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  1. They will give NE a touchdown. The ball will go from the NE 1 to the Jets 1, if that happens.
  2. I see a resemblance in some of these clips. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-throwback/0ap3000001064139/NFL-Throwback-Brett-Favre-s-Top-50-plays
  3. Funny some of you on the board was asking that about the Bills last season.
  4. This should be changed and it should be record & strength of schedule based.
  5. Lets not sleep on Miami, One Game at a time.
  6. I like this. We can possibly win the division I think NE falls to the Eagles and Dallas. Maybe Cleveland. Which I think we can beat.It would be nice for us to go up to Foxborough return the favor. But first let's squish the fish. Go Bills!
  7. Marcus Murphy is a better runner. He would be better compliment to Gore and Singletary.
  8. Mahomes is with a proven offensive minded/QB coach
  9. If Allen play better and accuratly throwing the deep ball, I believe the tone on this board would be different. I am a Allen fan, he is playing well but his deep ball thus far has been off.
  10. Everyone in the league knows Allen rolls out to his right. He should try climbing the pocket sometimes or just throw the ball away. Hopefully he learned a few somethings.
  11. For one I'm tired of the cheap Shots everytime we play the Patriots. And it gets overlooked by the league. I hope the Bills learned the have to take it to the Patriots get aggressive, extra Physical get Nasty hit them hard, knock their blocks off even when the dont have the ball. No more choirboy S#!T.
  12. Josh Allen needs to work on his footwork and pocket presence. I need to learn to climb up the pocket sometimes instead of running backwards and to the right all the time.
  13. Please get rid of Yeldon as he will continue to fumble. Bring back Marcus Murphy.
  14. Man. I hope we can generate a pass rush next week.
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