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  1. One of my brothers died at the age of 59 of the same thing: glioblastoma. It's pretty much always fatal, usually within a year and a half to two years. It's so sad for the family. RIP, Mr. Doleman.
  2. Hill just marked his territory? Weird
  3. I know that's the first year TL is eligible to come out, but isn't he likely to stay at Clemson his senior year and join the NFL Draft in 2022? I guess he can wait and decide when the time comes, depending on where he might like to play.
  4. I work with a guy who was Kaare Vedvik's college roommate and they still keep in touch. My colleague told me he is very excited to get another chance, with the Bills this time. He spent a lot of time in the hospital after getting beat up in Baltimore (nice place, huh?) and it really set him back both mentally and physically. (Imagine being right out of college after coming from Norway - and then you get beat up as your start your first job in a new, unfamiliar city!) Sounds like he has a great work ethic and really, really wants to get back on track. Could be a great pickup for the Bills!
  5. I’m betting that the NFL would be very happy with that Super Bowl I matchup for their 100th season. BTW, it’s also strange that all the “bird” teams (Ravens, Seahawks, Eagles) and all the “hoof/horn” teams (Buffalo, Vikings, Texans) are out.
  6. Karma is a big fat b!tch, Houston!!! 🤣
  7. Seriously, how is that taunting?
  8. I always feel like I’ve stepped into a different reality when I read the comments on this board. 🤪
  9. Yeah, and IF ONLY I had purchased $1,000 worth of AAPL shares instead of $100 back in 1995 I'd have over half a million dollars right now. ;-) My friend, you have to try not to think about things that are only going to drive you crazy.
  10. I remember watching something on TV years ago when a crusty old retired firefighter from Boston started talking about a little girl he pulled from a fire in his younger years. As he was telling the story, he was noticeably choked up. The little girl was obviously not going to survive and he tried to comfort her in her final moments, but she told him that she wasn’t afraid because the angels were there and were singing her song. She said everyone has their own unique song and the angels sing it when you are born and when you die. R.I.P., Golden Wheels.
  11. So, do you think he confessed to the medical staff that he was just faking it like a soccer flopper? Pretty funny, huh, guys? I had you fooled and wasted your time but, hey, I'm Julian Edelman baby!
  12. He's a dirty little punk troll who looks like a caveman's butthole, but he's Tom Brady's BFF so he gets a pass.
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