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  1. The Jets will do it, and its going to cost them Darnold & a king's ransom.
  2. Are we taking account the oline & the run scheme. Motor proved already he can handle running the load.
  3. BREAKING: Falcons agree to terms with Arthur Smith as new HC https://www.nfl.com/news/falcons-agree-to-terms-with-titans-oc-arthur-smith-as-new-head-coach None of these New Hired coaches are NFL Retreads
  4. We should be called the AFC D We are the only division with D coordinators as head coaches.
  5. I believe they restructure with Brown, the regime is big on continuity.
  6. Whatever uniform they win in is good with me.
  7. Let's get ready for Lamar Jackson & the rushing ravens.
  8. If they do what the Patriots did for TB, it would work. He basically had the same playbook throughout his career.
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