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  1. BBills88

    Bills Schedule Updates

    Baltimore for the home Opener, the BILLS Revenge game we beat them 40 to 10
  2. Would you prefer a veteran coach that never played the position or a former Wideout ? Are there any strong candidates?
  3. BBills88

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    I would do it as long as the contract and his health is good.
  4. BBills88

    Are the Bills the Ronald Wayne of the NFL?

    What does that say about the other 9 teams that drafted before the BILLS, I'm sure if every team knew what Mahomes would have become he would have been the first off the during the 2017 draft, and I think the (Cleveland, Chicago,San Fran) would have been happy.
  5. Eagles, Dallas x 2, Giants, Redskins Packers, Lions, Bears, Vikings Saints, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Atlanta Arizona, Seattle, LA, San Francisco
  6. Mike and Mike was not getting along anymore.
  7. BBills88

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    We are definetly going to need a O Line becasue Philly and Dallas D Line are good
  8. BBills88

    Crossman and Castillo? Who stays and who goes?

    Ask Baltimore fans about Castillo. They were "Happy" when he left. Look at their oline and running game now.
  9. BBills88

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Hopefully we get another 1st and goal on the one and he scores another touchdown.
  10. I billeve Croom can develop into a good tight end. If he continues to workhard, he will become valuable.
  11. BBills88

    J.P. Losman TD's

    Man I miss the WR Corp of Evans, Reed and Price.
  12. BBills88

    Ted Washington not impressed with Bills DL

    Ted Washington is right about the DLine. We need Nasty Dlinemen that can penetrate the backfield.
  13. BBills88

    Bills in White on White vs. the Patriots in Week 16

  14. BBills88

    My FA targets

    My top Free Agents 1. Better Special Teams Coach 2. Better OLINE Coach 3. Oline 4 Oline 5. WR
  15. BBills88

    Poll: Draft Greedy Williams in the 1st Round?

    Lets see how free agency plays out.