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  1. Through the preseason and the first couple of games my biggest takeaway is that the whole line is playing betting and beating their blocks and that's making it a whole lot easier for would be sacks/pressures to become actual sacks/pressures. It's sort of like the anti-Jerry Hughes years to me. For a long time now, Jerry was the best pass rusher on the team and would very often beat his man, but no one else would, so it wouldn't take much for the opposing QB to escape the pressure. Please note that I'm not diminishing Rousseau at all - he seems farther along than I thought he would be at this point. As far as a player comp, his use of arm extension reminds me a lot of Trey Flowers and Khalil Mack. Very effective move & made me appreciate the whole idea of arm length being important in the pre-draft process. Hopefully he can add a few more moves to his repertoire too 😃
  2. I really didn't understand Moss being a healthy scratch at all. If he's healthy then he should be active. I'm so sick of a skill position player like Taiwan Jones being active only for special teams. I get that special teams is important but so is the offense, so when Moss - statistically one of the best pas protecting RBs in the entire league last year, and a pretty versatile back in general - is a healthy scratch, I just don't get it. The article does sound a bit alarmist but I think Daboll is a bit overrated. He's clearly a good coordinator but I think criticism is justified. Motor was looking pretty effective and he ends up with two more carries than JA...to me that's not great.
  3. I have a feeling that today might be one of the loudest crowds in Bills history. Wish I could be there to contribute!
  4. For a newbie that's a pretty good first draft. The JA pick is a reach/homer pick but that's okay - at least you can root for your fantasy team as much as your real favorite team 😄 Out of curiosity is the scoring for the league 4 points or 6 points for a passing TD? Personally I would check the free agents available because there is likely a RB or WR that will have better production than Gabe.
  5. Man did that make me feel old. I know I'm not in the majority but I really couldn't care less about any of that...I just want to eat/drink in the lot before the game and then not be miserably cold/wet when I get in 😆 Ultimately I will be happy to get a new stadium no matter what it is but REALLY hope that it has a roof, mostly for the quality of the product on the field.
  6. Not arguing here just curious because I'm from Rochester so don't see stuff like that...what have they put money into that failed?
  7. if public financing is tied to some guarantee about ticket pricing then I’m much, much more okay with it but not sure that would happen.
  8. Here is a really great resource for anything Bills stadium related and also anything stadium related - https://www.fieldofschemes.com/category/nfl/buffalo-bills/ I was furious when the initial reports of the Pegulas wanting the stadium 100% funded by the public & would be furious if it ends up being anything worse than a 50/50 split. The community benefit (as described in tremendous detail throughout the above link) is always vastly overstated and the Pegulas would clearly benefit the most. They own the team so that's not unreasonable but to take advantage of the team's success to bend over the WNY taxpayers is obscene particularly if the price tag is the insanely outrageous $1.5 billion and very particularly if it is an open air stadium, and yes even MORE particularly if it has to include upgrades for anything related to the dumpster fire Sabres. To the point of open air vs. dome and the whole idea of home field weather advantage...what on earth are you all talking about? We're good now but where was that advantage for almost 20 years? Also, do you really even want the chance of weather causing havoc or maybe even being a deciding factor in a home playoff game? I've seen the Colts game cited as an example but just look at the Ravens game last year. No blizzard but the wind definitely hamstrung the offense. I'd rather eliminate that altogether. Also discounting the Colts game as an aberration is a bit weird because I'm not sure if you've noticed but Buffalo can get some pretty spectacular winter weather. It could easily happen again. I don't see the team moving but I also think that its naive to think it is 100% out of the realm of possibilities. Yeah the Pegulas kept the team in Buffalo but if you think they care or that the NFL cares about anything other than $$$, you're delusional - both have demonstrated that. Some have said that Austin wouldn't make sense...why not? It's a much bigger city that's growing exponentially and could easily support an NFL team.
  9. Right. If that's the price tag, then it had better look like the Vikings pad...that thing is amazing (sorry birds).
  10. We're definitely doing a lot of speculating but I really don't think an outdoor WNY super bowl is a great idea.
  11. Honestly even without the possibility of concerts or other events it should be a dome. The whole cold weather advantage thing is a total canard.
  12. Fundamentally I think you & I probably agree on quite a bit and I do agree that a lot of the WNY identity is the Bills. I only hope that the Pegulas do not exploit that for their benefit. If they do ultimately come out & ask for a 100% funded stadium then go ahead and move the team...we can find a new identity without them.
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