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  1. I'm from Philly November 1988 i was 8 years old, snuck downstairs to watching Monday night football I saw Kelly and Marino go at it. I was a Bills fans every since
  2. Hopefully with new and better coaching he will flourish into a mean, ruthless, smart starting left guard.
  3. Baltimore for the home Opener, the BILLS Revenge game we beat them 40 to 10
  4. Would you prefer a veteran coach that never played the position or a former Wideout ? Are there any strong candidates?
  5. I would do it as long as the contract and his health is good.
  6. What does that say about the other 9 teams that drafted before the BILLS, I'm sure if every team knew what Mahomes would have become he would have been the first off the during the 2017 draft, and I think the (Cleveland, Chicago,San Fran) would have been happy.
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