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  1. Yeah we cant have him being shutdown for 2 games against Gilmore.
  2. The league has a way of catching up to players, and schemes. There is 2 years worth of tape on Jackson And Allen. We will see how next season begins and ends.
  3. They should leave it at 16 and change the playoff format
  4. I'm excited to see Josh take the next steps this up coming season.
  5. This topic is so tiresome. Nobody had a crystal ball to know that Patrick Mahomes was going to be this good. In fact most gurus didn't even have him as high a 3 rd rounder if you go and look back. ( He came from a Air Raid System which dosent Translate in the NFL they said.) If anybody should be kicking themselves it should be the "the Top 5 teams". I'm sure they wish they could do a do over for 2017 draft. BIlls fans and Press need to get over it as there were 9 other teams that pick ahead of us and missed.
  6. Tackling! I saw alot of trying to strip the ball instead of hard hitting. which lead to miss tackles and extra yardage. I hope the defense get the hard hitting mentality. S. Neal is a good example of when he hits someone he is hititing with some authority
  7. That's Karma for you Houston.
  8. A holding call on the Texans 5 quarters later.
  9. Special Teams coaches do not get alot of love but there are 2 that I know off that have been successful in the NFL ( Levy & Harbaugh), so I would not sleep on the hire by the GIANTS.
  10. I dont see Jefferson lasting to our 2nd round pick.
  11. After looking at it again.They would have been better off throwing a wr screen with McKenzie, with Smith and DeMarco blocking.
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