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  1. Agree. Flag football was the way Robert Edwards blew out his knee and ruined his career
  2. Not sure if the page is ever changing but I get Josh with 4352 yds and 43 TDs. Even doing the one you posted unless I'm wrong I get him with 4334 yds and 38 TDs. But with that being said to say he will not have 1 300 yd passing game when he had 6 last year is insane
  3. I love Gabe Davis, but Jaylen Waddle should've been on it before him after the season he had as a Rookie
  4. Does any of the GO BILLS work with the letters changed to numbers? Like G0 B1LLS, G0 B1LLZ, etc
  5. First name that came to mind was Zach Thomas MLB of the Dolphins. He made a lot of plays but to me most seemed like they were 4-5 yds down field. Made Pro Bowl for the amount of tackles but was never a game changer IMO
  6. Must've been from all those SuperBowl Champion merchandise that was printed from 1991-1994 and then donated to all the foreign countries!! ROFL
  7. I’ll just add that according to the Bills announcement for the MNF game against Tenn they had the following also: ”starting at 6:00pm May 12, the home opener will be announced and tickets will go on sale for just that game” too me this implies the week 1 game will be at home. So yes the TNF opener appears unlikely
  8. This could very well be true but keep in mind last year the Ravens played on the opener MNF against the Raiders and then the following SNF against the Chiefs. So back to back week prime games is not impossible
  9. I think the NFL twitter account is showing that the Bills and Rams will be the opener with their NFL schedule preview post ...
  10. I think the NFL twitter account is showing that the Bills and Rams will be the opener with if NFL schedule preview ...
  11. So using some of your schedule this is my guess .... Week 1: at Los Angeles Thursday Night Football Week 2: Tennessee 1pm Week 3: at Miami 1pm Week 4: Cleveland 1pm Week 5: Green Bay Monday Night Football Week 6: at Chicago 1pm Week 7: at New England 1pm Week 8: Bye Week 9: at Baltimore 1pm Week 10: Minnesota 1pm Week 11: at Detroit Thanksgiving night 12:30 pm Week 12: at Kansas City Sunday Night Football Week 13: New York Jets 1pm Week 14: Miami 1pm/possible Saturday flex game Week 15: Pittsburgh 1pm Week 16: at Cincy 4:25 pm Xmas Eve national window Week 17: New England 1pm Week 18: at New York Jets 1pm
  12. Still think Buffalo with play at LA for the Thursday Night opener IMO
  13. I'll probably be in the vast minority and get flamed for this, but I'd pick David Ojabo and let him sit the first year. Where the Bills stand now they can afford to do this. Mind you I know there are other players that would make a bigger impact (maybe) this year, but for the long run I think Ojabo would be the best choice
  14. Used Fanspeak.com and got an amazing draft. Not sure how they came up with the rankings in the board but I'd love for this to fall this way especially with the trades TEAM PICKS 38: R2 P6 CB Kyler Gordon - Washington 48: R2 P16 RB Breece Hall - Iowa State 57: R2 P25 WR Skyy Moore - Western Michigan 89: R3 P25 EDGE David Ojabo - Michigan 130: R4 P25 CB Tariq Woolen - UTSA 168: R5 P25 G Spencer Burford - UTSA 185: R6 P6 WR Calvin Austin III - Memphis 203: R6 P24 S Nick Cross - Maryland 213: R6 P34 TE Isaiah Likely - Coastal Carolina TRADES ------ Trade Partner: New York Jets Sent: Round 1 Pick 25 Received: Round 2 Pick 3, Round 2 Pick 6 Trade Partner: Chicago Bears Sent: Round 2 Pick 3 Received: Round 2 Pick 16, Future Round 1 Pick Trade Partner: Atlanta Falcons Sent: Round 7 Pick 10, Future Round 7 Pick Received: Round 6 Pick 34
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