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  1. I would be fine with it. Pat Mahomes did it last year and his season turned out fine.
  2. Why does San Fran and Arizona continue to get Thursday night games?
  3. I don't feel sorry for any other team in the NFL. The Giants have 4 Superbowls
  4. Completion Percentage in the Mid to high 60 % 3500 to 4000 yards in the AIR 25 - 30 TD's Passing 10 - 15 INT's most of those at the end of the first Half of games - (No INT in the PLAYOFFS!) 400 Rushing Yards 10 Rushing TD's Sacked 15 - 20 times. (None in the playoffs)
  5. My deepest condolences to his Family!! May PanchoBILLA Reside In Paradise May he continue to watch over his family
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