn't make sense to you then feel free to read any of the numerous articles that go into detail about his decision. If you did read about Gregory's decision then I'm not really sure what else to tell you. The only similarity that I see between those two scenarios is that they put concerns of health and f
  5. For as much as I've supported Motor in a bunch of threads, I think you're 100% correct. We didn't see a ton of him but he seems to do a bunch of things very well. Not going to get 200 yards in a game but we don't need that. Call me overly optimistic but I see a lot of Fred Jackson qualities in Moss...just need to get him a signature end zone celebration 😎
  6. That's a fair point but those Bills teams that Marino lost to were also hardly the 2020 Jets...they were awfully stacked on both sides of the ball. For me the pretty easy answer is Marino and that is absolutely no knock on Kelly because he was obviously an all time great player. There are almost too many factors to consider to really make an accurate ranking of Marino, Kelly and others but just from a arm talent standpoint Marino has few if any peers over the history of the league.
  7. I also love the armchair fitness gurus that just think more muscle has to equal slower. I tend to trust the training methods of a freaking professional athlete.
  8. Exactly. Regardless of what we all think about him I think that the takeaway from what we've heard about his offseason is that he's working his tail off and trying to get better. Whether it translates on the field is yet to be seen but I would hope that we can all appreciate his commitment!
  9. He also looked quite good in 2019 when most here thought he was underutilized. Now he simultaneously sucks but yet is also valuable enough to trade for draft capital. Weird!
  10. I'm stunned that so many think that was a game changing play. Did it suck? Sure. Would that have changed the end result? Hell no. Actually scrap that, I'm not stunned because its just what we do here but thank god the organization isn't the same way anymore. How many years did we suffer through front office morons thinking that investing draft capital in the RB position was a good way to go?
  11. I am the exact same way. Do that for setting temperatures too 😆 My old roommate knew I did this and would always f*** with me by turning the volume to some particularly annoying number.
  12. The way I worded my reply was snarky...didn't mean for it to be. What I mean is that just looking at the number of sacks Jerry got (and has gotten recently) doesn't mean that he hasn't been a good pass rusher. You mentioned Tampa in the Super Bowl. They killed Mahomes because the pressure came from everywhere, not just one guy. They're investing in the line to try to get consistent pressure from more than just one side because that (hopefully) results in sacks/turnovers instead of just pressures & QB hits. Jerry does what he can more often than not but if a QB can just side
  13. Just looking at number of sacks is a lazy and inaccurate way to judge a player's value. It's why half of this board was so bent out of shape about not re-signing Jordan Phillips. I was a fan of his but man was he overrated.
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