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  1. To me one of the biggest things is the solid Oline play. In the KC game the guards were Winters and Ford, now it's Felicano and Boettger. I think the way the offense line is playing is vastly different then that game.
  2. Also quit little note Josh has 2 or more playoffs win in 1 season same amount as Drew Brees has. Brees only had 2 or more in their SuperBowl run all therest have either been 1 or done or none
  3. Used fanspeak ... with one minor trade. If it went like this it would be a miracle .... 30: R1 P30 TE Kyle Pitts - Florida 62: R2 P30 RB Najee Harris - Alabama 93: R3 P29 EDGE Joe Tryon - Washington 138: R4 P36 OT Liam Eichenberg - Notre Dame 158: R5 P17 DL Daviyon Nixon - Iowa 208: R6 P29 CB Josh Jobe - Alabama 230: R7 P8 WR Marquez Stevenson - Houston TRADES Trade Partner: Pittsburgh Steelers Sent: Round 5 Pick 30 Future Round 7 Pick Received: Round 4 Pick 36
  4. Heck with Green Bay, the Bills kept Henry in check in the game we lost.. He only had 57 yds on 19 carries. The turnovers killed us in that game. If they keep playing like they are now I'm not concerned.
  5. I don't have a problem with the run D, this issue is usually 1 or 2 bad runs given up in the last 5 or 6 games that skew the stats. Last night it was a 29 yd run by Sony Michel and a 28 yd run by JJ Taylor. If you turn those 57yds into what should have been a 5-6 yd gain at most then the Pats would've had about a 100 yds. If they can eliminate those bad plays they should be fine
  6. Just us beating NE and Pitt losing to Indi. If this happens then #2 seed is locked and Miami game is meaningless. Doesn't matter what the other teams do.
  7. Head to head doesn't matter if there are more then 2 teams tied and not all the teams played each other. Thus we need to be tied with KC and Pitt. The rest have to do with strength of schedule and nuances like that
  8. While KC has the number 1 seed virtually locked, there is one scenario where the Bills can still get the number seed which involves the Bills, KC and Pitt all finishing 13-3. It would have to happen as follows: 1.) Bills would need these NFC South to lose in week 17 New Orleans vs Minnesota, Tampa Bay vs Detroit, Carolina vs Washington 2.) Tennessee Titans to beat the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans 3.) Baltimore Ravens lose both of their remaining games 4.) Indianapolis Colts lose Pittsburg 5.) Arizona Cardinals lose both of their remaining two games
  9. Maybe a Bills homer and while winning Player of the Week is truly no measure of how good a QB is there is only 1 QB who has won it more then Josh Allen and he's tied with another. They are ... The last 2 QBs that won the AFC MVP awards ... Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Below is a list of all the QBs and the times they won POW since 2018. 6 Lamar Jackson 5 Patrick Mahomes 5 Josh Allen 4 Deshaun Watson 4 Russell Wilson 3 Ben Roethlisberger 3 Dak Prescott 3 Drew Brees 3 Kyler Murray 3 Ryan Fitzpatrick 2 Aaron Rodgers 2 Baker Mayf
  10. He along with Gabe Davis had a good camp and were making plays., then Isaiah hurt his shoulder. Here's an article about his first week. https://www.oregonlive.com/beavers/2020/08/former-oregon-state-star-isaiah-hodgins-opening-eyes-at-the-buffalo-bills-training-camp.html
  11. He struggled mightily in the beginning of his rookie season, but since you reference PFF you might have missed this then .... PFF NY Giants @PFF_Giants Dec 18, 2019 Since the Giants bye week, DeAndre Baker has the 6th best coverage grade among all qualified CB’s over the last 4 games. In this same time period, QB’s targeting Baker are completing just 26.3% of their passes, the lowest percentage targe
  12. I would say Tua has just played efficiently, While he has 5 TD's he is only averaging 138 yds passing and has 34 total yds rushing. The defense and special teams has been carrying them during this stretch more then anything else. Can they keep it up, who knows, that's how the Bills lived last season. Their next 2 games as almost gimmes ( nothing is guaranteed ), then they have Cincinnati and the start of a tough 4 games to end it including the finale with us
  13. No they won’t. Already beat the chargers and both the Broncos and Jets are train wrecks. Bills might not even win the division and if they don’t watch out they might not make they playoffs if the Raiders stay hot and the titans do too since they have a game in hand with the win
  14. Correct, CB Dane Jackson, WR Jake Kumerow, LB Darron Lee, and S Josh Thomas are replacements for the four players placed on Reserve/Covid. Those do not count against PS elevations. Daryl Worley was a practice squad elevation, his first of two free call-ups
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